Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, well, well...and some pictures!

Here I sit. I have so much I WANT to write about, but not enough time (at least I don't think). So I'll start and see where I end up...

Found out last week that I do NOT have to have surgery on my ankle. Doctor wants me to do some physical therapy and wean off the boot. I haven't worn the boot much the last 2 days just b/c it's so cumbersome and slows me down so much. But boy could I tell it this morning! I felt like one wrong turn and my ankle would just split in half. So, I start physical therapy on Thursday and should only have to do it for a few weeks. I'm hopeful I can go back to working out soon.

I really MISS working out. My eating has been crap b/c I feel like if I can't exercise, then why eat right. I know that is a horrible mind set but it's the truth. When I would work out, I always felt like I had to eat right b/c I was working out and fueling my body for those work outs. It's a vicious cycle these mind games we play with ourselves.

DS2 was been sick since Thursday. I had him at the pedi on Thursday afternoon where she gave him a shot for croup. Saturday night we were in the urgent care and they treated him for pneumonia--gave him a shot of antibiotic (he HATES oral medications) and started him on breathing treatments. Chest x-ray came back negative but they told me to go ahead and keep treating him.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have! DS2 is pretty much done minus his stocking stuffers and clothes. My neice and nephew are done and DS1 is started and I just have a few more things to get him. Now...to tackle everyone else on my list. Every year my list seems to grow but my budget doesn't. :)

So here are some fairly recent pictures of the boys and me.

This is DS2 on Halloween--he was a spider. Cutest spider EVER!!! But I may be a bit biased.

This is the boys and me and the dog (Sophie). DS1 was Transformer BumbleBee and Sophie was dressed up like a pumpkin. :)

This is DS1 on his first day of kindergarten--back in August. He hasn't changed much other than maybe gotten taller.

So there you have it...an update of sorts. I'm still here, still fat, and still non mobile. Fun times in Amanda-land! :)