Saturday, June 30, 2007

The weekend on core...

So far so good. We went out for dinner Friday night as we always do. I chose Logan's b/c I wanted a porterhouse steak and could pretty much stay on core there but eat well. I made it to the gym on Friday too. So I had 4 extra APs to eat non core foods. We did not make it to the pool as it didn't get really warm here until late afternoon and by then DS was napping. :) Here is how Friday went:

B--cream of wheat made with milk and watermelon


L--Leftover burrito bowl and more watermelon

S--banana and popcorn

D--porterhouse steak, salad (had cheese and a tiny bit of bacon bits on it AND I took my own TJs FF dressing with me)--2, rolls(8), onion petals (10)
33 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of weights for a total of 4 APs; 120 ounces of water and 5 fruit and veggie servings. I used 16 WP on Friday.

Saturday was a waste of a day. My house was clean, all the laundry was done and we did nothing all day. I watched the neighbors little girl from about 2:30 t0 7:30 and her and DS played, but that was it. I hate days like that, although it was nice, I was bored all day so I ate a lot. TOM is due any day now and yesterday I felt like a bottomless pit. UGH. Here's how yesterday went:

B--cream of wheat made with milk and a banana
L--Taco Salad without the taco shell; Bean dip w/ chips and BLTs (2); 1/3 of a baked pretzel (2); carrots
S--popcorn and a smoothie
D--Pork Chop, corn on the cob, hominy, and grilled veggies
S--small chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone (8)
I got in no exercise yesterday b/c we kept tossing the idea around to do something and we didn't. I didn't want to exercise anyway b/c my arms were so sore. So I HAVE to go today and Monday now. I got in 144 ounces of water yesterday, 2 milk servings, and 7 fruit and veggie servings. YAY!!! I did cook the veggies on the grill with olive oil, so I got that in too! I used 12 WPA, so I have 7 left as of today.

Here is what I love about core--I LOVE to go out for steak but doing points I have to stick to a dinky 6 ounce sirloin. I didn't even eat half of my steak (I boxed up the leftovers and then left them on the table!!!) :( but I didn't feel deprived at all. I wanted the onion petals and I hadn't used any WPA yet, so I got them on Friday. I felt great all day yesterday and didn't feel guilty at all about having the ice cream cone last night.

I am working today so I can be off Thursday and Friday so today SHOULD be a good Core day. I plan to get to the gym later and tonight's dinner is T-bone steaks on the grill. I probably won't eat all of the steak so I should be able to have a nice big steak salad tomorrow for lunch. :)

Overall, I think I am doing pretty well. I haven't gotten on the scales so I hope I am pleasantly surprised when I get on there on Wednesday. :) Have a great Sunday!

Roni's Turkey Meatloaf

Candace asked me to post this, so here it is. I copied this straight from Roni's site right before her site crashed apparently. Glad I did b/c it was yummy!!! :)

Turkey Meatloaf

  • 1 lb lean (at least 93%) ground turkey
  • 1/2 cup bran flakes
  • 1/2 cup Quick oats
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 packet onion soup mix, dehydrated, dry form
  • 1 tbsp dried parsley
  • 2 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce (separated)
  • 1 tbsp Ketchup
  • 3 small-medium summer squash cut in large chunks (I used zucchini and yellow squash)
  • 1 small or one thick slice of a large sweet onion cut in chopped
  • Non-stick cooking spray

In a medium bowl, combine the ground turkey, onion soup mix, oatmeal, bran flakes, egg, parsley and 1 tbsp of the worcestershire sauce. Form the mixture into a loaf and place in a casserole dish sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Place the summer squash and onion around the loaf.

Wisk the ketchup and the remaining Worcestershire sauce together and brush on top of the loaf.

I baked the loaf covered with aluminum foil in a preheated 350-degree oven for about 50 minutes. I then removed the foil and turned on the broiler for 5 more minutes.

I did make a dipping sauce out of equal parts ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, it went really well with it. I liked it the husband ate the loaf straight up.

Now for the nutritional info, I'm calculating this at about 6 servings. Each serving with 202 calories, 7g of fat and 3g of fiber. That's only like 4 points a serving! I don't know if I miscalculated but it was a nice meal for 4 points! If anyone has some time can you double check it for me?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 2 on Core...


Yesterday went great, again. I took DS to the movies. We did not take popcorn nor did we get it there. We had just eaten breakfast so I took some water and chewed gum. DS had animal crackers and some juice, so we did really good. I am learning something though. I pretty much have to take a banana with me when I leave the house. I love bananas and they are the perfect fruit, IMO. They are so easy to eat on the go. We got out of the movies then I had to make a return to Victoria's Secret, then off to the store. After we left VS, I was hungry. So I ate my banana on the way to the store b/c I knew I couldn't go in there hungry. That's what I am learning. I can't let myself get too hungry or then I will eat anything in sight.

I made it to the gym last night too. It was late again, but I made it. DS and I are headed there again later this morning. We were going to go swimming, but it's raining here again. Everytime I make plans for us for the pool or the zoo, it rains! ARGH!!! But staying home would be nice house needs some attention!!!

Here is how yesterday went. I forgot, I did have one slip up...I ate 2 of DS graham crackers. But they were 13 of them for 3 I figured it out to be less than half a point for 2 of them, so not too bad. I earned APs last night, so that's not an issue.

B--Cream of wheat made with milk and a banana
L--leftover burrito bowls
D--Roni's turkey meatloaf (DS LOVED this, BTW), mashed potatoes, green beans, zucchini, and yellow squash
S--Watermelon (when I got home from the gym I was had been 3+ hours since dinner)

140 ounces of water, 6 Fruits and Veggies, and 1 milk. Still not very good on the milk. If we are home today, I will make a smoothie this afternoon for a snack. And 33 minutes on the elliptical last night.

If we do get to the pool, I am taking a salad for lunch with a bunch of fruit I cut up last night--strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple. I also have zucchini to add to my salad--YUM! As long as I plan, this core thing works pretty good!!! :)

Have a great day and a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ya'll would be so proud of me!!!

(Said in my best southern accent!)

Day one on Core--PERFECT!!!

Let me tell you how my day went....DH was sick. So I had to pretty much do everything last night. I had a massage from 4-5 (well the girl was late getting here so it was more like 410-515). Then I had to get ready and go pick up DS...then had to get to a friend's house who went to Trader Joe's for me yesterday. Spent way too much time there, but had a nice visit. Had to stop on the way home at CVS to get DH Nyquil. Walked back in the door at 7. Made dinner--Burrito bowls for me, tacos for everyone else. Cleaned up dinner while DH thankfully gave DS a bath, got DS ready for bed, then LEFT TO GO TO THE GYM. I told DH last night that I was going to the gym....I didn't care if I got there at 9:30. I got there shortly before 9, did the elliptical for 33 minutes, came home and took a shower and went to bed. I could have easily not gone to the gym, but I made a commitment to myself that I am going to get in 5 days of work outs this WW week. I told myself I deserved that time and I am proud that I made the effort to go. :) Oh and I want to work out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for my 5 days. :)

Here is how yesterday went. Like I said, day 1 on Core was perfect and easy! I had tons of fruits and veggies. I am so proud!!

B--Cream of wheat made with milk, half a banana
S--1/2 can of pineapple
L--large shrimp salad w/ FF balsamic vinegarette and green beans
S--Banana and other half can of pineapple
D--Burrito bowls (don't know why they are called this, but I got the recipe from a good friend and it was ALL core). AND I have enough left overs for lunch today. :)

So that was 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, 160 ounces of water and 1 serving of milk. Going to try to get in more milk today. Key word being TRY. I am not a milk drinker, unless it has chocolate syrup in it. :) Or if I have Oreos to dunk in the milk....and Oreos aren't core!

Core gurus out there--how do I count APs? Should I eat some non core foods to account for those?? To me, that seems to kinda backfire. I don't want to put processsed foods in my body if I can avoid it. I am trying to get through today and tomorrow (before dinner) so when we go out tomorrow night (Logan's Roadhouse) I can have a roll and/or onion petals with my steak and salad.

Thanks for all the good luck wishes about my secret yesterday. I do have friends IRL that read this, but I am pretty sure none of them will say anything to anyone else who knows me IRL. family won't find out. That's one surprise I hope to keep under wraps. Although I am getting major pressure from them to have another one! So it won't be too big of a shock to them. But if I don't get pregnant soon after my sister's wedding, then they are going to be on me even more!!

I am taking DS to his first movie today (free movie at the local theater--Over the Hedge) and I am taking our own popcorn too. So hopefully this will be an easy day again. Tomorrow is going to be hard b/c we are going to the pool and I don't know what to take that I can eat that I won't have to heat up. I am thinking about just taking a bunch of cut up fruit and a bag of popcorn and that being lunch. We'll see what I can figure out today. Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well the scale moved

Down .7


That's it. It is a loss and believe me I am thrilled that the scale is still here with me and did not take a flying leap out the 2nd story window. BUT, this concretes in my mind my decision to switch to core for the week. I am excited about it and being able to eat fruits and they don't "cost" me anything. My lowest was over a month ago at 163.5. I am determined to get over this hump.

One bright side...since I have started back on WW on March 19, I have only had 2 gains. That's HUGE for me. When I was going to meetings, I couldn't go 3 weeks straight with a loss or even a maintain. So I am happy with that.

Someone left a comment (not sure who, I forgot) asking me about core. I have done it before and had great success with it so I am hoping it helps this time too. :)

I have a secret! I have a secret!! Shhh... don't tell anyone who may know me IRL...I took my last birth control pill last night. I'm so excited. This also means TOM is set to start this coming weekend so I have to see how I do this month. I am going to allow my body this month to get cleaned out of hormones or whatever and I have to wait until I see my ENT on July 16th b/c he may want to put a tube in my ear and I need it but if I am pregnant, I can't have general anesthetic. I could probably have it done some other way other than with general anesthetic, but I've done that before and it's not pleasant!!! Anyway, come August we will start trying for our 2nd child. One funny thing? Dh doesn't know. He doesn't want to know. He wants to be totally surprised. I think it's funny and great of him. He's such a great daddy and I can't wait to give him another child. I also plan to keep blogging through my pregnancy so maybe I won't gain a ton of weight and you all can keep me accountable!!

Okay, enough about that. I am off to have breakfast--cream of wheat and a banana. I'm so excited about doing core. I hope to stay really strict and not allow myself to get too hungry. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One dislike so far...

with the new blooger: When people leave a comment and you have to moderate it (which is fine) you don't get their email address. So if someone asks you a question do you answer it in another comment on your blog, make a new blog, OR go to their blog and answer it and pray they remember what they said to you!?!? I'm really lost on what to do. I've done it all so far. LOL!!!! I also don't like seeing the latest updated blog, so I check several times a day. I'm a loser I know. ;)

I went to the store tonight and stocked up on core items. The only thing in my cart that wasn't core was the graham crackers DS requested. That's it!!! $84 in all core foods. Not too shabby. Tomorrow is WI and I am excited and scared at the same time. That d@mn scale HAS to move (preferably in the DOWN direction!!) at least a little. I mean, COME ON!!! PLEASE!!! Tomorrow's lunch will be a big shrimp salad, snack will be popcorn or a smoothie and dinner will be burrito bowls. My goal is to make it through the day without using any WPA. I also plan to go to the gym tomorrow.

I have to cut this short. I am typing in the dark on my laptop and it's kinda hard to see now. :) I will post WI results tomorrow AM!

Trying something here

My post is getting messed up and I don't know why. It's driving me nuts! The font keeps getting changed or something like that. SO I am posting this to see if it changes. SO ignore this...

ATTN Barbie!!

To Barbie from

I can't post on your blog b/c it says I have to be a "Team Member" to post a comment. I've tried several times. SO, if you are reading this, this comment is for you!

I wanted to say I am one of those that LOVES the elliptical. I can get on there and go for 45 minutes and I love the way I feel afterwards. I love the work out I get, I just love it. NOW, getting me to get out of the house and get to the gym...that's the hard part for me!

Also, your magazine cover looks AMAZING!!! You look so young!!! It's amazing what weight loss does for making people look so young. You have done a great job and you should be very proud!

Tater Tot Casserole and Core tips

Here is the recipe I use for Tater Tot Casserole. I will admit I don't LOVE this recipe, but my DH does, so I make it when he requests it. I think it needs something more, but it's low in points--at least the recipe I was given is. :)

Tater Tot Casserole

72 onion flavored tater tots (I've NEVER found onion flavor)
1 lb. extra lean ground beef
1 chopped onion
1 can lowfat cream of chicken soup
1 can regular cr. of mushroom soup
3/4 c. kraft 2% finely shredded cheddar cheese

Brown gr. beef and onion together, then drain. Mix in both cans of soup. Spray a square casserole pan with pam and arrange the tater tots in a single layer. Top with the beef/soup mixture, and spread the cheese on top. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
12 servings 4.5 pts each

Thanks for the core tips dazey! :) I know the key to this program is to plan (I've done it before, but it's been a long while!) I already have my menu made out for the week and am going to the store tonight. The only problem I have with core is I find I eat a lot of red meat on core. Like steak. I LURVE steak. I decided we are going to Logan's Friday night b/c they have Porterhouse steak and I love it. I will be bringing leftovers home that night for sure...then I can have a steak salad on Saturday for lunch. :) See already planning! I did read in my book that bean dip is core so I am happy about that.

Where do I find WW couscous? I've had couscous before, but it wasn't in the book as a core food (it was in a box). I may be going to several different stores tonight. Ugh...I hate that.

I am in Indiana, so yes the mid-west. I grew up in Southern Indiana but now live in Indianapolis (well a suburb). I didn't discover tater tot casserole until I moved up here. :)

I'm off to get some lunch. I'll BBL!!!

For whatever reason the font keeps getting messed up on here. Driving me nuts!!

Cyber-friends and Core

Isn't it odd how we don't KNOW each other but yet, we felt lost when our blog community was gone?!? I think it's great we can give support to people we don't know, but we are all following in the same struggle. It's great the support we can give to strangers. But I feel that I "know" most of you. Like Roni for example. I feel like I know her, but I really don't. But I have followed her for so long and admired her success. If my IRL (in real life) friends and family knew of this type of stuff, they would think I am nuts! ;)

Last night, I added some pictures below. Most of them are from our trip to Colorado back in May.

I soooo should have went to the gym last night. Did I? No. I just didn't feel like leaving the house. Then I was going to do Pilates and my brother showed up (he's in town this week to take some classes for work) and by the time he left, it was time for bed. I just wasn't motivated last night. I am going to WI tomorrow. I don't hold high hopes for a loss. I haven't seen one in so long, so I don't expect it even though I have been OP. I had 180 ounces of water yesterday! Fruits and veggies are in check too. :)

Tomorrow, though, I am starting Core regardless of what I see on the scale. I know the hardest time will be lunch so I am gearing up for lots of leftovers. I am going to the store tonight after dinner to stock up on lots of fruits and veggies and to make sure I have lots of core friendly foods in the house. I need to look at my book to check out for sure what is core and what isn't. Here's a question for the core gurus out there:

If I have an item that has all core ingredients in it, is it still core??? Like hummus? Black bean dip that is homemade??

I am going to get the recipe from MIL for the pasta salad she had when we were there for Father's Day. I am going to try to core it up. :) I know it has pasta (I will use whole wheat pasta), Italian dressing (I will use fat free), cheese (again fat free), and mushrooms. Not sure what else was in it, but I hope to find out tonight when I talk to her. We are going to a cook out on July 4th and I am going to try my hardest to stay OP. I am going to take a veggie tray and maybe a pasta salad or a dessert. We'll see what I can come up with.

Here's my tracker for yesterday:
Cream of wheat made with milk--4
Deep Dish Pizza Casserole--6
Green Beans--0
Grapes and cantalope--1
Soy Crisps and Bean Dip--2
Tater tot casserole--5
1 point in the bank...still a few in the hole for the week. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Trying to add some pictures

Family pic at the top of Pike's Peak when we went to visit superjayman in Colorado in May.
This is a family pic at Garden of the Gods on our way to Pike's Peak.

This is me and DH on the train down from Pike's Peak. For some reason, I love this picture!

Why do I always wear my sunglasses?? I never think to take them off. I really do have eyes! Anyway...I can see my weight loss in my face on this picture. This was taken by DH on our trip to Seattle in February. We were up in the Space Needle.

Another new beginning

Yesterday, Sunday, June 24, my original blog on died. Apparently there was a server issue or something and everything is GONE! Even the great maker, Roni, had her site demolished too. I was so sad yesterday b/c I kept thinking my journey was gone. Was this a sign? You know, all that stuff. So here I am starting over with a new blog!

I want to continue blogging and I will email those from that I have email addresses for and let them know of my new location. I NEED their support, but I also know I am doing this for me.

Let me start fresh here. I am a 28 year old mom, wife, and I also work full time at home too. I started WW in 2002 and got to goal in 2003, then I got pregnant with my son and haven't been back since. I have gotten close but not close enough. So here I am still trying to get there. :)

I am going to try to re-cover some of my old posts from through Google cache, but I don't know how successful I will be.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Is it Friday already

Wow. This week went fast. Well at least it did for me. I was off Monday and Tuesday so today doesn’t FEEL like Friday…feels like Wednesday. Ahh…life of a short work week! Gotta love that!!!

Today, I am making time for me. I was going to work until 4 or 4:30, then we are leaving then to go out for our usual Friday night out. BUT, I am going to quit work at 3 and then go to the gym. That should give me plenty of time to work the elliptical for 30 minutes and do some arm workouts and then get home to shower and be ready to go by 5. I haven’t been to the gym in a week and I desperately need to go! I NEED to feel better and thinner and all that jazz. In the evenings, I have been getting outside with my DS, but I’ve been sitting at the neighbors talking to them. I SHOULD be taking a walk or anything other than sitting. I have been tired, but that’s just an excuse.

I need to see a loss on that scale on Wednesday. If I don’t, you know what’s going to happen? I will either throw the scale out a 2 story window, or I will jump!! LOL!!! Seriously though, if there is no loss, I am switching to core. And I mean hard core. No non core foods at all…if I can avoid it. That means no going out to eat, no sweets, nothing non core!! I’ve done it before and it’s worked, so we’ll see if that will help.

Sunday is mine and DH 7 year anniversary. 7 years–WOW!!! We’ve been together for 11. Wow! But this also means I will get up Sunday morning and put on my wedding dress. I know I am crazy, but this is what I do. I want to see if it still fits (I am sure it will) and maybe it will be too big. I loved that dress, but know I will never wear another wedding dress again. DH and I are going out Saturday night to celebrate. I am jonesing for seafood since I can do really good there on points. Then not sure what else we will do.

Have a good weekend!! I haven’t been posting my menu, but I am right on target with where I am supposed to be. I’ve just been lazy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pizza Pasta Casserole

I got this from my WW leader’s website so I am 100% positive on the points values.
We had this for dinner last night and it was awesome! We had it tonight too b/c it made so much. Oh and my DS (age 3) LOVED it!

Pizza Pasta Casserole
1 lb of ground beef (93/7)
1/2 onion chopped
1 jar (28oz) spaghetti sauce or make your own
1/2 pkg whole wheet spiral pasta, cooked and drained
2 cups low fat shredded mozzarella cheese
Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

Brown beef and onion in skillet, drain. Add pasta and sauce. Transfer to 13×9 baking dish. Sprinkle with cheese. Arrange pepperoni on top. Bake uncoverred at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until heated through. I doubled this recipes and froze one. This is a great make ahead meal. Can be easily made core and just count the pepperoni. Makes 10 servings for 4 pts each.

Changing WI days and old friends

I think I am going to go with Jynell from 31 MORE DAYS and change my WI days from Fridays to Wednesdays. I’ve been thinking about it ever since my WI on Friday. Did I weightoday? No. I hadn’t made the decision until later this morning. I MAY get on the scale Friday morning, but I don’t think I will count it as official until next Wednesday. The last time I had a loss, I WI’d in on a Wednesday. Maybe I am being superstitious, I don’t know, but at this point anything to budge my weight loss!

On to the old friends….I saw a good friend of mine over the weekend who I know reads my blog. I have been friends with her since grade school (I’m 28 now!) so that’s a long time! I never get to spend enough time with her, but it thrills me to know she reads here every day. I know at least ONE PERSON reads this every day. And that keeps me here.

Let me see what else….I got back OP yesterday, but I went over my points, BUT I did count and write everything down. It’s hard to get right back on. I only went over by 2 so it wasn’t too bad. Since I decided to change my WI days, I am re-starting my points today too. I need to get back to drinking tons of water. Will do that today too. I’m off to get some lunch. I have a recipe I want to post later. We had it last night and it was delish! Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A vicious, never ending cycle…

This weight loss cycle that is… (this is going to be long, so please bear with me).

We were visiting family for the weekend. You all know I did not have a loss on Friday, which put me in a horrible mood Friday morning. I talked to my BFF (superjayman) and told her of the challenges I was facing this weekend and how I needed to see a loss to be able to overcome those challenges, but I didn’t. She gave me the idea to take a salad and make my grilled veggies on Saturday at DH mom’s house. So I did that. And EVERYONE LOVED my grilled veggies. I used Olive Oil Pam some garlic and onion powder and viola….yummy veggies everyone loved. But here’s where the vicious cycle starts. If I say I can’t eat that (for example the pasta salad and the pork BBQ that is MILs specialty) b/c it has too much sugar or it’s too many points, then I get the “Can you eat this?” question on everything else! I have learned that pasta salad is my weakness. I love it. MIL has no clue when it comes to low fat anything. She’s from the age of old where she doesn’t measure anything or believe in low fat anything. So of course this pasta salad is awesome and I can’t stay out of it. URGH!!!

So I’ll fast forward to dinner at my mom’s house Sunday night. BBQ pork chops, green beans, corn on the cob, California blend, PASTA SALAD, baked potatoes (where the only topping was cheez whiz), my grilled veggies again (which were loved AGAIN!) homemade ice cream and strawberry cake. There were tons of vegetables (thank god), but pasta salad too. If I would have said, oh I can’t eat that, then the next question would be “What can you eat on your diet?” ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blogged about this before and how much I HATE that question. But when it comes to visiting family, it’s a never ending cycle. No one believes in low fat anything or fat free or whole wheat or splenda. And believe me, my mom and my MIL could stand to lose a few pounds (they have actually said this to me, so don’t flame me there). DH dad was in the hospital while we were there (he’s still there) and it’s b/c he’s got really bad knees b/c he weighs so much. One look at him and it MAKES me want to be healthier. MIL believes that if she buys him sugar free anything he will lose weight. DH and I have tried to tell them our ’secrets’ but to no avail, so we give up. I love my family dearly (both sides!) but am soooooooooo glad we don’t live by them or else I would NEVER lose any weight.

There is one bright side to this. At MILs house on Saturday, I only ate one serving the BBQ pork that is her specialty. I love that stuff, but tried my hardest to control myself there b/c I know her sauce is loaded with brown sugar. I did stay pretty active while we were gone. DH and I did a 5K on Saturday with a friend of mine. I walked Friday morning before we left. And, we went swimming on Saturday and Sunday for at least an hour each time. I had a toddler attached to me on Saturday so surely that burned some extra calories in the pool. I didn’t do great yesterday either, but I am home now and back on track. Today will be a good day. I don’t have to work (YIPPEE!!!!!) and the toddler and I are going to the store to stock this place up with healthy foods again.

It’s so good to be home! I missed all my blog reading Need to catch up while DS takes his nap this afternoon. I’ll be back later!

Friday, June 15, 2007

WI day and measurements

I stayed the same.


That’s 3 flippin weeks in a row I have seen 165.6!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond ticked off, you would not believe. Almost to the point of tears at 7:00 in the freaking morning. I am so ticked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this what they call a plateau??? I have never had one last this long when I was actually trying to lose weight…when I was actually counting points.

What am I doing wrong? I’m eating vegetables (usually around 6 a day). I’m drinking a ton of water…at least 128 ounces a day sometimes more (yesterday I had 185 ounces). I’m exercising. I got in 3 days this week. WTF?!?!?!?

If this is what exercising is going to do to me, then I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you know what? Last weekend–when it’s the hardest to stay OP…I counted points, every thing, and still no loss. I changed back to Winning Points to see if that would help. NADA. This is not what I needed right now. We are leaving today to go visit the family for the weekend and there will be TONS of food around to tempt me and I was hoping to see a nice loss so I wouldn’t be tempted. Now, I feel like saying well it doesn’t matter if I do the right things or not, I won’t see a loss. I am beyond upset at this point.

I even got up this morning and took my measurements thinking that would boost me up. But when I seen the scale stayed the same, it didn’t even matter. But I will give you the goods anyway.

Since January, I have lost 2.75 inches from my waist; 1.5 inches from my bust; 1.75 from my butt/thighs; 1 inch from my upper thighs; .75 of an inch from my left upper arm; and a quarter of an inch from my right upper arm. So that’s 8 inches overall. Not too bad, but I’m too mad at the scale to care.

Funny how that stupid dumb metal box can set the tone for me. I am just soooo disgusted right now that I am doing all the right things and it doesn’t even seem to matter.

I am off to take a walk to get in my 30 minutes of activity for the day. Don’t know why…it doesn’t seem to be helping anything. UGH!!!

Sorry to sound like such a downer, but I am thoroughly upset right now. Have a great weekend! I won’t be back online until Wednesday after we leave today.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday's menu

I talked to the doctor herself last night (LOVE that!) and all my lab work was normal, so maybe
this month was just a fluke. We’ll see how next month goes.

Here’s my menu from yesterday. One question for you all–how do you count salads as veggie servings? I had 2 huge plates of salad–all with 0 point veggies on it and piled high. I counted it as 3 servings, but should it have been more? Less??

Daily Point Range 20-25

Cream of wheat made with milk--4

Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar--6

Starbuck’s Grande LIGHT Orange Crème Frappucino--2

Pork Chop 7

Lipton Whole Grain Noodle side--4

Green Beans--0


Workout GOAL: 3 workouts X X

Water—160 ounces
Fruits and veggies 4(probably more w/ all the salad I ate)
Milk 1

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gym and the temptations surrounding it

Okay, so this is last night’s blog, but I am just now having time to type it all out.
I went to the gym last night. It was KILLER!!! I did 16 minutes on the treadmill (blech!) and 33 minutes on the elliptical. It was a hard work out and I was drained afterwards. The gym is right beside a grocery store and I had to run in and get some milk (sweaty clothes and all…I looked and smelled like a rose, let me tell ya!) ALL the candybars and the sweets were calling my name. I had to get out of there FAST! I ALMOST justified something as I was famished after my workout, but I didn’t and made it out of there without eating anything I shouldn’t have.

I am waiting on a call from the doctor this afternoon. I looked at my lab results today and they were all normal (it was not a miscarriage and my thyroid levels were normal) except 2 small things that were part of the CBC so I’ll see what she says when she calls. It’s probably a wait and see thing…see how next month goes and go from there. Let’s hope it was a one time thing.
I was talking to my BFF today (superjayman on here) and it dawned on me that my 10 year class reunion is a MONTH FROM TOMORROW!!! HOLY COW!!!! If I can keep up my workouts, then I SHOULD be fine, but man….I would really like to be in the 150s by then!!
I have decided that I am going to get up Friday morning and take my measurements after I get on the scale. I haven’t taken them since January so I know they will be down. I can’t wait to see by how much though!!! I am hoping with all the eating right I have done this week (stayed in my points AND exercising) I should have a nice loss this week.

Last night for dinner we had Trader Joe’s Roasted Vegetable Multigrain Lasagna. It was AWESOME!!! My son even liked it!! The best part?? It is cooked in the microwave. I threw together a salad and some veggies on the grill and had a full dinner for only 6 points. I banked 6 points yesterday alone. WOO HOO!

I’m not going to post the rest of my menu b/c, well….I don’t feel like it. I did good, had all my fruits and veggies and tons of water, so all OP. I’ll try to come back tonight and post today’s menu. It included a lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s.

Monday, June 11, 2007

SummerFit Challenge and the daily grind…

I live in Indiana and our govenor has done several challenges this year. He did a 10 in 10 challenge this winter–lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks and every week they sent out emails to the participants on ways to increase your physical activity and how to eat better….that kind of thing. Well now they are doing a SummerFit challenge. You keep track of how many points you earn. It’s kinda neat actually. For example, I get 1 point for every 8 ounces of water I drink…I normally drink 150 ounces of water so I get 18 points per day just for that. Then you get 2 points for 1 serving of fruits and vegetables (I’ve had 6 servings today, so that’s 12 points). You get points for physical activity, not smoking (I don’t), forwarding the summerfit email to a friend, physical activity, and points for doing the weekly challenge. This week the challenge is to get in the pool and play around, swim, whatever just be active in the water for 30 minutes. I am going to TRY to do that on Saturday and Sunday (week runs Monday thru Sunday) since we will be visiting our parents and will have access to a pool both days. So far, I am having fun figuring out how many points I earn just for doing the simple things I do every day.

I went to the doctor today (see previous post for more info) and all SEEMS normal. She did bloodwork and I will have those results in 2 days or so. She listed all kinds of things it could be so we’ll wait until the bloodwork comes back.

My appointment was at 1 which meant I had to leave at noon which meant lunch was out. I did VERY good. I went to chick-fil-a and got a chargrilled sandwich, SMALL fries (HUGE victory there, HUGE!), and a diet Dr. Pepper. I had to eat it in shifts b/c I didn’t have enough time to eat everything before I had to go in for my appt. So it worked out well b/c I came out an hour later and still had my sandwich and didn’t have the afternoon munchies like I usually do.

This week is SUPER busy–my appt today, tomorrow DS has his post op appt, meeting on Thursday, and Wednesday I have a lunch date with a friend. WHEW!! But, the good thing is that everything is in the afternoon so I shouldn’t have the afternoon munchies like I usually do. I plan to get to the gym tomorrow night and hopefully Wednesday night too and Thursday morning. That will be 4 days this WW week. We’ll see if I can have loss this week.

Here is my menu for today. Right on where I should be.

Daily Point Range 20-25

Cream of wheat made with milk--4

Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken--5
SMALL fries--6

Can of pineapple in it’s own juice (4 fruit servings)--4

Turkey Pot Pie--5
Green Beans--0

BLTs (didn’t have a lot, but just for good measure)--1


Workout GOAL: 3 workouts X

Water—96 ounces so far…
Fruits and veggies 6
Milk 1

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Sunday!

I hope your Sunday is good. All is swell here. I am doing the winning points plan (old WW program) and so far so good! I am just 1 point in the hole, and I hope to make that up today. I went to the gym yesterday morning and did another 30 minutes on the elliptical. I won’t make it today as they close at 4 and I am working and will probably work tonight.

Had a great day yesterday. The hubby and I went out on a date and saw Ocean’s Thirteen. It was okay, but just being able to look at Brad Pitt and George Clooney for 2 hours was enough for me! Then we went to Logan’s for dinner. I got the triple shrimp skewer cooked with no butter or oil and a vegetable skewer, a salad, and of course rolls. I did darn good and am very proud of that! When we went to the movies, I smuggled in a can of diet coke and had that and a piece of gum. DH went to the concession stand and got him a drink and a bag of Reese’s Pieces. I HAD 3! That’s it. Then after we ate, I had 4 more and then I quit. I am pretty proud of that!!

Today has been good so far. Planning on trying to make Salmon on the grill tonight for dinner. I hope and pray it works. If not, I guess we will have Subway or Taco Bell.

*****I am going to put a disclaimer on this…it may be TMI for some people….you have been warned.*****

I MAY have figured out why my scale didn’t budge on Friday. TOM is still here. Yes, I am now on day 8 with no signs of stopping. I will be calling the doctor (my Ob/Gyn) tomorrow first thing as I know this isn’t normal for me. AT ALL. I am usually 5 days, a bad month 6, but the last few days are really lite. Not this time. There is nothing lite about this at all. I hope nothing is wrong and this doesn’t affect my fertility. But I am also still having cravings for PMS food–chocolate mainly. SO far, I have kept it at bay, but the voice in the back of my head is still calling out to eat bad. It’s hard!! But I am proud to say I have not given in.

My mom visited this weekend and we went shopping for a bit on Saturday. She wanted to go out to eat and I said no! ME?!?!?! Yes, I said no. DH was cooking lunch so we went home and had that. He made my WW version of stromboli and she LOVED it. How funny is that!??! She even asked for the recipe. I thought it was hilarious! She never likes anything “diet”.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I can’t believe how much this little community has grown! I can’t keep up. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I think my scale is broke

It shows that I weigh exactly the same as I did last week!!!! That can NOT be true!!! My rings are a heck of a lot looser today than they were at this time last week. Yesterday, I put on a pair of jeans that I wore WAY before I got pregnant (Aeropstale size 9/10) and I got them up, buttoned, and zipped. Now, I wouldn’t wear them out in public b/c they were a little tight, but I could still breathe. So I am shrinking somewhere, but the scale doesn’t show it. Grrr….
Could it be b/c I went to the gym last night? I went and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I also got in 170 ounces of water yesterday. But again, my rings are loose. I don’t understand! I know what needs to be done. I’ve been contemplating it for a while and now I’ve made a decision….

I’m going back on the Winning points plan. The WW range plan. My range is 20-25 points per day. Anything more than that I have to earn them. Maybe this will push me to go to the gym more. I signed up for a month. The problem with the flex points for me is that I have them all gone (and sometimes more) before the weekend is over (sometimes gone by Sunday morning) and that doesn’t help ME. That hurts more than anything. So maybe with not having the extra 35 points, I will be fine and make better choices over the weekend. I want to lose 12 more pounds by my sister’s wedding which is September 8th. That is 4 pounds a month, which is totally attainable. I would LOVE to lose 15, but I know 12 is more attainable for me. If I don’t reach that goal, oh well, my sister will still get married and maybe I will be down another 10#. But I will be down regardless.

I’m off to get some breakfast and plan my day. A picnic at the zoo with my son and out to dinner tonight with the family…gotta make a list to stop at the store and get some food for our picnic. GOOD on program food! My mom is coming tonight to visit for the weekend so I am excited about that. Have a great day!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Successful Trader Joe’s Shopping trip

I went to TJs yesterday and got some good items. I FINALLY found the bean dip Roni always talks about. I can’t wait to try it!! And they have this wonderful balsamic vinegar dressing that is fat free and does NOT have high fructose corn syrup in it. YAY!! I did not however find the Chile Lime Chicken Burgers that I soooo wanted to get. They were stocking the frozen items and they weren’t in the freezer in the back (we asked) and they were still stocking but we didn’t have time to wait around for them to finish. I have to go into work next Wednesday and TJs is right down the street so I will check again then.

We had a great wonderful lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s. Gosh I love that place! Their salad bar is the best I have ever been to and I love it!

I made lettuce wraps for dinner last night. They were okay, but very salty. I even used low sodium soy sauce. So not sure I will make them again.

Here is my menu from yesterday. I went over my points on the almonds I bought at TJs, but at least it was almonds and not junk!

Daily Point Target--22

Cream of wheat made with milk--

Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar--6

Can of pineapple in it’s own juice (split w/ 3 kids and a dog)--3

Lettuce Wraps--3

TJs meringue cookies--3



Day 6 in Week - Weekly Points Remaining: 0
Workout GOAL: 3 workouts XX

Water—138 ounces
Fruits and veggies 5+
Milk 1

Oh! One other thing…. When I went to the gym the other night, I needed some work out capris (I don’t like to work out in shorts) so I pulled some out from my closet to see if they fit. I bought them several years ago but have hardly ever wore them. They are Gap, size MEDIUM!!! I have them on again today b/c I plan to go today and see if my son will go to their childcare. I was so excited to put them on and they fit!!! WOO HOO!! :) Have a great OP day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I love good days!

Doesn’t it feel great when you eat right and exercise and are OP??

Yes, that’s right…I said exercise. I went to the gym last night and did the crossramp elliptical trainer for 32 minutes. It felt so good!!! I hadn’t eaten perfectly and going to the gym made me feel so much better. I hope to go again tonight. I am going to lunch with a friend today to Ruby Tuesday’s and then we are going shopping at Trader Joe’s. I have my list ready and hope to find the bean dip Roni always raves about and some low point tortillas and a few other items. I’m so excited!

Here is yesterday’s menu:

Daily Point Target--22

Cream of wheat made with milk--4

Lt flat out wrap pizza--4
Green beans--0

Whole can of pineapple in it’s own juice--4

Chile Rellano Casserole--6

FF refried beans--2



Day 5 in Week - Weekly Points Remaining: 0
Workout GOAL: 3 workouts
CrossRamp Elliptical Trainer—32 minutes in “Weight Loss Mode” for a total of 3 APs
Water—152 ounces
Fruits and veggies 5+
Milk 1

Other than that, I don’t really have much else. I am hoping for a loss on Friday. A good loss would be ideal–at least what I gained last week. I am sure I have lost SOMETHING as my rings are loose again today so I know the water retention is gone. I hope so!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finally, a good day!

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. I made it through the afternoon with only my pineapple and was glad for that. I wanted to go for a walk last night but it was raining here so I did pilates and an InStyle Wedding Arms workout instead. My arms were killing me afterwards, but I’m not sore today. YAY!!!

My sister’s wedding is a little over 3 months away (September 8). I want to lose 12 more pounds by then. That’s 4# a month. I think that’s attainable. I would LOVE to lose more, but I have to be realistic for me. I think I can do it, but I have to hunker down and do it. I am going to go to the gym my hubby goes to tonight and give it a try. They also have childcare and I would like to see if my son would stay there. He is a momma’s boy and has a hard time with me leaving him at daycare 3 days a week. So we’ll have to see. I may try to go on Thursday during the day and see if he will stay there. If I can’t have a home gym, I might as well join one close to home.

Here is yesterday’s menu:

Daily Point Target --22

Cream of wheat made with milk--4

Lean Cuisine Brick Oven Pizza--6
Salad—all 0 pt veggies and very little dressing--0

Whole can of pineapple in it’s own juice--4

Pigs in a blanket x 3--7
Green beans--0

Bites of crescent rolls--3

+1 (AP)
Day 4 in Week - Weekly Points Remaining: 0
Workout GOAL: 3 workouts
Pilates session—20 minutes (+2 points) and InStyle Wedding Arms workout (+1 point)
Water—140 ounces
Fruits and veggies 5+
Milk 1

Monday, June 4, 2007

Why does fruit have to cost so much?!?!?!

I am currently eating a can of pineapple in it’s own juice. And yes I do plan to eat the ENTIRE can. But it’s 4 points!! Why does fruit have to cost so much? Bananas are 2 points. Grapes aren’t too bad, but I can only eat so many grapes. I have been craving pineapple lately like it’s going out of style. And no, I am NOT pregnant. It’s just so yummy and I love the juice too! I could just drink the juice, but need the fruit in my diet more! Just a random rant here…I just wish fruit wasn’t so darn expensive with the points!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Good vs. Evil

Today, good won. The last 2 days, evil has won. It’s been a bad eating weekend. Thanfully, I re-gained control today, thus the whole weekend wasn’t horrible (but the day is still young).

It started off on Friday. Onion Rings. I wanted onion rings. So I got them. The toddler and I had Culver’s for lunch and I got a snack pack with onion rings and a cheeseburger. Then came home and made chocolate chip cookies, so I had dough and about 2 cooked cookies. I thought I would re-gain myself Friday night as we had plans to go to Ruby Tuesday’s. Instead we ended up at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. I did fine there…had Chilean Sea Bass and a lettuce wedge. Then we split au gratin potatoes with the toddler. I would have done better at Ruby Tuesday’s b/c all I would have had there is the salad bar, but hey we NEVER get to go to Sullivan’s.

Then Saturday came. My son woke up way earlier than I thought he would, thus not allowing me to exercise. No biggie, I thought. I made lunch for us later on and made him Ramen noodles. I couldn’t stay out of them! So there went a few points. I did great for dinner–made Roni’s Thyme marinated pork kabobs and they were awesome. Then, I had a severe craving for chocolate and ice cream. We went to DQ and I got a brownie batter blizzard. It was a small and sooo worth it. But yet again, evil won.

So today I tally up my points for the last 2 days and BOOM–20 points in the hole for the week. OUCH!!! So, I vowed today would be on target. I had to go to the store and take the toddler with me as the hubby was playing golf. We went out for lunch at Wendy’s. I fought with myself the whole way there–cheeseburger or chicken nuggets? Grilled chicken? Chili and a baked potatoe? Fries or no fries?? So, when I got there I ordered chili and a baked potato. It wasn’t what I really wanted, but I got it anyway. Then throughout my whole meal I kept thinking I would go back up there and order some chicken nuggets (not for me, for my son (wink, wink)). I didn’t. I ate my meal and was satisfied. Then we had to hit the store. The whole time I wanted chocolate. Candy bars, cookies, donuts–anything CHOCOLATE!!! I will be sooo glad when these PMS symptoms are GONE!!! So now I am having a WW chocolate chip muffin for 3 points. I warmed it up in the microwave and it’s sooo good. YUM!!

I have dinner all planned out, now if only I can not snack while I make it. I am going to go for a walk tonight, provided it’s not raining. And I am going to be 100% super on program this week. You heard it here first. Now hold me to it!

Oh and the hubby asked me last night if I would fess up to my blizzard, so I had to. I planned to anyway, but he didn’t think I would. I still feel like a bottomless pit. I had that muffin and now pineapple is calling my name. Urgh….I hate the not-satisfied-I could eat everything in site feeling.

Calgon take me away…..

Friday, June 1, 2007

Weigh-in today and a vent

and it shows a 2.1 gain–165.6

BUT…I am not freaking out, depressed, or upset about this gain. Why? You may ask…b/c I KNOW it’s not fat. I KNOW it’s water. My fingers are swollen and my tummy just feels fluffy. TOM is due this weekend so I am 100% sure that is what this is. I am betting if I get on the scales on Monday or Tuesday, this gain will in fact be gone. I have been OP this week and I have been drinking the water, so I am sure this is just water retention.

On a brighter note…I am wearing my new capris that I bought last week and they are so cute! I love them and this is a total brag, but my butt looks good in them!!! My hubby loves my butt and this pants look darn good!

I made Roni’s Beefy Spinach Crescent Loaf for dinner last night and it did NOT turn out right. Hubby loved it but I didn’t b/c it fell apart. So I am going to try it again maybe next week.
I have been in a funk the last couple days. Last night all I could do was cry (I know pathetic!, but I attribute it to PMS). I need to vent this out, so here goes.

I have asked repeatedly from my hubby for a bike and an elliptical. I don’t need both right now, but I do want both at some point. He throws things in my face every time–you won’t use it, you don’t use gym memberships (I do, just not 8 days a week!), you won’t ride a bike, blah, blah, blah. BUT, if he wants something, he gets it. I feel like I always ask and never get anything in return. He wanted a new lap top, he got it. Granted, that was through his company and he needs it to do work, but still…. Now he wants me to answer the phone for his company (which is NOT a big deal at all b/c it hardly ever rings), make his appointments, basically be his secretary, but I still work my own full time job and I am still a wife and a mom. I feel like I ask, ask, ask, but I never get anything in return. We have an agreement that we don’t make big purchases without consulting each other. He told me about the lap top and then it never bothered me, but now it does. I want to instill good habits in our son. He has a bike and has gotten really good at it and I would love to have a bike to ride along with him. We have a basement now and have room for a piece of exercise equipment, yet he tells me no. We had a borrowed treadmill once that was a piece of junk and I used it…then we got our dog and all she did was bark at the darn thing so I quit using it, BUT that was before I really started on the road towards healthier living. I will admit, I don’t like going to the gym. I don’t have a membership anymore, but I did and I used it. Just not 8 days a week like hubby does. I like to exercise on Saturday mornings, but when I get up, hubby is ALWAYS gone at the gym. I know I am stubborn, but once I get up and realize he’s gone and I get started on something else, my intention of going to the gym goes away. Now see if I had an elliptical in the basement I could work out even if he is gone. I just feel like I always give and don’t get anything in return. Okay, vent over. Sorry this got so long. I just needed to get it off my chest. I couldn’t say anything to hubby last night b/c I was just so irked. Not sure why it happened yesterday, but it all came to head and upset me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Not 100% sure what will happen today, but I do know my son and I are going to visit a friend who had a baby on Monday. And of course tonight we will go out. Have a good day!!!