Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Winter,

It is now March 1st.

I hope and pray that you are done with all your snow and ice and cold temperatures. It's not that I don't love you for your own reasons...but I am over you at this point. I am longing to get my exercise outside. I have a brand new bike that I'd love to rack some miles on to. I want to get my mini marathon training outdoors instead of on the elliptical. I'm starting to hate my elliptical and that's not a good thing. The weather forecast here in Indianapolis this week has lots of sunshine and increasing temps. I pray this means spring is literally right around the corner. I'm ready for sandals, pedicures, long walks outside after dinner and family bike rides. According to the calendar, March 20 is the first day of spring. Please, winter, please be over early. You always come early--why can't you be over early too? Also, my boys are dying to get outside too. They are sick of playing inside. They want to go outside and run and play and wear themselves out. I will gladly welcome you next year with open arms and all your snow. But for now, I am over you.


Amanda :)

So now it's March 1st--what are your goals for the month?? I'm going to get back on the exercise bandwagon. It's been 2 weeks since I worked out and I'm ready to feel that rush again. I didn't sleep well last night so I didn't get up when my alarm went off this morning...hoping to squeeze in a workout this afternoon. We have our FPU class tonight so Mondays are pretty tight.

Okay, so I started this post this morning and came back to finish it. Doesn't look like I'm going to get in a workout is too busy this afternoon. But I will make it tomorrow! I'll report back and tell you how it went.

Oh one more thing...I'm trying to start using twitter more. You can follow me here. Later!!

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Teachermama said...

Hey You!

I am so over winter too. This week feels so good and I have a weird "spring" (pun intended I think) in my step. I've decided on weekly goals not monthly goals. If weekly doesn't work I"m literally going to start to do daily goals. I bought a notebook last night to do more tracking - not just of food but also mood, tiredness, time of month, daily goals, etc. I want to see if there's a correlation with all of that and my general feelings that I have. It's so hard!

Congrats on planning on Baby 3! We aren't going to plan on anymore. Our lives are insane with work and all. The two we have are so awesome that I'm super happy with the man-to-man situation at our house :) But boy would I love a huge family!