Friday, August 31, 2007

This has been a crazy week!

Ok, I know I promised this last night, but I worked and as of this week I can't get on the computer as much when I work that I used to. So, my blogging may be hit or miss for a little while. Things should iron out soon, but that's why I've been MIA. Work has to come before blogging. Once I am not working at night (probably after next week) it should be easier. I have been trying to work as many hours as possible this week and next week doesn't look promising either BUT after that things should get better.

This week has been good food wise. I am doing Wendie again and the scale is moving down, so that's a positive. I made it to the gym yesterday and that felt good. I am hoping DH will show me some weight exercises b/c I'd really like to build up my upper body strength. My legs are pretty strong thanks to the elliptical but my upper body needs some work. I am still trying to get in Pilates a couple times a week too.

The wedding is next weekend and I will not make my goal..this I am sure of, but I am not upset about this. I am still in fairly decent shape and my dress looks halfway decent on me. For whatever reason, my body is hanging on to weight right now (well the past month or so). I am thinking that after the wedding I am going to do core again for a week to shake things up. Wendie is working okay and I still eat mainly core foods, but like yesterday I had a bowl of cereal for a snack. But hey I got in some milk! I have still been getting in all my water and fruits and veggies, but I know Froot Loops wasn't the best choice.

We leave on Thursday for the wedding so I will try to post Wednesday night (don't worry, I will post again before Wednesday!) and that will be it for me until we get back. I know my sister is excited and I can't wait to dance the night away again. I can't wait to dance with DS. We pretty much dance every day to the "Hot Dog Dance" (those that have toddlers who watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will know EXACTLY what I mean) but that's only a few minutes and he just loves it. So I can't wait to get him out on the dance floor with his momma! His daddy may not like to dance, but I will make my son a dancer! :)

Let's see...I had some other stuff to tell you all, but I can't remember now. OH! I get to go pick up my FREE pair of American Eagle jeans today. They had a contest going on and if you bought a pair during this contest that was your vote for their favorite jeans. Well, I bought the Hipster jeans and they won the contest! So now all I have to do is show my ticket that I "voted" for the Hipster's and I get a free pair. I will be getting that free pair in a smaller size. They may not fit now, but they will at some point and I am going to have them for that reason!

I'm out of here for today. Have a great OP Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend! Stay safe!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

What was in my crock pot?

Since I've been asked this a couple times here is the recipe we had for dinner last night. I am having leftovers today. It didn't sound too good when I looked at it, but it's awesome!

Crock Pot Hot Pot

1 1/2 lbs Lean ground beef

1/4 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

6 med potatoes, peeled and sliced

3 med. onions - sliced

1 can ff cream of mushroom soup

1/2 c water

Brown beef, drain. Add garlic, salt and pepper, set aside. Place 1/2 the potatoes and 1/2 the onions in greased pot or crockpot liner. Add beef. Top with rest of potatoes and onions. Combine soup and water, pour over mixture. Cook 8 hours. 6 servings. 4 1/2 pts each/cup

I got the recipe from my WW leader so I am pretty sure on the points. Oh and the servings are HUGE!

If any of you are interested, leave me a comment with your email address...I have a word document that is over 112 pages of crock pot recipes and all of them have the points values listed. Now, I will not take credit for this or the points don't blame me if they are wrong. The ones I have made seem to be fairly on target. I have make quite a few of them and they have all been wonderful!

A "Real" post to come later...hopefully tonight. Been SUPER busy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Note to self:

Today, you WILL journal.

You WILL stay within your points.

You WILL get in more than 100 ounces of water.

UGH...yesterday wasn't great. I did get in 4 veggie servings, so it wasn't all bad. And I did resist the urge to take DS to Dairy Queen after gymnastics.

I had restaurant leftovers calling my name yesterday....thanfully I didn't eat them ALL. DH finished them off last night for dinner. Yeah dinner was a bowl of cereal. I have been so tired from the weekend. I was asleep before 9 last night and didn't get up until 7 this morning. I hope I am better tonight. I also have dinner getting ready to go in the crock pot so today should be a much better much LOWER point day.

I'm outta here. Have a great OP Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ahh...what a ride

Since Superjayman has been here, I have gotten nothing done! :) I haven't been home, let alone on the computer. I did NOT make it to WI last night, so I am hoping to go on Friday morning if DS cooperates with me. She leaves this morning (sniff, sniff) but she will be back right before Christmas. YAY!!

My eating was less than stellar yesterday so I am going to try to make up for it today..we'll see. I am going to give Wendie another shot this week. The one thing I have not been slacking in is the water. I've been guzzling it like there is no tomorrow. I have a little bit of swelling going on and I am sure I can contribute that to TOM. I did not meet all of my goals every day last week. I got the water in, I got in 2 workouts (both cardio and yes I am counting all the dancing I did Saturday night as one of those b/c I was sweating and I am STILL sore!) and most of my fruits and veggies on most days. The weekends are a killer...especially when you aren't home!

I'll be back later to post my menu and my goals for this week. My sister's wedding is next weekend (the 8th) and I don't think I will make my goal, but dang I have been trying. I've been turning down ice cream AND alcohol b/c the points are just so high. I can't win it seems!

I'm out of here...have a great OP Tuesday!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 hours of dancing = serious APs!

And my legs are paying for it today!

Had a great time at my sister's bachelorette party Saturday night. Food, fun, dancing, champagne, and vodka (grey goose, of course) all equivlated out to a fabulous time. Superjayman went with me and we had a blast. It was 80s night at the club we went to. FUN FUN FUN!!! We got home around 3:15 a.m. I haven't stayed out like that and danced like that in FOREVER. Will post some pictures this week.

I did pretty good overall, I think. I did put 2 hours of dancing into the activity tracker on Etools and got 7 activity points so I think that's pretty darn good! I am counting it for one of my workout sessions for the week...especially since I am so sore today! Going up the stairs is a killer!

My points I think were right on or slightly over, but I made up for it today b/c I didn't eat much today at all. I think I may have reached 20 points and a lot of water. :) Will see what the scale says tomorrow.

I don't have to work tomorrow (Monday). YAY!! Took the day off since superJ is here and I plan to sleep in a little. Only got about 4 hours sleep last night and it wasn't sound sleep.

WI is tomorrow night so send me some skinny vibes! I'll report at some point tomorrow or at the very latest Tuesday. Have a great OP Monday! :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Let's talk about breakfast...

I know they say breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. I know this. I have known this for YEARS. But this week I have learned something. Pretty much since Christmas I have eaten oatmeal or cream of wheat every morning for breakfast, with a few exceptions. This week I have been having a light thomas multigrain english muffin--100 calories each, but 8 grams of fiber--egg beaters, and a slice of 2% milk swiss cheese (just b/c this is what I have on hand). All of this for 4 points and I have a small banana with it for another point. I have had a really hard time this week meeting my points requirement per the Wendie plan (except one day). Last night I had ice cream b/c I had the points for it. I think this paticular breakfast is helping me throughout the day. Lunch has been easy and I am not starving when lunch time comes. Hungry, yes, but not starved like I usually feel. I went to the gym yesterday and when I got done, I wasn't famished, which is a new thing for me too. The only thing that's changed is the fact that I am having this higher protein breakfast. I am not famished in the afternoons either. A small snack is fine, but I don't eat us out of house and home! All of this to say, I am loving my new breakfast (thanks Annette!) and it's really helping my hunger and my points throughout the day. If you are not eating a higher protein breakfast, I highly suggest it!

Okay, so yesterday was a pretty good day. When I finished eating dinner, I had only had 20 points. And I went to the gym yesterday and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I didn't want to go and even tried to make excuses not to go, but I went and I am glad I did.

Here my menu from yesterday:

B--Eggbeaters on english muffin with cheese--4
B--small banana--1
L--Chicken salad sandwich--6
L--green beans--0--2 servings
S--Vitalicious brownie and 4 ounces of milk--3
D--WW stromboli--6
D--green beans--0--2 servings
S--part of an ice cream sandwich split with DS--5

25/25 points per Wendie
over 160 ounces of water
30 minutes on elliptical

My goals for the week:
1)Water--135 ounces minimum--check
2)Fruits and veggies--5 per day--check
3)Exercise--3 days of some kind at least 2 cardio sessions--elliptical for 30 minutes--1 down, 2 to go
4)Wendie--stick to her like white on rice--check

Don't know what our plans are for tonight. DS says his throat hurts but I don't see anything. He doesn't have a runny nose or anything, no fever, no cough. I have a call in to the nurse and we'll go from there.

Dazey--thank you for the Airborne recommendation. I tried it last night and that stuff is NASTY!! What kind did your co-worker drink? I got the citrus and had to chase it with regular water. Any other suggestions??

I have my sister's bachelorette party tomorrow night. It should be fun. But I will be really glad when her wedding is over. I am hoping to be able to have control at the party. It shouldn't be too hard, and I plan to eat before we get there.

Well, that's it for me today. Have a wonderful OP Friday and a great weekend!!

**UPDATE** The nurse called back and I am taking DS in at 11. Kinda puts a kink in my plans for the day, but anything to keep him healthy.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blogger is ticking me off!

I can't post a comment when I want, can't get to certain people's blogs. It's frustrating! Then they were down for a good while yesterday. ARGH!!!

Okay, on to yesterday. It was a food fest. It wasn't all bad, but I didn't make the best possible choices at all times. I made my target points on Wendie, so it wasn't horrible, but better choices could have been made. I don't know why I have been so tired this week. Last night, again I was asleep before 10. That's unheard of for me lately! Hopefully I can shake this tiredness. I am going to hit the gym today...even though I don't feel 100%. I have a tickle at the back of my throat, but it's not horrid. I can't be sick! I just can't! I won't accept it, I won't.

Here's my menu from yesterday:

B--Eggbeaters on english muffin with cheese--4
B--small banana--1
S--100 calorie pecan twirl--2
L--sandwich with cheese--4
L--Green beans--0
S--yogurt creme pie--2
S--triscuits and chicken salad--4
D--Chicken salad sandwich--5
D--green beans
D--Schwan's quick fries--7

29/29 per Wendie guidelines
148 ounces of water

1)Water--135 ounces minimum--check
2)Fruits and veggies--5 per day--only got in 4 yesterday :(
3)Exercise--3 days of some kind at least 2 cardio sessions.--nada
4)Wendie--stick to her like white on rice--check

Today will be a better day! I am going to have to cut out those darn fries. They are so good, but man they make my weight go up the next day. Almost 2# today. I want to see the scale go down every day!

I have been looking at quite a few websites (thank you swizzlepop!) that tell you how many calories you need to lose/maintain, how many you burn while you sleep, etc... I am thinking I need to eat more. I am going to continue this week on Wendie and see how WI goes on Monday. I may up my points next week. I should look at my calories too, but man that seems like a lot of work! We'll see. To me, points are just so much easier!

That's it for me for now. Have a great OP Thursday! (Really? It's Thursday already!??!?! This week has gone so fast!!) :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day one on Wendie

I didn't post last night b/c the night before (Monday) I only got about 3 hours of straight sleep. I stayed up too late and then went to sleep around 11 and woke up at 2 after having some bad dreams. Then from 2-5, I kept having bad dreams so I finally got up and started working at 0530. Yes that's A.M.!!!

So, day 1 on Wendie went pretty good. I made a low point dinner and had 7 points left over last night after gymnastics. So, I went to DQ. DS wanted ice cream and it sounded good so we went. Ice cream counts as milk, right?? :)

Here's how it all ended up:

B--egg beaters on english muffin w/ cheese--4
L--Sandwich w/c cheese--4
L--green beans--0
S--popcorn (mini bag)--2
D--Roni's popcorn chicken--5
D--green beans--0
S--DQ small sundae--7

Water--135 (barely!)

So as far as my goals for the week, here they are:

1)Water--135 ounces minimum--check
2)Fruits and veggies--5 per day--check
3)Exercise--3 days of some kind at least 2 cardio sessions.--nada
4)Wendie--stick to her like white on rice--check

And this morning I woke up with a cough. I don't feel bad, but this cough is annoying! I hope it doesn't turn into anything else.

That's it from me this morning. Have a great OP Wednesday!

Monday, August 20, 2007


dum da da dum......

DOWN 3.6 tonight at WI.

Yes, you read that right...almost 4#!!!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I also got my first 5# star. For my own personal records, I go by my scale this morning which said 164.9. YEAH!!!

So...maybe there is something to having a really high point day on Saturdays? I mean a controlled high day...not a free for all, eat-all-you-can-shove-in-and-then-some day, but maybe 10 points over?? I guess, technically, this would be the Wendie plan. But man...2 days before WI??!?!? Today, Randi posted a blog about this kind of thing. I seriously think she was talking to me a little bit! Thank you swizzlepop for pointing this out to me. I greatly appreciate it!

So, with that being said...I think I might just give Wendie a try this week. I just looked at the link NCChris posted a while back and found out that my SHD would be Friday and not Saturday. Check it out here, if you are interested. I could probably switch them up and be really low on Sunday. I may give it a shot. See, my sister's bachelorette party is on Saturday, thus the reason for me wanting to have a higher day then. I don't plan to totally overindulge, but BFF superjayman is coming into town Saturday morning and she is bad news on the diet front. I love her to death, but the last time she was here, we were bad, bad, bad!!! All we did was eat out and eat badly. She's been doing really well lately, but I know how she is....she's losing now so she can have a "cushion" when she comes here. I told her today over the phone that I am not the one on vacation, she is. If we could stick to say Ruby Tuesday's (with NO burgers!) or even Panera, or even better Subway, it would be great. But I am sure that won't be the case all the time. I know one night is going to be Cheeseburger in Paradise, but that will be Monday night AFTER WI. Thank the good lord! I will get a plan in place for when she's here before she gets here. I will have to think about it though! :)

So my goals for the week:

1)Water--135 ounces minimum
2)Fruits and veggies--5 per day
3)Exercise--3 days of some kind--it's going to be a tough week b/c DS starts gymnastics tomorrow (Tuesday) night and that's my usual night at the gym. So I may have to go even later or just do Pilates. And since Tuesday is my first day of my WW week, I like to start the week off in good form. It usually helps to set the tone for the week. So 3 days is my goal, don't care if it's 3 days of pilates, but I would really love at least 2 cardio sessions.
4)Wendie--stick to her like white on rice

Also, I am going to REALLY try to get in more milk this week and really stick to the 8 healthy guidelines. Notice I said try. I know I need more milk. I bought some chocolate syrup this weekend at the store and it's really good in my's the lite Hershey syrup.

Oh and a HUGE NSV ice cream after WI. I've gotten into that habit, but tonight I didn't have any. Mostly b/c it was raining, but stilll..forces of nature told me I didn't need it! :)

Oh and one more thing...Someone gave me a great idea for breakfast and I had it today and it was awesome. I scrambled up some egg beaters, toasted an english muffin and put some 2% cheese on it with a slice of tomato--yum!!! All for only 4 points and boy was I stuffed for a while! I will definitely have that tomorrow. I may even add some turkey bacon to it. I also had a banana with it so 5 points total. Absolutely YUM! :)

That's it from me tonight....Have a great OP Tuesday!

Bad eating = a loss???

I know I promised this last night, but I was a busy bee around here and didn't get back to the computer after I posted the pictures below.

I won't bore you with food journals for the last 3 days, but I will let you know about my goals for each day.

Here are my goals for the week:

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points for the week.
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates.

Friday--5 Fruits and veggies, no exercise, only 100 ounces of water and 6 flex points used, which left me with 4 left for the week. NSV on Friday--DS and I went to Chic-fil-a for lunch. As soon as we walked in they bombarded me "Would you like to try a milk shake?" I immediately said no, but DS could try it. We ordered our food. I had a coupon for a free kids meal with the purchase of any combo. I knew I did NOT want the fries. So I ordered a salad (even though I didn't even want that) but they screwed up my order and the cashier deleted it, so I didn't get the salad. I had a few of DS fries and that was it. Then they were still up there with the milk shakes (very small cups, perfect for DS). And he wanted another one so I got him another one. I just took a small sip and that was it! WOO HOO!!!

Saturday--4 fruits and veggies, 144 ounces of water (at least may have been more), 35 minutes on the elliptical (300+ calorie burn and 3 miles) and then an hour outside weeding the garden and pulling everything out, and then I used the rest of the flex points I had left (remember, I only wanted to use 15). We went over to the neighbor's for an impromtu little gathering. I had the points left to enjoy a Smirnoff Green Apple so I took one. THEN...they brought out the ice cream. My neighbor works for Blue Bunny and had all this ice cream stuff.........HUGE ice cream sandwiches, big fat cookies with ice cream in between them, jolly rancher popsicles, chocolate eclair ice cream....ugh. I helped DS with his sandwich and then had some popcorn (yeah they brought that out too!). It was so hard to say no. THIS is the #1 reason why it's so hard in the summer. Get togethers, alcohol, and ice cream. UGH.

Sunday--6 fruits ande veggies, only 70 ounces of water, no exercise but I was on my feet all day in the kitchen--cooking, making homemade salsa (for the first time and it was pretty good!) cooking some more, sweeping, mopping. I made an awesome dinner. DH even told me I am becoming quite the gourmet cook. I took that as a huge compliment. :) I made dinner and we even had dessert--VitaMix Brownies. They were pretty good.

So back to my eating....I was so frustrated yesterday with my weight. The scale hadn't really moved all weekend, but then this morning the scale said 164.9. That's almost 2# down from last weeks Monday morning WI. I feel very fat and my stomach just feels huge. Not sure why, but it's ticking me off. But yet the scale shows a loss? A nice loss at that. WTF??? I mean, here I am making the best choices I can, NOT having the ice cream (oh and did I mention Friday night we hit DQ and I didn't have anything?? Yep, I was even driving and did the ordering and didn't get a thing), exercising, drinking water and eating lots of fruits and veggies--and the scale wasn't moving. What's the point?? Why not eat what I want? If the scale isn't going to move, F** it!

But that was yesterday....and I made it a better day b/c I was so busy at home, and the scale showed me a nice loss this morning....after 2 days of not great eating. I just don't get it. I don't think I ever will.

That's it from me for now. I'll report later on with my WI results and see about goals for this next WW week. Have a great OP day!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Picture as promised

A real post will come soon (hopefully tonight!). Let me just say that's it's not been that great of a weekend for my goals. I'm frustrated beyond belief, to say the least....... Anyway...

This is my sister and me at her shower. Believe it or not, she is actually not standing up straight b/c she towers over me (AND she had heels on!) and makes me feel even shorter than I am. We don't look a thing alike, do we?? It's hard to believe we are actually sisters! She got all the "good" genes....tall and thin. I got the boobs and the blond but that's it! :)
And here's a self portrait of me and DS. We were on the carousel at the zoo. He is definitely my child!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A good day

Today was an overall good day. I like days like that. Right now, my DS is in bed and we are attempting our first night without the "mimi" (aka binky, pacifier). He decided he wanted to put it way up high so only "ho ho" (Santa) could get it and then ho ho could bring it back to him. So we'll see how this goes. He decided this all on his own. But if he makes it through he will get a piano. Not really, but a small keyboard. He's been asking for a piano, violin, and drums now for over 2 weeks. Maybe I have a Liberachi (sp?) on my hands?? He loves to go to my grandma's and play her piano. That's all he wants to do when he goes there. I used to play the of the biggest regrets I have is giving that up. Wish I still played. So, anyway...say a prayer that we make it through tonight. :) Not sure if I am ready for him to give it up, but if he is then it's fine. It's the only baby thing he's got left.

On to today.... Let's review my goals:

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points for the week. 0 flex points used today.

2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day--got in 9 today.

3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--check.

4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates. went to the gym this morning for 45 minutes total (35 on the elliptical, 10 on the bike) so that was my 2nd cardio session this week and I already have one pilates session in. I hope to do pilates tomorrow.

My menu for today is pretty good. Lots of fruits and veggies. Love days that are easier than others!

B--oatmeal and a banana--4
L--Subway 6" turkey, apples, and sun chips--10
S--can of pineapple--4
D--Salisbury steak (3), mashed potatoes (3), green beans, "fried" zucchini (1)

4 aps earned and used.

I don't have any deep thoughts for tonight. Tomorrow night we are going to the state fair. ACK!! We are going to eat before we leave and if I have any points left I may get something, but there is nothing that really floats my boat that I can think of. I may have to check to see how many points things are...then I won't want to eat anything! I do love elephant ears, but I would be the only one eating it and I am NOT going to eat an entire elephant ear! 42 points, no thank you!

I promised you all pictures and I will get them up. DH is on the main computer desk and I can't get him off of it (he is working) but still. He has this huge desk and HAS to sit right where the keyboard is for our home PC. Ticks me off to NO END!!!!

Gotta cut this short...DS is crying for his mimi and just came walking in sucking his fingers. If he goes to that, I'll give the mimi back. Dentist said to NOT let that happen. We can throw away the mimi, we can't get rid of the thumbs/fingers!

Have a great night and a wonderful OP Friday and weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gym Bunny Barbie I am!

Whew! I just got done doing Pilates. Damn, that's hard! It's only 20 minutes but it's 20 minutes that make me sweat and breathe heavy! So I can mark that off of my list for the week. ;)

Today was a better day. I had my usual breakfast which set a good tone for the day. We ended up going out for dinner which wasn't planned. I was so tired and had just spent over an hour straightening up my kitchen and sweeping. DH came home and asked what was for dinner. I forgot to lay out the fish we were going to have so I told him I didn't know and I really didn't want to cook, so he suggested the "burger place". It's called Woodfire Grill and it's awesome. I had half a cheeseburger and some mushrooms. Okay, I wasn't THAT good...the mushrooms were fried. But I got in all my veggies for the day and decided I could use some of my 15 alloted flex points for the week.

So let's review my goals:

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points. This should be fairly easy since all of our meals are planned and I don't have anything coming up this weekend. My points are estimates but I think I used 5 10 left for the week.
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day--5 today...unless I can count the mushrooms?? Can I?? Oh well....
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--On my way to getting 160
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates. 1 cardio session last night (and my glutes are sore today!) and I did pilates tonight. Only 2 more cardio sessions to go for the week. I will take DS and go to the gym tomorrow. I plan to do Pilates on Friday and then another cardio session on Saturday. If I follow that, I will get in 5 days of activity this week. YAY!

I am getting SOOOOO BORED with breakfast. Maybe that's why I had Froot Loops yesterday. I almost grabbed that again b/c I am just so sick of oatmeal and cream of wheat. I need to get some turkey bacon, maybe Friday when I hit the store. I can then have a BLT for all of 2 points and that would be yummy AND filling. My lunch options need to be better too. I had soup today, but then I checked the sodium content and it was high to say the least. Lean Cuisine's are high too and kinda crappy for how many points they are. I go in spurts on those so when the ones I have are gone, I am not buying anymore for a while. Tomorrow I am going to get Subway after we hit the gym b/c I don't think it's safe for me to be rummaging through trying to find something. Who knows what I might eat. I almost had Froot Loops for a snack today. I need to get rid of that, but it's for DS and he likes it...just takes him forever to eat it all b/c he's only 3!

Morning weigh in was 167.1 :( Here's how today shaped up food wise:
B--oatmeal (3), banana (1)--4
L--Salad (1), sammich (2), soup (4)--7
S--strawberry shortcake--2
D--Woodfire Grill--half a cheeseburger (4), Fried mushrooms (10)--14
Adding on 4 more points for good measure for a total of 32 out of 25 alloted.

Pilates session earns 2 APs that I used so 30 out of 25. Not too bad. And I didn't have to cook or mess up my cleaned up kitchen. Always a bonus!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful comments. They mean so much to me and I really do take everything you all say to heart. I love reading all of your comments and they really do make me feel good.

As of right now--right this very moment--I am going to go to my Monday night meeting and weigh there. Like I said, that's what I feel RIGHT NOW. That is subject to change between now and then. And I am a woman...I can change my mind. :)

Let me tell you all what my DH did for me last night. I got a manicure last Thursday for my sister's shower. Well now the polish is chipping off. If I take it off, for whatever reason, the nail polish remover breaks out the tips of my fingers and they get dry and crusty (sorry, but that's the best way to describe it) and then it hurts for me to work. So last night, I asked DH to take off my nail polish and HE DID!!! Now, is that love or what?? He only did one hand b/c he can't stand the smell of the remover so he promised to do the other hand tonight. He's such a sweetie. Been with the man 11 and a half can't believe that even when I type it out! Sometimes he irritates the hell out of me, but I do love him. :)

Well, I am out of here. STILL not getting to bed early. I am going to have to fix this and SOON! :) Have a great night and a wonderful OP Thursday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Food coma

Yep, that's what I am in right now...a food coma. I have been a bottomless pit today! BUT...there is a bright side...I stayed in my points and I got all my fruits and veggies in. YAY!

Why are some days so much harder than others? Today was a struggle not to eat my arm off! Other days, it's a piece of cake. UGH.

Let's talk about the scales, shall we? I was talking to my BFF today (superjayman) and we were talking about weighing in at the meetings versus at home, morning versus evening, etc... SO, I think this is what I have decided. I know, I know, here I go again changing things up on you guys. I now attend the Monday night meeting where I WI at. There is a Wednesday morning meeting at the same location, but the leader is old and no fun. I THINK I am going to start going to the Monday night meetings (but NOT weighing in) and then go to the Wednesday morning meeting to weigh. Why? Here's why. My scale is a good 2# lower than the scale at WW. So add those 2# to the usual fluctuations of the day from my morning weigh in to my weight the moment I walk out the door (it's only a 5 minute drive to the meeting) so there's another 2# added on. It's frustrating!!! This is why I quit last time b/c I can't seem to lose when I weigh at night. I know it's a dumb excuse, but damn....up one week, down another, up, down--it's NOT fun. And then when I am up I get this attitude "well, f* it, I can count points and be on program and gain, if I'm going to gain I might as well eat some good food" and I head to the local ice cream shop or closest fast food restaurant. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still up in the air about it, but dang. Oh and there is one advantage to being lifetime...I don't have to weigh but once a month. :)

Let's review this week's goals and see where I stand today...even after the stuff fest I got into this afternoon.

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points. This should be fairly easy since all of our meals are planned and I don't have anything coming up this weekend. ZERO Flex Points used today. GO ME
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day--I got in 9 today!!
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--Got in 144 and quit counting.
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates. Went to the gym tonight and did 25 minutes on the elliptical in Glutes mode. OH MY!! It wasn't too hard, but I loved the way it worked my butt! I also did 15 minutes on the bike as kind of a warm up. So 40 minutes total for 3 Activity Points.

Here's my menu from today:

B--Froot Loops (3)
L--Lean Cuisine Panini (7), green beans (0), turkey pastrimi sammich (2)--9
S--can of pineapple (4), 100 cal bag of popcorn (2)--6
D--WW style Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches (5), "Fried" Zucchini (2)--7

25 points used/alloted
3 APs unused--even though I could eat them now, I am not going to.

I think my first mistake today was having froot loops for breakfast. They are for DS, but they sounded so good to me this morning. Doesn't a bowl of childish cereal ever sound good to anyone else!?!? I didn't have my usual oatmeal and fruit and I think that kinda set the tone for the day. It's like if the FIRST thing I put in my mouth in the morning is any kind of sugar, the day goes to pot. And I think I waited too long to eat lunch. I was STARVED by the time I ate so mistake #2.

Tomorrow someone is coming to look at my freezer--it's not freezing the way it should and it's only a year old--so I am tied to the house. I am going to do Pilates and get this place straightened up. Then maybe after dinner, DS and I can go for a walk..well he will ride his bike. It's been so hot here lately we haven't gotten out after dinner to "play". I think that's all from me tonight. Is that enough?? ;) Talk to ya'll tomorrow and have a GREAT OP Wednesday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tonight's WI...

I was up a pound. Grr.... Mother-flippin scale! is my case in point. I was totally OP all week, but ONE day. Even that day I journaled and used my flex points...but it was SATURDAY. Not a good thing to do 2 days before WI. Technically, I was still OP according to WW. That's what flex points are there for, right?? Never again. ARGH. So, let's check out those goals I posted last week and then make some new ones for this week.

Last week's goals were:

1) 3 days of exercise this week--I got in 2 "sessions", and then on Sunday we went swimming so that was 2 hours of chasing a 3 year old in the pool, 5 trips up to the water slide (where mommy went down BY HERSELF! I love water slides!), and then I walked a couple laps in the pool. So, yes I counted that as exercise b/c I was FAMISHED afterwards and oh so tired.
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend--I did that.
3) fruits and veggies--minimum 5 per day--I think the only day I didn't get that was Saturday. Damn pasta salad did me in.
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day except WI day. I got in 100 today. And yes that was before WI. I couldn't help it, I was thirsty.

This week's goals:

1) I am going to follow diet coke and zinger's plan and use no more than 15 flex points. This should be fairly easy since all of our meals are planned and I don't have anything coming up this weekend.
2) fruits & veggies--minimum 5 per day
3) water--minimum 135 ounces per day
4) exercise--3 cardio sessions and at least 1 pilates.

So there you have it. Keep me to it and I should see an excellent loss on the scale this week.

Just to update you...last night...DH chose Harry Potter. Then he comes home today and says something about wanting it and here is how our conversation went:

ME: I offered last night
DH: You did?
Me: Yes, I did
DH: Twice in one day?
Me: Yes, but you chose to read instead of me
DH: I don't remember that
Me: WTF? Yes, I offered and you chose to read HP instead. Then you rolled over and went to sleep. You can check my blog if you think I am lying.
DH: I don't remember that at all
ME: Sorry

And also to clarify...I wasn't sitting in the tub with the laptop on my lap. I have a jacuzzi tub with jets (Swizzlepop--Do NOT go there! LOL!!) that sits in the corner of my bathroom. So I have the corner that has counter top space and it was a perfect fit for my laptop last night. So I was sitting in the tub with the jets on facing the wall and this little area when I was typing last night. It was fun! :)

One other clarification....the chicken fries I eat are from Schwan's. I don't make them...all I do is heat them up. Check them out here.

I think that's it from me tonight. A pretty boring day here in Amanda land. Oh I didn't get the pictures uploaded, but I will try to do that tomorrow night. It's getting late here and 6 am will come all too early! Have a good night and a great OP Tuesday!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Floating boobies and wild sex!

I thought I would get your attention!

Steph, this is for you. Today we were at the pool. I decided to take off by myself and do a lap or 2. For whatever reason, I noticed my boobs were looking pretty good in the water. They were all floating and up there and just looked good. Then I got out. Oh my! Then DS kept tugging on me and every time he would my top (2 piece tankini) would drop down and my boob would almost fall out. I thought of Steph and I, she should get in the pool b/c then they float and it's GREAT!!!!

DS is wiped out and is already in bed. Bless his heart, he's so tired. DH made the comment that he was going to finish up this one project and he was going upstairs. I thought to myself...hmmm..maybe some time to "play"?? He then informs me that he is going to take a shower and then read his Harry Potter book. WTF?? Your beautiful, sexy, ready-to-pounce wife OR Harry Potter??? As of right now, it's still HP. He said he couldn't handle it again (there was some playing before we went to the pool)--sorry you were gone last week and I missed you! So here I sit, in my jacuzzi tub, blogging and reading up on everyone. I thought I might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone so I brought the laptop to the tub. Good times in Amanda land tonight, good times!!!

So the shower was a success. Jodi (my sister) got a lot of nice things. The food was good, there was a good turn out. All in all a good day. I didn't do great, but I still had majority of my flex points. Today hasn't been the greatest either, but it's better. I'm lacking on the water as of now, but I hope by the time I go to bed to get in all in. I did get in all my water on Friday and Saturday so that was good too. I am pretty sure I got in all my fruits and veggies on Friday, but I am not sure about Saturday. I don't think I did. Oh well. The scale was only up a pound this morning from where it was on Friday morning so I was happy about that.

Here are the answers to some questions a few of you asked:

For NCChris...the chicken fries I eat are from Schwan's. They are GREAT. I can have 8 of them for 3 points. If you don't have a Schwan man, you need to get one! :)

For swizzlepop...on Friday morning the scale was up 2# from the chicken fries and the Schwan's Quick Fries. Once I saw that it made me not want to eat them anymore, but they are so darn good, quick, and easy! We had the fries tonight so I'm not sure what will hold for tomorrow night's WI. I do think that posting my goals for the week and then following up on them every day helps to keep me accountable. It's definitely made me more aware. Plus I have all of you to kick me in the butt when things go awry.

For Calyn...the pot pie. Yes it is home made. I got the recipe from someone on the WW blog site before it crashed. As of last week, I now have etools so I put it through the recipe builder this weekend. It's NOT 5 points. It's a lot higher and I am sooo very sad about it now. I haven't 100% verified this yet b/c I am so new to etools, but I am pretty sure it's not 5! That just goes to show you that you can't always believe what you are told about things and their point values!

I have more to say, but I am getting a little water logged. DH has already taken his shower and he's in there reading. Time for me to get out of the tub and see what his decision is. :) I'll try to post a picture from the shower tomorrow. Have a good night and a great OP Monday!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hubby is home!!!

YAY!!! DS went running to him when he pulled in the garage. We were sitting outside waiting for him. DS was soooo glad to see him. DH had the biggest smile on his face when he seen us. I'm so glad he's home. It's been a loooong week without him here! :)

Okay on to today...I have a lot to report...tales from the scales, NSVs, and my goals.

Tales from the scales....this mornings weight on the scale was 163.5. That's down 2# from yesterday mornings weight. So here's my question...2# of what?!?!?! This past Saturday, it said 170.5. Granted that was AFTER my surgery, but still. 7# in less than a week. I have never been an every day weigher, but I am starting to see the advantages of it. It can also work against you. For me, when I saw 161, it was like "oh wow, I can eat whatever I want and not count points." But then today I was like, oh wow, I wonder what it will say tomorrow after another day of good healthy eating. See, that's working for me there. :) I am also hoping it will stick with me going into the weekend. If I can keep it up, I know I can make my goal of 159 by my sister's wedding. YIPPEE!!!

NSV...I had to take my dress for sister's wedding in to get it altered. There was a huge bowl of candy sitting out on the table. Back in the day, I would have grabbed a piece or two and not counted it b/c it was so small it didn't matter. Not today. DS grabbed 2 pieces and I left there with NOTHING!!! This is HUGE b/c that stuff is my weakness. Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Snickers--yum! But I didn't even have a taste. WOO HOO!!!

Today's goals...I met them all except for the exercise but I already have in 2 days this week.

1) 3 days of exercise this week--none today, but I've already gotten in 2
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend--check
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day--check
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--check--I quit counting at 144 ounces again

B--Froot Loops Cereal--3
L--Turkey Pot Pie (5), green beans (0)
S--Strawberry Shortcake--4
D--Chicken Fries (3), Quick Fries (5), Broccoli & Chz (4)

Total of 24 out of 25. Not too shabby. :) I'm happy with that and I know I made the best decisions I could today. It's been really easy this week since DH has been out of town. I am curious what the scale will say tomorrow since I had the Chicken Fries and the French Fries for dinner. I like seeing how my body is reacting to certain foods. It's very interesting.

DS and I are leaving tomorrow morning for the trip to my mom's. I have a plan and as long as I can stick to it, I should be okay. OH...and I still have ALL of my flex points. I don't intend to use them all, but they are there in case I need them. I do intend to have a piece of cake at my sister's shower and some of my mom's chicken salad. But I also plan to take my own breakfast and I am going to take some of my english muffins so I can make myself a chicken salad sandwich on something healthy instead of white bread!!

Finally, I am going to get to bed early. DH is exhausted and is already passed out. Figures the night he gets home I get to bed early. Oh well. At least I made it one night this week!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful OP weekend! I'll be back on Sunday with a report on the shower. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm Mommied OUT!

I am sooooooo ready for my DH to be home! I have to bow down to single moms who do this day in and day out all on their own (Collette, AJ and any others out there, you are all saints!). I guess it would be different if we had some family here local to us to help me out when the husband is gone, but man I will be glad when he's home. I love my son dearly, but tonight he did not stop at all. UGH. And with this heat, he's making me crazy!!! Sorry for the little least I'm honest! Oh and the hubby informs me tonight he may have to go back in 2 weeks. AAAAHHHH!!!

I do have to hand it to my DS though.....I gave him a choice for dinner tonight. We were out and about (AGAIN!) so I said cheeseburgers (meaning Wendy's), chicken (Chic-fil-a), sammiches (Subway), or peanut butter and jelly (Panera). He chose SUBWAY!!! WOO HOO!! I was thrilled! So I was able to stay at my points AND get in fruits and veggies. I love that kid!

My workout today was a Pilates session. I know that wasn't part of my original plan for the week with my exercise, but that session kicked my butt! I was totally wiped out afterwards. Melted...that's how I felt. I am going to TRY to do 10 sessions of that in the next month.

My sister's wedding is a month from today. I got on the scales this morning and it said 165.4. I am going to try my hardest to get to 159.9 by then. It's a lofty goal for me, but I think it can be achieved if I keep my focus, follow program, AND exercise. Obviously, I will take anything lower than were I am now, but I think that's a nice round number to aim for. I am also hoping the pilates sessions will help me out. I would like to do more than 10, but I need to be realistic too.

I do believe I met all of my goals today. Let's see:

1) 3 days of exercise this week-check--Pilates
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend--check
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day--check
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day--check--I quit counting at 144 ounces

B--cream of wheat made with milk--4
L--Turkey Pot Pie--5, salad--1 = 6
S--Banana--1 (small banana)
D--Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki w/ cheese--8, apples (0), Sun Chips (4)
S--DQ small ice cream cone--4
Total--27--goal of 25, 2 APs earned/used

There is one good thing about this heat...I have no problem getting in water. I don't even work outside! I feel for those who dad is one of them and I always worry about him.

Someone asked if I was making the dips for the fruit and veggie trays for my sister's I am not. They are being made by someone else. I guess I could make my own, but then I would be the only one eating it. I guess that wouldn't be a big deal. I may do that. I think I am going to eat before the shower and then pray I am too busy to indulge too much. We always go out to eat with my mom on Friday night when we get there. There is an Applebee's close by. It's not my favorite, but I can be 100% OP there and not feel guilty about what I eat. Subway will be lunch on Friday so Friday should NOT be a problem. If I can make it through the shower, then the rest of the time should be a breeze. I need to stay out of my mom's kitchen, but it's hard since that's where everyone always gathers.'s so hard when NO ONE else in the family watches what they eat and they all think I have to have special "diet" food.

I am out of here. My goal of going to bed early this week is NOT happening. Oh well. Maybe next week. It will be so much easier when it's fall and it't not daylight at 9. Have a great night and a wonderful OP day tomorrow!! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No catchy title tonight...

Sorry, I just can't think of anything catchy tonight. It's been quite a day. A GOOD day though. Did I mention DH is out of town? Yeah, he's in Seattle, WA until Thursday night. So it's just me and DS. Tonight I am missing the hubby. I am worn out and DS had LOADS of energy tonight. Ahh...but here I sit...DS is in bed (before 9 even!), I have had my shower, the dishes are done, the house is straightened up, and I am in bed watching Everybody Loves Raymond on TBS and blogging. Doesn't get much better than that!

So let's review my goals for each day this week: (see today's earlier blog entry)

1) 3 days of exercise this week--either 3 treadmill workouts doing C25K or elliptical workouts.
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day (with the exception of next Monday, which is WI day)

I did make it to the gym today and did 33 minutes on the elliptical burning 300 calories and going 2.7 miles. I didn't want to go, but I did. It's so miserably hot here I didn't want to even leave the house.

I stayed within my points today and actually I am under for the day. I hate having points leftover, but oh well. I still have all of my flex points!! :)

I got in 7 servings of fruits and veggies today. YAY!!!

I got in 140 ounces of water...actually I got in more, but I quit counting at 140.

So there you have it. WOO HOO!!! Now let's just see if I can do this again tomorrow!!

Here's my menu for today:
B--Banana (1--it was a small banana) and some of DS donuts--not the best decision, so I MADE myself go to the gym today--5--6 total for breakfast
L--Turkey pastrami (sp?) sammich on a Light English Muffin (my new favorite way to eat sammiches!!)--2; salad (1); Progresso Minestrone Soup--2--total of 5 for lunch
S--banana (1--again, small)
D--Chicken pot pie (5), broccoli with cheese (2)--7 for dinner
Dessert with DS--Strawberry shortcake--4
Total 23 out of 25 alloted.
2 APs earned/unused.

So there you have it, a good day. See, I CAN do this. I just need to make the good decisions throughout the day to get me there. My sister's wedding is a month from tomorrow (Wednesday). I am going to get on the scale in the morning and see what a realistic goal is for me between now and then. It's only a month. I can do anything for a month. Right??

I think tomorrow's workout might be Pilates. I have a massage scheduled for 3:30 so I am hoping to get Pilates done before the massage. Then I might do some kind of running in place or jumping jacks or something for 10 minutes so I have 30 minutes of activity.

I am out of to bed. I need to get there early more often. It's so hard when it doesn't get dark until after 9 every night. I used to be in bed every night at 9. Wish I could get back to that point! :) Have a good night/great OP day!!

Last night's WI


I still think I had a little water retention last night, but that made me happy!

I think going back to the meetings is really going to help me. I have some focus right now, which I have been lacking the last few weeks. I have a plan for the week and I strongly hope to stick to it. Even last night, when DS and I got home from running around after my WI, I sat down and thought about this coming week and what challenges it presents.

The biggest challenge is my sister's bridal shower that I am throwing on Saturday. There will be cake, mints, spinach dip, and these little deli spirals I got at Sam's. I am going to either send my little sister to Subway for me before the shower OR just allow myself a small sampling of each thing. There will be a fruit and a veggie tray, but there will also be fruit and veggie dip. I am really going to try to save my flex points for the weekend and really try not to use them all. This should not be a problem since I usually have no problem sticking to my points during the week. I am going to the gym today and I hope to go tomorrow too and maybe even Thursday. With this heat, I know I won't be able to work out when I am at my mom's b/c it's just too darn hot!! And there is not a gym there either so all workouts have to be outdoors unless I do a video and that won't happen b/c there is ZERO privacy there and I can't stand to do a video with an audience! goals for this week. I am putting them here so I can keep accountable. You all hold me to them, okay?

1) 3 days of exercise this week--either 3 treadmill workouts doing C25K or elliptical workouts.
2) Stay in my points and use no flex points until the weekend
3) fruits and veggies--minumum 5 per day
4) water--minimum 135 ounces per day (with the exception of next Monday, which is WI day)

I think that's it. That sounds easy enough, right?? Let's just hope I can stick to it!

I'll be back later to let you know if I have met my goals or not. :) Have a great day!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm so full..

of FLUID!!!!

I think they must have pumped me full of fluids during my little surgery on Friday. Seriously...on Saturday my pants were tight and on Sunday they scale said I was up 5#!! Today it is back down 4# so I am happy. But man I can feel it. As of today from where I was last Monday, my scale is down, so that's good. I tried to drink loads of water yesterday and stay out of the kitchen so I think that helped.

I am disgusted with myself for gaining 5#, but I deserve it. I'm having a REALLY hard time staying focused right now. I have WI tonight at my meeting. The funny part is I still have flex points left over for the week! Talk about odd. I even ate under my points last night and I've had a big breakfast this morning. I hate weighing in at night, but it's the only option around here except for one early morning meeting a week that I can't make b/c of work. Oh well.

DH is gone this week so it's just me and DS until Thursday night. So far it's been fun..getting ready to take DS to "school" and then back to work. I am going to hit the gym tomorrow for sure. I was going to go today, but I overslept. No big deal. I will check back later with weigh in results and my goals for the week. Have a great OP day!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

No Drama! We don't want no drama!

I don't want no drama!!!!

Here's the granny (mom's mom) was in a car accident on Friday on her way to my mom's house. She was less than 20 minutes to my mom's and a semi rear ended her at a stop light which then put her into the car in front of her and sent that car in to a ditch. UGH!!! Her car is totaled but SHE IS FINE!!!! She has some seatbelt burn but that's it. She's a little sore but other than that she is fine. If it hadn't of been for that seatbelt, she probably would have been thrown from the vehicle and who knows what could have happened.

So there are 2 life lessons I've learned in the last 2 weeks. belts AND helmets save lives! I always wear my seatbelt. ALWAYS. And this is the perfect reason why I always do.

So since my title made me think of Fergie, here you go with the Black Eyed Peas video on My Humps. I'm new to this whole you tube thing, so please bear with me!

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm home

Surgery went well. Doc said there was a LOT of fluid back there and he was really glad he didn't attempt to do this in the office. I'm doing fine. Really tired...going to bed now to sleep off the anesthetic. The scale this morning said 165 something. Down from last week so that's good. More later, I'm tired. Gonna make it nice and dark in my room and turn on the fan and hop into my comfy pjs. Ahhh...a nice long nap is what I am hoping for!

Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate them sooo much!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tomorrow is tube day!

Tomorrow (Friday) is my surgery. YAY! I'll be glad to have it over with and be glad when my ear stops popping constantly!

Today was not the best day in points. Dinner tonight was a carb fest. I don't think I got in all my fruits and veggies. I can eat until midnight but right now I am about to drop. I think I earned some APs tonight....

DS has a swingset and we have enclosed around the swing set with 2x4's and then filled it in with rubber mulch. DS also has a little inflatable pool. Well it is going to be hotter than Haiti here this weekend so I want him to be able to play in his pool. Last time we had the pool up the kids complained b/c the rubber mulch UNDER the pool hurt their feet while they were in the pool. SO...being the good mother that I am, tonight I went out there and raked all the mulch up that would be under the pool. I raked and I shoveled and I swept so the area would be perfectly smooth. OH MY GOSH I was sweating...sweating buckets!!! THEN, I cleaned the pool inside and out and on the bottom..yes I'm a little A.R. but hey. SO that took me over an hour and I am pooped b/c of it!! I have done nothing but run around since dinner. B/c of my surgery tomorrow I have been trying to get everything done...made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, swept the kitchen, chatted with the neighbor for a few, did the swing set, showers for everyone, laundry and then straightened up the WHOLE house. WHEW!!!

AND...I'm pulling a total dive Barbie here...there is a cricket in our garage...and I can hear it in my bedroom that is UPSTAIRS!!! So as to NOT interrupt my beauty sleep tonight I may sleep in the guest room. Ken is about to be kicked out for not getting rid of the cricket. I hate crickets. HATE THEM!!! URGH!!!!!! He better find that damn cricket and kill it before he leave on his business trip on Sunday. Or I will be one ticked off Barbie!!!

I have been watching the news and all the coverage on the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Our own MMalloy of Get my Point! lives in that area. She's on vacation this week but I will feel so much better once we hear from her!! I've been praying for all those people. How so very sad!!! There is a reason I don't like bridges and this just confirms it!! DH and I went to Michigan in 2003 to Mackinaw Island (sp??) and there is a suspension bridge there. OH man that killed me to go over!! And we went over it quite a few times b/c DH loved it. He didn't care that it terrified me!

That's it for me. I better get to bed. Have to leave the house at 0630 sharp to deal with rush hour traffic AND get DS up. Will post when I am coherent tomorrow to let you know how it went. Later taters!

McDonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad

Collette--you did not let me down!!!!! I LOVE it!!! That thing was awesome!! Oh and the dressing..I want to buy it by the gallon! My hat off to McDonald's for FINALLY making a salad that is actually healthy AND delicious! Next time I am going to have to ask for extra dressing. That would be awesome!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm still here!

I'm just tired and swamped. Working 12 hour days and taking a group of about 10 three year olds to the zoo has worn me out!

HOWEVER...I have been meeting all of my goals for the week and the scale is moving downward. :) Let's review those goals, shall we? They were:

#1--Back to meetings on Monday for sure.
#2-- all dinner meals are planned for the week with their sides so I am going to plan my lunch around that and my afternoon snacks since that is my hardest time
#3--WATER and lots of it--at least 120 ounces a day, hopefully more
#4--back to lots of fruits and veggies--I have no excuse as my garden is overflowing with veggies. Minimum 5 per day.

I did make it back to my meeting Monday night. I was a pound higher than what I was the last time I was there (in December), BUT I had jeans on and shoes, so I was probably actually less. Their dumb metal box is a whole 3# higher than mine, so I will continue to weigh on my scale every Friday for my "official" weigh in. Maybe I will be more accountable through the weekend with going back to a Monday weigh in. I hope so! The scale this morning was down over 3# from what it was last Friday when I weighed late that morning. Whew!! Back down to 161 here I come. I just want to see 159.9.

Our dinner plans got screwed with b/c I am utterly exhausted from working so much, DH is working 36 hours a day (so you get my point here??) and my house is suffering. So we got pizza tonight from Papa Murphy's. I ate too much, but I have been right on my target every day this week so I'm not worried. We'll see what the scale says tomorrow morning. Tomorrow nights dinner is planned (I think, I have 2 choices) as is Friday nights. YAY!!

I have gotten in loads of water too, so I can "check" that one off. :)

Fruits and veggies have not been a problem either. I've had AT LEAST 5 every day, the other day I got 9! WOO HOO!!

Tomorrow, DS and I are going to McDonald's as I am DYING to try that salad everyone is raving about. I hope they still have it at mine!

My surgery is Friday morning. I have to be there at 0730. Which means we have to leave here no later than 0630. Yeah, that ought to be a fun morning with DS. We will probably be back home by 10. I will have my surgery within the hour of getting there and be out shortly after that. I can't wait to come home and take a nap. That's the only thing I am looking forward to!! I can't drive that day so that should be interesting...I hate having to depend on DH!

There's a lot going on in my head that I want to write about but I am too tired and some of it wouldn't make sense to any of you!

Please pray for Suzanne. I follow her blog pretty religiously and I have for a while. She is pregnant with quads and has been on hospital bedrest for a few weeks now. Today she started having contractions and they couldn't stop them so they did a C-section. She was at 30 weeks which is a HUGE milestone for quads and all the babies had good weights on the sonogram last week. She hasn't updated since she was being taken down for the C (I don't expect her to anyway...probably a little groggy from the meds and a little overwhelmed!). I stumbled upon her blog through another blog and have been hooked ever since.

I think I have an addiction to blog reading. I could sit for HOURS and read blogs! I LOVE it! And then when I find a new one, I have to start reading about them from the beginning. It's insane!!! That's why the weight watchen blog site is bad for me b/c I can literally sit there all day and read and not get a thing accomplished.

On that note, I am off to bed. Check out the recipes I posted below. They were all winners in my house. Toodles... :)

Skinny Turkey Pot Pie


2 ea (1box) Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts
8 oz lean turkey breast (I used turkey strips sold for stir fry/fajitas)
1 can (29oz) Vegall * LARGE CUT, drained
2/3 can 98% fat free cream of chicken soup (DO NOT ADD MILK OR WATER)
1/3 cup fat free sour cream (Naturally Yours is the best IMO)
¼ cup reduced or fat free cheese

• Heat oven to 375 degrees.
• Remove pie crusts from box and let stand at room temperature to soften.
• Brown turkey in a skillet, add flaked onion or other seasoning if you like.
• Spray bottom of pie pan or round cake pan with Pam or other non-stick spray.
• Place pie crust in bottom.
• Add turkey to bottom.
• Pour drained vegetables in.
• Mix soup and sour cream together in a separate bowl or the blender.
• Pour over meat and veggie mixture.
• Sprinkle cheese on the top.
• Add second pie crust and pinch edges together.
• Cut an “X” in the middle to vent and spray top crust with Pam so it will get golden brown.
• Place pie on a cookie sheet to avoid spills in the oven.
• Bake approximately 30 minutes or until top crust is brown.

WHOLE PIE = 19 points (less if you use fat free cheese). Slice (1/4 of pie) = 4.75 points (NOTE: this is a huge slice and probably more than you can eat!)

Beef Taco Skillet

This is another one I got my from WW leader. Another hit! I added green chilies and a can of black beans to mine. DELISH!

Beef Taco Skillet

1 lb lean hamburger meat

1 can Campbell’s tomato soup

1/2 cup salsa

1/2 cup water

6 flour tortillas - Use the 1 point kind

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1. Cook beef in skillet until done. Pour off fat.

2. Stir in soup, salsa, water, tortillas. Heat to a boil. Reduce heat to low and cook for 5 min. Top with cheese. Makes 4 really large servings.


Pizza Pasta Casserole

got this from my WW leader. I made it this weekend and it was a HUGE hit!

Pizza Pasta Casserole

1 lb of ground beef (93/7)

1/2 onion chopped

1 jar (28oz) spaghetti sauce or make your own

1/2 pkg whole wheat spiral pasta, cooked and drained

2 cups low fat shredded mozzarella cheese

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

Brown beef and onion in skillet, drain. Add pasta and sauce. Transfer to 13×9 baking dish. Sprinkle with cheese. Arrange pepperoni on top. Bake uncoverred at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until heated through. I doubled this recipes and froze one. This is a great make ahead meal. Can be easily made core and just count the pepperoni. Makes 10 servings for 4 pts each.