Saturday, February 28, 2009


I know I have been talking about posting pictures forever! So here I am, FINALLY posting some.

DS2 is 10 months old now. WOW! Can you believe that?!? He is such a joy and a true blessing to our family. He is getting more independent and 'easier' so things have gotten a lot better/easier with him. He is just so much fun right now. Here are a few pictures I snapped of him this week.

Izaac and Sophie longing to be outside

He's learning young where the goods are--although he still prefers his mama! :)

Are you saving that for later Izaac?
He will NOT eat baby food hardly at all anymore. He has 2 teeth but he chews food like he has a whole mouth full. It's hilarious!

Finally some pictures of me. Let's do a re-fresher first. Here I am back in July at my starting point (or close enough to it). I hated this picture when my friend emailed it to me, but I thought it would make a great before shot.

And here I am in December 15# lighter.

Not a huge difference but enough of one--enough that I notice. That is the picture I put up on my facebook page. Which, BTW, is my newest addiction. I can't get on there at night b/c it sucks up so much of my time...hence why my blog has been neglected.

BUT...I am making a new resolution. Tomorrow is March 1st. I really wanted to be 159 by the boys birthday party (April 25) but I realize that is not going to happen now. BUT...I can make an effort to be out of the darn 170s! I have been here forever and I am SICK of it! So, I am re-committing to my plan--diet AND exercise. I can do this.

I will begin the process of weaning Izaac in about a month and I am really hoping once my body gets back to "normal" things will move a little quicker. I have been nursing this whole time so my body still thinks 'pregnant' i.e. no period, very slow weight loss, and my thyroid is still out of whack. Although I could handle this no period thing (sorry, I know TMI) b/c it has been SWEET to go almost 2 years without one! But I know once that starts back up and I'm done nursing, my thryoid doctor will probably adjust my meds so maybe things will go a little quicker. I have been losing hair like crazy lately and I know that's all hormonal too. It's great being a woman sometimes, isn't it?!?

But I can do this and I will. I've done it before. I am making small goals so maybe that will help. DH is also on the kick to lose some weight so maybe w/ him on the band wagon it will help. Although it's not him forcing the food down my throat.

I am going to make an effort to blog more. I need to blog. I don't blog for the comments, but man it sure does help. I don't do it for everyone else, I do it for me--I keep repeating this to myself so I will believe it. So I am going to blog more and get things out there. Maybe not every night but I am going to try! At least maybe my food journal. A few weeks ago I created a Twitter account to help me journal. It lasted a few days before I quit it. Good old pen and paper is the best thing for me I think. Although I will probably use my twitter account for other things. You can follow me here.

Okay, it's late and I am getting tired. So expect a post from me tomorrow!

Oh and I got on the elliptical this morning for 15 minutes! YAY!!!


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