Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down...maybe out???

And I don't mean down as in losing weight down...

Two weeks ago (10/14 to be exact), I was walking DS1 out to the bus and my right ankle just rolled out from under me. I never fell per se, but I knew I had hurt it. Couldn't put any weight on it AT ALL. Went to the doctor the next day for an x-ray b/c I was for sure it was broke. It wasn't. So he tells me to rest (yeah right! I have 2 kids how can I rest?!?!) and take ibuprofen. So I start popping the motrin and the pain is hidden very well. Fast forward to 10/21 (my birthday). Doc's office calls back they need to speak to me ASAP about my ankle. I wasn't home and doc was getting ready to leave the office until this past Monday. I called back on Friday to see if the nurse would tell me anything...she couldn't/wouldn't. I knew then that it couldn't be good news. My foot/ankle had started to feel better but then it had started getting worse again. Doc calls me on Monday and thinks I may have a break somewhere and/or tendon/ligament damage, he sends me to a specialist ASAP. The NEXT DAY, I see the specialist. He orders an MRI and thinks I have tendon/ligament damage. He gives me a walking boot, tells me to wear it any time I am weight bearing and also gives me a compression sock to wear at all times as well to help w/ the swelling. The MRI is this coming Monday (11/2) and I have my follow up appointment w/ him next Thursday to make a definitive diagnosis and plan.

So...needless to say my workouts are now non-existent. I am so bummed. I may be looking at surgery...and if I need it, I'm not having it until January. I will NOT be laid up during the holidays. I don't care, I won't do it! I will NOT miss this time with my boys. And we're talking 8-10 weeks of recovery after surgery OR 8-10 weeks of physical therapy (if I don't need surgery). I had all these plans to do a half marathon in May. There's no way I can do that now if I can't even begin to think about working out for that until March! I'm so disappointed and discouraged.

So, I'm thinking about going to a Core lifestyle for eating (thank you Colette!) and doing a lot of pilates to strengthen my core and upper body. I love my legs and they've always been strong (or so I thought) so hopefully they will bounce back from this quickly. I don't know how to swim correctly and I don't have anywhere to go (FREE!) that I can use a pool in the winter. My diet is going to have to be PERFECT if I want to lose any weight. :( And we all know how hard that is!

So that's my update. My week has sucked eating wise, but I am going to try super duper hard this coming week. DH has put a monetary incentive out for us. Whoever loses the most per month (based on a percentage), will get an extra $50 of spending money in their budget for the month. WOO HOO!!!

Have a great weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Maybe I'll post some pics of the boys in their costumes...if I can get DS2 to wear his. He threw a FIT to even try it on!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's been a while...

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged...WOW!!! A lot has happened but I'll post the major stuff...

DS1 started kindergarten in August and LOVES it. He just got his first report card last week and is doing so well. He's gotten a 'green light' every day which has shocked us!

DS2 is now 18 months old...and he is MEAN! LOL!!! But he is so stinkin cute and sweet. We absolutely adore him and he is his mamma's boy.

I'm still playing with 5# that I gained over the summer. I want to lose 10# by Christmas and I was doing really well in the work out department....but then I suffered a severe sprain on 10/14 to my ankle/foot. Actually, the doctor called me back last week and left a message that he needs to talk to me about the results of my x-ray. Well, of course they called on Wednesday (my birthday) and left the message but that the doc would be out until Monday. So, now I wait until tomorrow to find out if it's really broken or if it's a torn tendon or what. I am so bummed!!! I called the office on Friday to see if the nurse would tell me what was going on but she told be that the doctor himself wanted to talk to me...that can't be good!

I had a birthday last week--the big 3-1!

DH and I had an anniversary in June--9 years!

We started Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover in May and are now credit card debt free for the first time in our marriage AND all of our vehicles are paid for (we have 3). I am not sure on the total amount of money that we have paid off but it's been AWESOME for us and our marriage. We live on a budget now (never did before) and we don't argue at all over money. WOO HOO!!!

We are debating baby #3. DH is all on board but I am not. I really like the age Zac is now and I really, really, really hate the baby stage. I hate feeling tied to the house and I did until Zac quit nursing. I loved breastfeeding him but I hated feeling like there was so much I couldn't do. I never got a moment alone...and now I do. Tonight, both boys played outside together for well over an hour...if that's what next summer is going to be like, I'm all for having some time to myself again! I know that sounds selfish but between working full time, being the primary care giver, and running the household--this girl gets worn out! I think we will wait at least another year to make any major decisions.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm going to try to get back to blogging...but I'm addicted to facebook! I'm always on there...sometimes just wanting people to post something that I can read--LOL!!! I'll try to get some pictures of the boys on here soon...they are growing like weeds and eating us out of house and home!