Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mrs. Freshley’s Chocolate Cupcakes!!

I found these at the store the other day and they are AWESOME!!! 9 (yes, NINE) grams of fiber makes these little gems only 2 points. And they are awesome!!!

Check out this link to see what the box looks like. AND…I did not pay $4.95 for mine. At least I don’t think I did. :) I found them at Super Wal-Mart in the snack aisle with the breads.
I have also tried their Vanilla Yogurt Creme Cakes (they look like Twinkies and have the SAME consistency and all!) and their Oatmeal Yogurt Creme Cookies (these look like Oatmeal pies by Little Debbie and taste the same too!). So far, I have been VERY impressed with Mrs. Freshley’s Snack Away products. VERY good!

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