Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do I have any readers left?

Oh, I am such a bad blogger! Has it really been a month since I posted last?!? Oh my.... A lot has happened! Here's a quick run down:

  • We went on vacation. It was okay, a definite learning experience, kids were good and DS1 had a BLAST!
  • Came back from vacay, swamped at work, life happens, got put on mandatory OT at work for 2 very long weeks.
  • The entire month of September (except the week we were gone, thank god) someone in this house was sick. We've had about 2 heatlhy weeks and now the baby is congested again.
  • I've been reading everyone's blog, just not commenting. I haven't had time! I am so very sorry, I really do apologize. I've just been swamped!
  • I'm still seeing the trainer, but my cutie quit and went to be a fireman. So now I have a new trainer (who is cuter I think!) and my first session with him is on Thursday.
  • As of this past Friday, I am officially seeing the 170s every time I step on the scale! WOO HOO!!! Last Friday it was 178.3. Anything below 178 is something I haven't seen in over a year.
  • Ds2 will be SIX MONTHS old on Friday!!! 6 months!!! That's insane!!!
  • I will be 30 on Tuesday! HOLY COW!!!! I don't think I am having any issues with turning 30, it really doesn't bother least not now.

Okay, I think that about sums it up. Believe it or not, I did write out a post vacation post, but I never finished it so it never got posted. I do want to report a vacation NSV--#1--I ordered GRILLED grouper on vacation! I have never tried it and it was AWESOME! #2--I came back from vacay and only gained 2#. That's the best I've ever done on vacation! #3--I had zero alcoholic drinks on vacation, which is huge for me! I usually have a couple of margaritas, but not this year. Partly b/c I'm nursing, partly b/c I never had the opportunity. As far as vacation being a learning experience, we will NEVER drive for vacation ever again! The boys did awesome I can't complain about that, but DH and I hated the driving part of it. I never drove b/c I sat in the back and popped a boob in the baby's mouth if he got too fussy. Nice visual, huh? LOL!!!

With that, I leave you with this video I shot of the boys on 10/4. :) Enjoy! I promise to post more. I am going to try really hard! I've been working a lot of nights lately and I am trying to stop doing that so maybe this week I'll actually have some time in the evenings...especially since DS2 has been going to be around 630 and we've had DS2 in bed by 730 lately. :) Okay...the video. :) That is my sister in the video talking in case you were wondering.


The Price's Wife said...

Well I"m still here!

Miss July...not...yet said...

i was just thinking about you today. Glad you posted that you are still alive...

kids here are sick too. Constant cough for about a month. ugg.

Glad the trip was good and I hate driving too.

Unknown said...

I'm still here too! I haven't been blogging or commenting - but I'm still here!! Glad you had a great vaca!!

Tina said...

Happy Belated! I've been gone for two months so don't feel bad. :) I can't believe the little munchkin is 6 mos already! Crazy how time flies. And congrats on the 178.. those 170's sure do feel goooooood.

Candace MacPherson said...

They're so cute. Thanks for the smiles (mine). Glad you had a good Thanksgiving - and can I just say WOW on 3 inches. You rock!!