Sunday, April 27, 2008


I hope to get the birth story typed out soon, but for now here are some pictures from the last few days.

I can't believe I have 2 boys!!!! I've ALWAYS wanted 2 boys!!!

Xander adores baby Zac!

Family picture!!!

This one was taken right after Zac was born--can ya tell??

He is just precious!!! He is doing so great. Nursing is going well. He has his first doctor's appointment tomorrow (Monday--Xander's birthday) and I am anxious to see if he is back up to his birth weight if not over.

I'll post more later. Gotta go feed my boy!!! ;0)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby is HERE!!!!!!!


it's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izaac Jeremiah (we will call him Zac) was born at 2:03 p.m., Thursday, April 24, 2008.  He weighed in at 8# 15 oz (same weight as DS1) and was 20 3/4 inches long.  Labor was fairly short and easy.  I pushed for 33 minutes and he was OUT!!!  Oh and he has a head full of hair!!!  He is so absolutely precious.  DS1 ADORES him!!!  He can't stop talking about his baby brother.  We are all doing great.  I can't post pictures from the hospital, but I will get DH to upload some Friday morning once he goes home.  

Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers.  I sooo appreciate them!!!  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm going to the hospital......



My darn cervix still wasn't doing anything today...even after all that pain I felt yesterday. So I have to check in tonight at 6:00 (that's eastern time if you are wondering). SO...kinda puts a damper on our family plans, BUT...DH is coming home early and we are going to get DS and take him to play putt-putt...well maybe. I think it's extremely hot outside and I don't know if I can do it or not. So we may just go to the park or something where I can sit in the shade. But we are going to go out for dinner, then they will take me to the hospital and stay with me for a little while. I am hoping DH will leave me his lap top and I can check in tonight from my room.

I will post an update ASAP once I have a baby. It may come from DH, but either way, you will know as soon as I can!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

38 weeks picture and contractions!

Sorry I am so late in getting this posted! But here is my 38 weeks shot. Oh my! You can't tell it by the picture but I am sooooo miserable!!! It got into the mid-70s here today and I was SOOO HOT!!! I can't imagine having a baby in the hot summer months!

This is a front shot. Check out my belly button! Yep, it's turned into an outie!! And I'm holding my shirt down b/c NONE of my shirts will cover my belly anymore!

I woke up this morning with contractions. And I mean painful-bring-tears-to-my-eyes-contractions. I could hardly get out of bed they hurt so bad. So I started timing them after I took a shower. When I got out of the shower, I thought my belly looked distorted so I felt for the baby's butt, which has been in my ribs for MONTHS now, and low and behold it wasn't there! It had moved down and I was having all these contractions...I started getting nervous! So I called DH to tell him to be on the lookout for any calls from me today. But, obviously, they stopped. But I am hoping and praying these contractions are doing something so that means I don't have to go in Wednesday night. I have my appointment tomorrow morning so I will TRY to update ASAP once I get home. I am packing my bag tonight b/c this morning scared me! I had it packed except my clothes (which were NOT clean this morning!) so now that is done. Whew!

I feel ready but I have a tons of things going through my head that I need to make lists for--mostly regarding DS. What he's to have for lunch on Thursday, where his soccer stuff is for Friday night, I have to get his big brother gift ready from the baby (have it all, just need to get it in a bag), little things like that. I did not sleep last night b/c I was in some major pain (not contractions, just pain in my pelvic bones) so I took a nice nap this afternoon. ;) I'm so glad I am not working anymore. I don't know how I could do it!

All right, that's it from me for now. I have to update our family blog now too. Whew!

Monday, April 21, 2008

38 Weeks....and I'm still here!

Made it through the weekend. We had company all sister and her DH came for a visit. He had a bowling tournament on Saturday and Sunday, so my sis and I got to hang out. We went shopping on Sunday. I walked 2 malls...had a few contractions but I'm still here!! ;) We ended up at a shoe store yesterday. Just to give you an idea of how swollen my feet are....I usually can wear an 8.5. I tried on several pairs of 9.5 shoes and they were SO TIGHT. I want some new shoes, but I am going to have to wait until my feet go back to normal...whatever that is!!!

I don't have any pics to post b/c DH was being a butt last night b/c I waited until late to do it and he was already half asleep. I tried to take a few in the mirror in my bathroom but I'm too short so they didn't turn out very well. I'll try to get a few tonight and get them up ASAP.

I am soooo over this right now! Apparently, I have developed Carpal Tunnel and my hands keep me up at night. So, I've been wearing my braces for them, but it doesn't always help. They just HURT!!! My doctor told me the other day that I have 3 things working against me for CTS....#1--my job, #2--pregnancy, and #3--all the swelling I've got. So I am REALLY hoping and praying that this part goes away after delivery. I am so excited too, though!! I watched the birth of DS the other night and I can't wait to experience all of that again. I am just praying it all goes quickly and smoothly!!!

A few of you asked if we could do our family night on Tuesday night...yes we could,'s supposed to rain. We may do it anyway, just depends on how things go. We could at least go out to dinner and maybe see a movie or something, but we'd have to go early b/c of DS bedtime. I can't tell you all how excited this boy is....he can't wait to hold his baby. He can't wait to know what it is...he's just too cute.

We have all the plans arranged for Thursday morning so we are all set...just have to see what the doc says on Wednesday when I go. I pray I can hold off my admission until Thursday morning. Oh I pray....

I gotta hit the shower before DS gets up, so I'm outta here! :) I'll be sure to let you all know if anything happens! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Darn cervix! and an Earthquake?!?!

Went to the doctor yesterday. Never mind that I waited TWO HOURS. Never mind that the waiting room was excessively hot--which is where I spent one of those hours. Never mind the fact that the nurse asked me if I was sunburned when she took me back b/c I was so hot from the waiting room. Which also means my blood pressure was high. ARGH!!!

But anyway.... My cervix is not doing anything. Still at 1 cm dilated. SO I go back Wednesday morning. If I am NOT doing anything at that time, then I have to be admitted Wednesday night. That kind of puts a damper on our plans for our last family night of just the 3 of us. We were going to go out to dinner and then go play putt-putt and DH and DS were maybe going to do go-karts. SO...if you are a praying person, PLEASE say a prayer that I start dilating by Wednesday so I don't have to be admitted Wednesday night. I was really wanting to tuck DS into bed that night. We do bedtime as a family and that's the last night we'll be able to do it together for a little while.

My doctor took me off of work too. I worked today (3 hours) and got my time in for the week and I am DONE until mid-July! YAY!!! I've got loose ends tied up for the most part. I am sooo happy!! I don't have to wake up to an alarm (well, at least an annoying one) until July! I will gladly wake up to the sound of a baby!

Okay, on to the earthquake... We had an earthquake here this morning! I didn't feel it (I was DEAD asleep!) but DH did. DH mom called at 6 to see if we were okay. They felt it more than we did. But thankfully, no one was injured nor was there any damage. But man, that was weird! Of course it was all over the news.

That's it from me. I'll try to update this weekend and post some pictures. 38 weeks on Sunday!!! YAY!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

37 weeks = FULL TERM!

TEN DAYS from now, I will be holding my precious baby in my arms. To say I'm excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

DS and I have the countdown going. He's so cute about it too. He can't wait to be a big brother. To say I am uncomfortable might be another understatement, but I am dealing. I am so restless. I can't sit still (which puts a damper on my productivity at work) and getting to sleep at night is proving to be very interesting. My legs just don't want to stop at night, or any time for that matter. It's very odd.

The other night I had a very strange dream. I was at Diet Coke and Zingers house and she had a pool and her and I were just chatting it up while her 4 kids and mine splashed around in the pool. I have no idea why I had a dream about her. I think her blog was the last one I read that night before bed so that may explain it. But man it was weird. I know it was her b/c I could clearly see her face and we were talking about her new haircut and how much I loved it and how skinny she is.

I've been having some small minor contractions here and there and over the weekend. Nothing too major, so that's good. DH went grocery shopping with me on Saturday. It was a family affair. We haven't done that in FOREVER. I love grocery shopping as a family, but DH hates to go. Before we had DS, we went together every week. Usually he stays home with DS if I go on a weekend. But it was so nice to have someone to put the groceries in the cart once they got them bagged and then load them into the car. He has no idea how much I appreciated him going. It was awesome!

I've had none of my "spells" since Thursday night. So then I have to wonder if it's work related?!?!? My mom thinks it's anxiety. I have no idea, but I haven't had any since Thursday and I am thankful for that.

DH just took DS to soccer practice. It's cold here today so I decided to sit this one out. I'll go Friday night for their first game. I need to clean up the supper dishes and then I'm going to take a nice shower and work one last hour for the day. nice to have some alone time at home. I love it!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday. I'll be sure to post an update then, if not before. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm resting.....

I PROMISE!!! As much as I can, I am resting.

I have NOT cooked dinner at all this week. :) Tonight DH even said he was sick of PB&J and "whatever." So I told him to get to the store. I need to make a list so maybe we can all go. I'm really into this "as a family" thing right now b/c I know that 2 weeks from now, it won't be just the 3 of us anymore.

I ended up at the doctor's office today b/c of these spells I've been having. I am fine as is baby. We can't figure out what's causing them either. Last night, my friend came over here at 1015 to check my blood sugar b/c I was having another spell (I had 2 yesterday evening). And my blood sugar was perfect as was my pulse (this friend is a post partum nurse). I had one tonight and then had an attack and had to get to the restroom ASAP...if ya know what I mean. Been fine ever since. Doctor told me to come back the early part of next week if I keep having these so we'll see. My next scheduled appt is on the 17th. AT that point, I am going to tell her I want to be done working effective the 20th. So I have to make it through one more week and I am DONE for 12. I can't wait.

I'm cutting my work days down too. I usually work 10.5 hours on Monday and Tuesday, but this week I am going to work on Sunday 4-6 hours (haven't decided yet) so that Monday and Tuesday can be 8-8.5 hour days. That may seem normal to most people, but those long days are KILLING me. I get so tired in the afternoon then I just lay on the couch when it comes time for dinner. SO I am hoping working on Sunday will help me out. Plus we don't have any plans for Sunday, so I can work in the morning and then take a nice long nap in the afternoon. It's nice b/c baby's room is done, my bag is packed....I can sit back and relax. I LOVE it!

Come Sunday I will be 37 weeks and then this baby can come whenever it wants to. If he/she comes before that it has the potential to spend some time in the NICU b/c of the gestational age and we don't want that. I was doing the math on the way to the doctor earlier today. As of last Friday, baby weighed 7.10. And at this point in the game, they gain roughly a half a pound a week. So this Friday, baby weighs week 8.10...and the week of delivery we're looking at 9.2. Holy cow! But hey, if I'm going to have a 9# baby, I want it to be 9.2. My sister weighed 9-1.5, so if I'm going to have a 9# baby I want to at least beat the family record! :) LOL!!!

I think that's it for me tonight. I'm heading to bed ASAP. I'll check in this weekend. I'll try to check in as often as I can now so no one freaks out if they don't hear from me for a few days. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We have an induction date!

God bless my doctor. I love her. She took one look at my ultrasound report yesterday and saw that 7# 10 oz and said WOW. She said 3 more weeks and we're looking at a baby about the size of DS. That's fine with me. But please don't make me go any later than I want to. So she said let's get you on the books for an induction. So, we are set....April 24th will be this baby's birthday unless he/she decides to come on it's own before that (which would be FINE by me!). If I am not doing any dilating by then, they will bring me in Wednesday night to put Cervadil in my cervix to get it going. But I was 1 cm yesterday and I will NOT need to go in the night before. I'm claiming that now too. When I walked in with DS, I was 5 cm dilated. So I expect something like that this time. ;)

My blood pressure was a little elevated yesterday so she told me to take it easy and rest and relax as much as I can. Yeah right! Kinda hard with a work-aholic DH and an almost 4 year old. But DH has been F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. He doesn't care if we have "whatever" for dinner 2 or 3 nights in a row. He's awesome like that. He takes care of DS at night now anyway giving him a bath and putting him in bed. He's so great. I truly am lucky to have him.

I am also supposed to go get my blood pressure checked every day if I can (there is a CVS not far from here) so they might get to know me pretty well in the next few weeks. My doctor also told me that she will take me off work any time I am ready. SO...I'm thinking I'll get through next week and be DONE. That's just 3 days before baby comes. I can go get my nails and toenails done, take naps, and just plain old relax. That would be nice. So I think that's what I am going to plan for. Unless she tells me I need to quit before that b/c of my blood pressure.

I think that's everything from yesterday's appointment. We are SO EXCITED to finally have the date and be on the books for that date. *I've* had that date picked out for weeks now...just glad my doctor agreed!

I did have a hypoglycemic episode last night. I ate a really big and late lunch yesterday so when DH came home I told him to have whatever for dinner, I wasn't hungry so I wasn't going to eat. I laid on the couch and watched some mindless TV for a little while and then decided around 745 or so that I was going up to bed. Got upstairs and felt like I was going to throw up, I was shaky, my heart was racing, I was hot. So I stripped down to my bra and undies and climbed in bed and still felt horrible. So I sent DH downstairs to get me some cheese and crackers and a peanut butter sandwich...oh and a Mt. Dew (I hadn't had any caffeine at that point). I told him I didn't care what food he brought "just bring me PROTEIN!" was what I said. I ate that and drank the dew and felt LOADS better. I've never had a spell like that before so it was odd. After that I settled into bed and went to sleep. It was the weirdest thing. I'm glad it was something minor though. Whew!

I better get back to it. Working a long day today...but this is the last long day for a WHILE! WOO HOO!!! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

36 weeks and a lot going on! And pictures!

Okay, the first BIG thing to tell you....

WE had an ultrasound on Friday. And as of FRIDAY (when I was 35 weeks, 5 days) this baby in my belly weighs...

Are you ready???

7 POUNDS, 10 OUNCES!!!!!!

Pardon my French, but Holy $hit! DS weighed 8# 15oz when he was born. And he was 11 days early (born at 38 weeks, 3 days). HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS!!!!

What does that mean for this baby? And for me now??? Well, I go to the doctor on Tuesday and she will have the results of the ultrasound and I *HOPE* and *PRAY* she will let us set an induction date. But here's the catch:

Having a "big baby" is not a MEDICAL reason for an induction so the hospital may not let me schedule it (no "elective" inductions before 39 weeks). ARGH!!!! Can I just say I am SO READY to have a baby?!?!? I am HUGE, swollen, sore, and just plain old over being pregnant at this point. Obviously, I want to make it to 37 weeks (considered full term at that point, the last 3 weeks are just fat building time) so I WANT this baby to stay in one more week. After that? He/she can come whenever they want! There is a full moon on the 20th...that would be fine with me!

But can you believe it?? 7.10 ALREADY?!?!?! But I also know that those ultrasounds aren't always 100% it could be a pound in either direction (lord, I hope it's not already over 8#!) but I also know they've gotten better with that technology too. We could tell that this baby looks just like DS did when he was born. My mom says it's the face of a girl. :) I don't care either way, but at this point I am DYING to know! We do know that this baby has hair so I've not been suffering with all this reflux and heartburn for nothing.

One other reason I am ready to get this over with....I am SO SICK of listening to people say "oh you're ready to pop any time now aren't you?" And then their facial expressions when I tell them that I still have a month to go. UGH!!! And I'm SICK of listening to my family complain about me having another baby in April, and why can't I have this baby on a Friday, and why can't I do this, or that, or whatever! ARGH!!!!! I'm tired of my mom (love her dearly) complaining at the way *I* want things to go when it comes to DS after this baby is born. She balked at my "rule" that no one can hold the baby until DS does. Well, what if he's not here and it takes him an hour to get here? Well, then you will wait! I am ready to just stay in the house b/c of the way people look at me when I'm out in public. I know I'm huge, but I am still a mom and a wife and I have to get groceries and run errands and live a life! I know I'm all out in front and that doesn't help matters either.

Today, we picked up the glider and ottoman for the baby's room so the room is DONE. Meals are in the freezer. Going to make 2 lasagnas on Friday and put both of those in the freezer and I think that will be it. We have 2 meatloaves in there and another casserole...add the 2 lasagnas to that and I think we are in pretty darn good shape!

I told DH last week that he may have to take over going to the store for me for the next couple weeks. It's SO HARD on me. By the time I am done with a typical week of grocery shopping I can hardly handle pushing and turning the cart in the store. It's bad! And to load and unload...ugh it wipes me out. But we'll see if DH will actually do it. ;)

We had DS birthday party on Saturday so now that's over with (although he thinks he's 4 now, but he won't be until April 28th). He had his special day and got his cake and ice cream so he's set now too. I take him on Thursday for his 4 year well check (where he gets 4 shots--ouch!) so after that, he is 100% ready. I'm just praying he doesn't get this illness that I've had that I am finally getting over and DH had as well. It's warm and beautiful here today so I've got windows open airing out the house. I want the germs to go away! ;)

So here are a few pictures.

This is me on Easter at 34 weeks (taken at my grandma's). I had been told at my appt the week before that my growth had slowed down a little bit and I was only measuring about a week ahead.

This is me Sunday night at 36 weeks. WOWZERS!!! I have a full term baby in there (well, weight wise anyway). Don't mind the string from my capris hanging down. :)

And this is the precious baby that is in my belly! He/she looks just like DS did. Isn't it amazing that we know what this little gift from god is going to look like??

So that's it from me right now. I've been typing this post since Saturday night and it's now Monday! ACK!!! I will update once I know anything from my Doctor after my appointment on Tuesday. I'm getting really excited!!!