Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down...maybe out???

And I don't mean down as in losing weight down...

Two weeks ago (10/14 to be exact), I was walking DS1 out to the bus and my right ankle just rolled out from under me. I never fell per se, but I knew I had hurt it. Couldn't put any weight on it AT ALL. Went to the doctor the next day for an x-ray b/c I was for sure it was broke. It wasn't. So he tells me to rest (yeah right! I have 2 kids how can I rest?!?!) and take ibuprofen. So I start popping the motrin and the pain is hidden very well. Fast forward to 10/21 (my birthday). Doc's office calls back they need to speak to me ASAP about my ankle. I wasn't home and doc was getting ready to leave the office until this past Monday. I called back on Friday to see if the nurse would tell me anything...she couldn't/wouldn't. I knew then that it couldn't be good news. My foot/ankle had started to feel better but then it had started getting worse again. Doc calls me on Monday and thinks I may have a break somewhere and/or tendon/ligament damage, he sends me to a specialist ASAP. The NEXT DAY, I see the specialist. He orders an MRI and thinks I have tendon/ligament damage. He gives me a walking boot, tells me to wear it any time I am weight bearing and also gives me a compression sock to wear at all times as well to help w/ the swelling. The MRI is this coming Monday (11/2) and I have my follow up appointment w/ him next Thursday to make a definitive diagnosis and plan.

So...needless to say my workouts are now non-existent. I am so bummed. I may be looking at surgery...and if I need it, I'm not having it until January. I will NOT be laid up during the holidays. I don't care, I won't do it! I will NOT miss this time with my boys. And we're talking 8-10 weeks of recovery after surgery OR 8-10 weeks of physical therapy (if I don't need surgery). I had all these plans to do a half marathon in May. There's no way I can do that now if I can't even begin to think about working out for that until March! I'm so disappointed and discouraged.

So, I'm thinking about going to a Core lifestyle for eating (thank you Colette!) and doing a lot of pilates to strengthen my core and upper body. I love my legs and they've always been strong (or so I thought) so hopefully they will bounce back from this quickly. I don't know how to swim correctly and I don't have anywhere to go (FREE!) that I can use a pool in the winter. My diet is going to have to be PERFECT if I want to lose any weight. :( And we all know how hard that is!

So that's my update. My week has sucked eating wise, but I am going to try super duper hard this coming week. DH has put a monetary incentive out for us. Whoever loses the most per month (based on a percentage), will get an extra $50 of spending money in their budget for the month. WOO HOO!!!

Have a great weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Maybe I'll post some pics of the boys in their costumes...if I can get DS2 to wear his. He threw a FIT to even try it on!


Janna said...

Here is hoping for the best! Happy Birthday from another birthday girl...10/23 :)


Just me said...

What a bummer about your ankle!! I am sorry to hear all of this has happened.
I'd definatly wait until you get a definate dx before making plans on waiting for your sx until Jan. You know it's a new calender year which means a new deductable!! Sucks I know.
And I use to work for a foot doctor and lots of people were in the walking boot in as little as a few weeks after sx, I am hopeful you would not be totally laid up! But then again you have to do whats best for you and your family!

If you follow the will work even if you don't exercise!! Go to to print the core list of foods. This is the list I use and it explains the plans in's and out's...
As a matter of fact I am making your creamy lasagna tomorrow!! Yummmy!!!
Can't wait to see the boys in costume!! Oh how I remember those days!!

Janna said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! We can do this!!

email me and we can help each other stay accountable!

atxbikegirl at

Teachermama said...


I kept coming here - every once in awhile- to see if you were on and you hadn't posted. Trust me - my kids are 3 and 18 months...I know how hard it is!

SO sorry about your ankle! You will bounce back though- I had horrible injuries to my ankles when I was in high school - foot injuries are the worst.

I wanted to let you know I started a new blog - more about trying to be healthy than trying to lose weight. I've found some new, incredible blogs I read about healthy living and fitness. I'm getting really into it - but I do have about 70 pounds yet to lose!

I'm going to try to run the mini in May - maybe you'll be able to walk it???


new blog: