Sunday, December 9, 2007

I held tough....AND.....

We do NOT know the sex of the baby!!!

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I stayed strong all morning Friday morning. As we were being walked back to the room by the ultrasound tech, I was saying to myself (and to her) "I don't want to know the sex, I don't want to know the sex" repeatedly. The tech was so great and tried so hard to stay away from that area. I was so grateful for that!!! DH was trying so hard to see if he could see a "flagpole" but NADA...

Baby had it's legs crossed!!! We couldn't have found out even if we wanted to! Baby is already on mama's good side b/c she/he knew mommy didn't want to know what he/she is. Although everyone that we've told that has a girl said they had the same issue---their girl was modest and it took quite a few ultrasounds to really see what was there. So I'm thinking it's a girl. :)

I finally got confirmation that I've been feeling the baby move. He/she moved all day on Saturday while we were at DH mom and dad's. I got the confirmation on Friday during the ultrasound b/c baby was head down and before we went back I had felt something at the top of my uterus. I've had soooo many gastrointestinal issues I didn't know if that's what it was or not, then during the u/s the feet are right in that area so it was the baby. YAY!!! Made me feel so much better!!!! I can't wait until DH and DS can feel it. That will be the most awesome part.

Someone (Tina, I think) left a comment about the nursery and not knowing the sex. DS nursery was done in Noah's Ark so I am going to keep it the same (it's already painted a very neutral color). The comforter that goes with the crib set is hung on the wall and has navy and red in it. I got some new sheets that are red and another set that is "mocha" that will match the comforter and the bumper pad. So it won't take long to "decorate" the nursery. I will wipe down all the furniture and clean the carpets and wash all the covers for the car seat, bouncy, etc... I will leave out the container of boy clothes before we go to the hospital and if it's a boy, I'll have my mom wash all of that stuff for me before we get home from the hospital. If it's a girl? I'm going to start a secret "stash" of money and if it comes out a girl, I'll send my mom, my sisters, my step mom, and my MIL shopping for some girl clothes and towels. :) See? I've got it all planned out. And if it's a boy, I'll put that money in an account for him.

At the u/s on Friday, I was measuring a little big and by those dates I am due April 29.

Did I tell you DS birthday is April 28?!?!? Yeah. Could be an interesting week!

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my regular check up so I will ask then if she is going to officially change it. I doubt it b/c I measured big the entire time I was pregnant with my DS. This also means I have to get on the scale tomorrow. Yuck. I got on there a week ago this past Friday and was up 4 weeks so that's pretty good. I'm right where I should be with the weight gain, so that is good!

DH and I talked on Friday and I am going to call tomorrow to get prices for us to go to Cancun in February for a long weekend over Valentine's. sweet, right?? I know, he's the best! BFF Superjayman asked if we were going to take DS.


That's exactly what I told her too. ;) Don't get me wrong, I love my son to death and I would jump in front of a moving train for him, but sometimes you just need a break! I know all the mom's out there can sympathize with me. DH and I love Cancun and have been there 4 times. We went on our honeymoon in 2000, January 2003, October 2003, and September 2005. We are so due for a trip there this year. We have a favorite long as it's a Palace Resort, I am a happy camper!!! I really want to go the Aventura Spa Palace, but I think we've decided to go there for 8 days for our 10 year anniversary. I could get a massage and a facial EVERY DAY!!! WOO HOO!!!! Dh wasn't sure if we should go or not with all the issues I've been having--GI and back mainly. But I think 4 days in the sun without a child to just relax would do me a WORLD of good! Last time I went to the doctor, she told me she thought it would be a great time to go, so I'll see what she says tomorrow.

I'm down in my back again so I plan to ask her about it tomorrow. I was fine until I wrapped presents on Thursday. I only did it for about an hour and a half but it still threw me for a loop. It's not nearly as bad as it was, but it's still sore. Traveling for the weekend didn't help either, but I couldn't help it. We had a surprise party for my grandma for her 75th birthday. And yes she was totally shocked. It was a great night for her!

I think that's it for me for now. This is long enough. I'm watching my boys play football (GO COLTS!) but it's been kind of a boring game (with us winning of course). ;) Have a great night!

Oh and I will get those pictures up hopefully tomorrow. Dh is at the computer that has the scanner hooked up to it. We have some GREAT 3D shots. :)


Kendra said...

WOOHOO!!! For staying strong! I knew you could do it!!!! My first two children were born June 28 and June 29 (3 yrs apart). I didn't want them born on the same day, but now I wish they were. I usually celebrate their birthday together anyways. lol I can't wait to see the pictures of the lil' bean!!!!

MMalloy said...

Ahhh!!! Cancun sounds awesome, you do totally deserve a get away and I love that you have a "place" with DH!!!
I can't wait to see pics, I am totally convinced it is a girl though!
Thanks again for the support with my final, I have been a total wreck!

dizzydazey said...

I'm convinced that it's a girl, too. What was his/her heart rate? My lil momma SIL said that they told her that if it's over 150 it's usually a girl.

Good for you for holding strong and waiting. It's going to be such an exciting suprise!! Yay!! :o)

Take Care!!

Colette said...

I like you didn't want to know either. I figured after all I would go through I wanted a "suprise" in the end...LOL Funny huh?
Glad your doing ok Amanda and that trip to Cancun sounds awesome...I am jealous!! Guess I will start wearing the Hulk down now and see if he will take me one day....LOL

No Where to Run ... said...

good for you! and i agree...all mommas need a BREAK!

MSBABY said...

LOL! Don't count on baby always being that cooperative, but glad it worked out so that you could have your surprise!

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