Friday, February 26, 2010

Stream of consciousness...

It's Friday afternoon. Izaac is asleep. Xander is at school. I have NO motivation to do anything constructive. So I am going to write. We'll see where I get.

I've had absolutely NO motivation to work out or count points the last 2 weeks. We went to Colorado on 2/13 to spend a brief time with my BFF. Izaac stayed with the grandparents as what we were going to do was not for little guys. We did take DS1 with us and he had a BLAST. While on vacation, I worked out EVERY DAY (granted we were only there for 3 days) but this is huge for me. I worked out and I didn't eat like crap the entire time I was gone--GO ME!!! We spent 2 days in the mountains tubing and DH tried snowboarding. Xander loved tubing as did I. Told the hubby next time *I* want to ski. But we came home on Tuesday (2/16) and I was sick. Spent the rest of the week sick. It wasn't fun, but on a bright note, so far this month, it's only been me that's been sick--a RECORD in this house this winter. I ate better on vacation than I did once we got home.

I swore off fast food back in January as part of a 1 month trial. Had Taco Bell in early February and felt like crap the entire rest of the day. And I mean stomach in knots for HOURS crap. I knew it was the fast food. And before I gave it up? I ate TB all the time. Like seriously, 3-4 times A WEEK! Now my body can't stand it (and my wallet is a lot fatter with all the money I am NOT spending). So needless to say, I made another 1 month vow of no fast food*. So when I am eating bad, it's not even fast food bad. But it's too much other stuff. Went to the store the other day and bought a box of Life cereal--BAD IDEA! I kid you not I think I ate half the box that day just sitting in front of the computer working.

*Fast food (to me and my sister who I made the pact with) is anything with a dollar menu AND a drive thru. We said Subway was okay and Chick-fil-a and that's about it. So there's no McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Burger King, Hardee's--nothing like that. Places like Panera and Chipotle are okay. This is our definition...these places get us into trouble.

Today, I was going to work out during nap time. Decided to sleep in this morning since I didn't have to work (thank you new policy that I can now work ANYTIME I want). But now my foot is bothering me. My foot that I injured back in October and had me sidelined for 3 months. Like pain that hurts when I walk type of pain. WTH?!?! I haven't ran in almost 2 weeks. My half marathon is in 10 weeks. Oh and let's not even mention the weight...

Oh heck why not. I'm up almost 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Yes, 3#. Sad! I know I can do this. I've changed my weight goal once again (this is my personal goal anyway...for the time being). For now, I only want to lose 20#. Well, now more like 23 but you get the picture. So today, I am counting points and writing it down. I had a weight watcher smoothie for breakfast--so yummy and very filling. It's almost 2 in the afternoon here and I haven't had lunch yet! I may not...I think after I publish this, I'm going to curl up for a little nap.

In other news, DH and I have decided that there will be a baby #3. The timing I will keep to myself until it gets closer but I will tell you I will not be getting pregnant this calendar year. But 3# is it for us. There will be no more after that. And to answer Nanny's question about my kids names..DS1 is Alexander Kyle and we call him Xander. DS2 is Izaac Jeremiah. Initially we were going to call him Zac (still do sometimes) but Izaac sticks with us more than anything else. I ♥ his name. I love Xander's name too--don't get me wrong. I love them both in their own ways but the one commonality with both names--their daddy named them. :)

I think that's it for this update from my world. I decided to sit down and type and look where it got me? Not really about anything in particular but about a lot of different things. Have a great weekend!