Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bad news...Prayers please

If you are the praying type, would you mind to say a prayer for my DH and all of his (our) family?

DH dad died Friday night. He had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks and they were moving him to a rehab facility and he coded in the ambulance. He had signed a DNR so there wasn't a whole lot they could do for him. From what the coroner said there was a blood clot somewhere that traveled to his heart....more than likely it was in his lung and traveled to his heart. He had COPD, emphysema, CHF, diabetes, and morbid obesity. He had been on oxygen for the last 4+ years and slowly gotten worse.

So if you could send some good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc... I would greatly appreciate it!!! Needless to say, we are traveling and not sure when we will be back home.

I have a post in my head I want to get out...NEED to get out. Hopefully I will at some point this week.


Miss July...not...yet said...

I am so sorry. I will be sending prayers your way!

MMalloy said...

Amanda...My heart and prayers are with you and DH family this week. I can't imagine the pain of losing a parent. We are all here for me if there is anything you need...even just an ear! M