Thursday, March 19, 2009

So much has happened...

WOW! It's really been that long since a real update. I figure I don't have any readers so no one is going to miss me when I'm not here. So much has happened, so let me start from the beginning (be warned...this is going to be long).

So last week (week starting 3/8)...I got up on Monday and exercised. Monday night started feeling sick. How come every time I start a good new healthy habit something has to happen to sabotage it?!?! Anyway...woke up Tuesday feeling like crap...opted for sleep instead of a work out. Both boys were sick too with the same thing--runny nose, scratchy throat, cough--total yucks. Tuesday was a beautiful day here last week and we stayed in all day b/c we all felt like poo. Was sick Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Felt better come Friday but then baby had gotten worse. Finally on Saturday I felt better so I went back to my work outs. Worked out Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. So now I'm current on my workouts. If it's nice in the evenings, DS1 and I go out for a walk after DS2 goes to bed. If it's nice during the day and both of them are home, we've been going for walks then too. This past Tuesday, I did 3 "workouts" in one day...the elliptical at 5 AM, a walk in the afternoon with Izaac strapped into the carrier and then one in the evening with Xander. My legs were mush Wednesday!

So that's about my workouts...they are going good and I am actually enjoying them. YAY!

So last week (back to week beginning March 8) DH and I were talking about saving money and how to save $$. He mentioned my trainer. I had been debating it for a while but last Wednesday (the 11th) I had a talk with myself in the shower. I had been working out, drinking water, and writing it all down but just doing that wasn't working. Whatever I was doing on my own wasn't working! This is the epiphany I had in the shower. I decided then and there that I would go back to WW--give up the trainer and go back to WW. I knew WW had free registration until the end of last week and I knew there was a meeting I could go to on Thursday nights. I talked with the trainer and told him I had to cut something out to save $$ and he understood so then I went back to WW. The trainer was $40 a week (I know, expensive!) and WW is 39.95 a month--so HUGE savings there. I wasn't sure I was ready to count points again, but I decided it was time to do something that I knew would work. I KNOW WW works....I just have to do it! So I went back, stayed for the new member orientation and everything and jumped back in 110%! I made myself do 4 workouts this week (now my weeks will run Friday to Thursday) but my goal is 5 every week. I wrote it all down, weighed and measured everything, didn't use too many of my FPs and went to my WI tonight. I lost....are you ready for this.....8.6# this week!!!! That's more than I ever have lost in a week EVER on WW! The very first time I did WW--the VERY first time when I didn't even know what I point was-I lost 8# my first week. So tonight was a total and complete shocker to me! I planned very well over the last week and I am so proud of myself.

Remember the Gap jeans I've been trying on? Today was try on #3 and THEY FIT! I've worn them all day today and I feel FANTASTIC!!!!! It's awesome what a different size of jeans will do for you. So my WI today on my scales showed me down 3.3 or something like that from last Thursday morning--172.2 today. Amazingly, the WW scales weren't that far off tonight from what it was this morning. Last Thursday, I ate all day before I went to the meeting where today I ate lunch and that was it for the afternoon. Although, for my own sanity, I will be going by my scale to reach my mini goals--the first one of which being to be OUT of the 170s FOREVER! I've been here for 6 months now and I am SICK OF IT!!! Spring is coming and I don't want to feel fat again this year. I feel better already. I want to be 166 by the boys' birthday party-if not less. I have plans for myself for certain milestones. I am going to get this weight off once and for all.

So I think that's about it. I know I said I would blog more, but it's hard for me. I try, I really do but most nights I choose to hit the hay a little early so I can get up and exercise the next morning..just like tonight. That's my cue to say good night! Have a GREAT OP day and weekend! :)

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