Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some good news...

Back in December, I went to see my thyroid doctor for my every 6 month check up. Normally, I have to see the nurse practitioner b/c I wait to long to try to get an appointment with the actual MD. But not this time. They told me to call in September and I started calling on 9/1. I finally got an appointment and went before Christmas. She brings the idea up to me to start weaning me off my Synthroid. We'd never tried since I had been done nursing (and partly b/c I'd only seen the nurse practitioner the last time I was there--back in May). She told me to get through the holidays and then start weaning the pill to every other day, then get my levels checked in 2 weeks. I got the blood work done last week and got a letter in the mail on Wednesday that I could completely STOP taking Synthroid and she will re-check my levels in 4 weeks!!! Isn't that AWESOME news?!?!? Do you realize that most people take Syntroid for the rest of their lives once they get on it?? I know I am extremely lucky and I feel so blessed. I'm hoping that my body will adjust to not having the meds quickly and maybe, just maybe, it will help me lose weight to not have the meds??? I don't know but either way, I am thrilled!

My baby is now 21 months old. How did that happen?!??! We are quickly approaching his 2nd birthday (and big brother's 6th birthday!). I still can't believe it. DH is bugging me for #3, but for now, I am done. I do not want any more children at this point in my life. Life is crazy-busy with 2...I can't even begin to imagine throwing a 3rd one into the mix!

Training for the half-marathon in May has started. I want to be ready for this run but I feel like I can't make any head way in my training. I feel like I'm not doing enough...then there are times where I think I'm doing too much. DH keeps warning me of over training but at this point, I just want to feel like what I am doing is the right thing. I wonder how I can get faster? I'd like to be able to do an 11 minute mile, but at this point that's a pretty lofty goal! But I will stick with it and keep going and training. The training run that I am going to do in preparation for this is in March and it's a 10K (roughly 6.2 miles). I'd love to be able to complete that in a little over an hour or so, but we'll see. I have 100 days until the half--Oh boy!

In weight loss news, there is not much to report. First WI of the new year (1/9/10) down 4#, the following week--down .2, last week up .3, and I don't hold out much hope for this week. It's been a very snack-y, lazy week for me. I'll pull it together this week. I have a plan for this week, so hopefully that will work out for me!

Okay, I'm off of here now...gotta get to bed. 5 AM comes WAY too early....

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The Nanny said...

Hey Amanda! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

I'm so curious to know what your little boys' names are! I *love* the name Isabella...but you're right, it's cruel to pair it with your last name :)