Sunday, August 24, 2008

4 months old!

I can't believe Izaac Jeremiah is 4 months old!!! The time has just flown by!! He is such a joy and a true blessing to our family.

Took him to the doctor the other day. He weighed in at 16# and 25 1/4".

Here are a few pictures:

Just took these this afternoon.

I think this is my new favorite picture!! LOVE it!!

This one was actually taken by DS1. Not too bad for a 4 year old!

Took this when we got home from the doctor the other day.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where's the Beef?

Apparently, in our freezer!

Yep, you read that right. We got our beef and pork last week. It was kind of bad timing as I was NOT prepared to start cooking as much as the Core program requires, but my dinners have been more on the core side than not. So that's a good point right??

I'm taking some advice from Roni and a few others and starting out slow. I feel like I keep coming up with an excuse, but honestly, it's not. I'm overwhelmed at the amount of weight I have to lose. It's a lot. But I'm starting out slow. I'm slowly making the changes. I'm getting 160+ ounces of water in EVERY DAY. It kind of coincides with the advice I get from my trainer every week. One small change each week and keep building on that. Last week it was water (which was not an issue for me) and this week it is fruit. And I am having a HARD time with it! I'm getting it in every day, but I'm a vegetable girl. I eat vegetables with 2 of my 3 meals every day. So it's been rough, but I'm muddling through.

I do have an NSV to report. BFF Superjayman flew in yesterday. We went out to lunch together and hit Panera. I did the You Pick Two and got the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad and the Garden vegetable Soup. Such a super good lunch that was very filling and very low points! YAY!!!! I'm proud of myself for making that good decision. Today I fought the urge to go out for lunch with my boys after I took little man for his 4 month check up (post with pictures and stats to come!). I fought that demon the ENTIRE trip home! 40 minutes!!! It was insane. I probably would have done better going out b/c I kind of grazed all afternoon, but that's the trade off today. SuperJ and I have plans to go for a walk tomorrow morning and Saturday and Sunday as well. I'm psyched about it!!

I'm listening to Roni's videos while I type and she's so inspiring to me. Why is it I always get inspired AT NIGHT?!?! Even when I shower, I'll stand there and tell myself you'll have a good breakfast tomorrow and a good lunch and you'll do this and that, etc... (yes, I have these conversations with myself practically every night in the shower.) But anyway. She's had some good advice this week. Really spoke to me on quite a few of her questions. :) I'm outta here! Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Assignment #2

I had my weekly appointment with the trainer yesterday. I now go every Monday. I had to keep track of how much water I had each day and then show it to him. I got in 160 ounces every day except one and even that day I had 132 ounces. He said that was "amazing". It was hard for me over the weekend, but I did it! I'm actually proud of myself. I did get on the scale both at home and with the trainer. I was the same at home and up just a tad at the trainer--.2. He told me not to worry about it b/c I may be losing inches. And he said that I am learning new habits slowly, so I don't need to worry about that number just yet. He has a point and I am trying to think that way.

So my assignment this week is to eat 4 servings of fruit every day. I had no trouble with it yesterday, but my fruit stash is quickly dwindling. I may have to hit the store today to stock up. We did get our first produce delivery on Friday. It was awesome!!! I still have some strawberries and raspberries left from that, but that will be all the fruit. DS1 ate the last banana as soon as he got home yesterday and he ate 2 of the 4 apples! That kid loves fruit!!! I know it's a good thing, so I don't worry about it.

DH is heading out of town today to visit "home" b/c his great uncle died on Saturday. It was expected, just happened faster than we thought it would. I was going to go, but...... da, da, dum....SUPERJAYMAN is coming for a visit!!!!!! FINALLY she is getting out here for this court date. It's been FOREVER since I've seen her. I'm so excited. I get to pick her and her mom up at the air port and then enjoy the time that she's here since I don't have to work. YAY!!! And DH told me not to worry about going to the funeral. It's too quick of a trip to drag 2 kids out of their routine. Just in case you were thinking I'm a horrible wife... LOL!!!

Okay, gotta scoot--gotta get some work done!!! I do have another post to make so I hope to put it up later today or tonight. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exercise, WI, water, and craziness!

It's been a crazy week already. Thank heavens it is finally Wednesday!

I had my first real session with the trainer on Monday morning. This also means I had my WI day as well. I had maintained, which is good considering we went to the state fair on Sunday. My WI at home was 183.7. At the trainer it was 188.7. UGH. That is waaaayyyyyy too close to a number I said I would NEVER get back to--190. I know I'm close, but I'm not there so that's good. hopefully that number will be less come next Monday. I go to the trainer every Monday now so I'll WI there with him every week. He gave me my first "assignment" for this week--drink 96 ounces of ice cold water every day. Since I aim for 130 ounces a day, this has been no problem. I got in 160 ounces yesterday! I've also figured out that when my cup gets empty, I tend to eat b/c I don't want to walk downstairs and fill up my cup. So I fill up both of my 32 ounce cups when I first go down in the morning and then put the 2nd cup in the small fridge that's upstairs so when I'm done with the 1st, I can easily start on my 2nd. It's working marvelously!! And it keeps things cold! Did you know your body has to work to heat up the water when you drink it ice cold? I did not know that, so my water is COLD now! :)

I do have a NSV to report. While at the fair on Sunday we ate lunch there. I got a GRILLED pork tenderloin sandwich. That's it!! No bloomin' onion, no fried ANYTHING. I seriously wanted a funnel cake as we were heading out, but DH hates them and I knew I would eat the whole darn thing by myself and I didn't want to do that. So I said no thanks. We did stop at the dairy barn to get mik shakes and we all split 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. Again, not the BEST choice, but at least it was dairy! :) And it wasn't FRIED!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm quite proud of myself. I told DH I would get me a funnel cake when we are on vacation. My mom is going with us and she loves them, so I'll get a few bites and then "let" her eat the rest. LOL!!!

I have been doing better in my afternoon munchie time. I have the WORST trouble after lunch. About 2 in the afternoon until about 4--it SUCKS!!! I just want to eat. Yesterday wan't bad, I did have a snack, but I didn't eat everything in sight either.

DS1 started pre-K on Monday. School started here today. This time next year, my baby will be going to KINDERGARTEN!!!! I can't believe that. I'll have to be restrained that day I am sure. I won't want to let him go. The shool bus terrifies me. I know what *I* learned on the bus and it wasn't good. Breathe...deep breaths.... I'll think about it next year!!! He also started the fall session of soccer on Monday. So life will be CRAZY for the next few weeks. But that's okay...crazy is good, right?

I better get back to work. I have been neglecting my blog lately b/c we've been so busy. I need DH to get me a laptop! It's on my list.... :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

DizzyDazey had her babies!!!

I emailed Dazey the other day to see if she had her twins yet b/c I knew her due date was approaching. Heard back from her last night and she asked that I give a shout out to everyone.

The boys were born July 18. Conner weighed 4# 13 oz, and Oz weighed 5# 1oz. After 8 days they got to bring them home and they've been doing fabulous ever since! She's trying to nurse--she's pumping and then feeding--don't want to make them work too hard for their food just yet. She did have a C-section and she's healing quite nicely she says. She was never put on strict bedrest, but by that last week she said all she was doing was eating and sleeping (she made it to 34 weeks). She also said they still do not have decent internet and she's really missing her blog and all of you!

As for me, I have been doing SO MUCH BETTER in the eating department the last few days. My hardest time is after lunch and before dinner. I wish I could just take a nap every day at that time to avoid the afternoon munchies, but that's not possible so I have got to learn to deal with it better. The boys and I made a trip to the orchard yesterday for some peaches and blueberries. Oh those peaches are AWESOME!!! I'm going to freeze the blueberries so we have them for later on. I'm loving them in my oatmeal.

Gotta scoot. I have to get SOME work done today! LOL!!! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baked goods are NOT my friend!

So as the summer has progressed, my garden has netted me quite a few zucchini (I just brought in 4--all the size of small baseball bats)...which means quite a few loaves of zucchini bread! And the peaches are abundant at the local orchard...which led me to make my first homemade peach cobbler. :) SO as these items are delicious...they are wreaking havoc on my digestive system (at least I think that's the cause). Too much sugar! So the baked goods are gone and I am back to a better eating pattern.

I sound like a broken record!

I know, I know. I need to take my own advice. So I am!

I went today for my first session with the trainer at Exercise Inc. Oh my...this is going to be good! First of all, my trainer is a HOTTIE!! We'll call him McTrainer. He got out of his car (in a suit and tie no less which to me is almost like a man in uniform) and I was like "HELLLLOOOOO Exercise!" :) He talked with me a bit on what my goals are and how things work and then took me through a mini workout. OH MY WORD!!! I was burning when I left there. It felt good. So I made an appointment to be there Monday morning at 8:40. I am choosing Mondays b/c I know how I am on the weekends and I need something to keep me accountable on the weekends. So I will be reporting my losses from their scales on Mondays. I will get on my scales this coming Monday since I haven't gotten on their scales yet. I did find out a little bit about the eating plan and it's basically core without the extra 35 points. So I will be good to go once my produce is delivered next week AND we get our cow. I will, of course, go to the store this weekend and get some yummy produce to get us through the week. After that it will be organic and delivered to my door! YAY!!

Oh and my milk delivery starts Monday too. :)

I'll give more details on the eating plan w/ my trainer later on, but I gotta scoot. Gotta get DS1 out of the tub and in bed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sleeping baby...

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Zac. I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands! He was sucking his thumb 2 hours after he was he must have done that in the womb and it's taken him 3 months plus to find it again! :) But isn't he so precious?!? Not that I am biased or anything....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happiest person on earth right now!!!!!

Waaayyyy back when, I talked about a local delivery service in the Indianapolis area that delivers fresh organic produce TO YOUR DOOR!!! Well, back in May I contacted them about signing up for this service and they told me they were not in my area yet. I thought okay, fine, maybe they will be in a year or so. So, this morning I get an email that they are coming to my area beginning AUGUST 15!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Colette's words....


I immediately got on the phone with my friend who has this service and I was literally screaming and jumping for joy!!!!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me. I am the happiest person on the planet right now. That just made me day!!!

I am hoping we have our meat by then and then I will start the Core plan. WOO HOO!!!!!!!

All of this, and I am a bit under the weather today. Got some dizziness going on and sitting up is kind of awkward, so I am headed back to bed to lay down. I need a laptop so I can surf in bed. :) I am on the hunt for a homemade granola bar recipe. The cook at DS school makes them for the kids for snacks and they are AWESOME. But she can't give out the recipe b/c it's a catering recipe?? WTH, I don't know. Whatever. So I will find me a recipe that is similar to that one and make these for my family.

Okay, I am off to get horizontal again. Been up too long already I think.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My 200th post--with pictures!!

I've been lacking in the photo department lately...

First off...I never posted pictures of my new hair do. So here you go:

The front

The side

The back

I LOVE IT!!!!!!! YAY!!!

And here is a picture of Zac...taken 2 days ago! :) He's getting so big. I can't believe it. Oh and he's so very very happy. Such a blessing!!!