Friday, June 1, 2007

Weigh-in today and a vent

and it shows a 2.1 gain–165.6

BUT…I am not freaking out, depressed, or upset about this gain. Why? You may ask…b/c I KNOW it’s not fat. I KNOW it’s water. My fingers are swollen and my tummy just feels fluffy. TOM is due this weekend so I am 100% sure that is what this is. I am betting if I get on the scales on Monday or Tuesday, this gain will in fact be gone. I have been OP this week and I have been drinking the water, so I am sure this is just water retention.

On a brighter note…I am wearing my new capris that I bought last week and they are so cute! I love them and this is a total brag, but my butt looks good in them!!! My hubby loves my butt and this pants look darn good!

I made Roni’s Beefy Spinach Crescent Loaf for dinner last night and it did NOT turn out right. Hubby loved it but I didn’t b/c it fell apart. So I am going to try it again maybe next week.
I have been in a funk the last couple days. Last night all I could do was cry (I know pathetic!, but I attribute it to PMS). I need to vent this out, so here goes.

I have asked repeatedly from my hubby for a bike and an elliptical. I don’t need both right now, but I do want both at some point. He throws things in my face every time–you won’t use it, you don’t use gym memberships (I do, just not 8 days a week!), you won’t ride a bike, blah, blah, blah. BUT, if he wants something, he gets it. I feel like I always ask and never get anything in return. He wanted a new lap top, he got it. Granted, that was through his company and he needs it to do work, but still…. Now he wants me to answer the phone for his company (which is NOT a big deal at all b/c it hardly ever rings), make his appointments, basically be his secretary, but I still work my own full time job and I am still a wife and a mom. I feel like I ask, ask, ask, but I never get anything in return. We have an agreement that we don’t make big purchases without consulting each other. He told me about the lap top and then it never bothered me, but now it does. I want to instill good habits in our son. He has a bike and has gotten really good at it and I would love to have a bike to ride along with him. We have a basement now and have room for a piece of exercise equipment, yet he tells me no. We had a borrowed treadmill once that was a piece of junk and I used it…then we got our dog and all she did was bark at the darn thing so I quit using it, BUT that was before I really started on the road towards healthier living. I will admit, I don’t like going to the gym. I don’t have a membership anymore, but I did and I used it. Just not 8 days a week like hubby does. I like to exercise on Saturday mornings, but when I get up, hubby is ALWAYS gone at the gym. I know I am stubborn, but once I get up and realize he’s gone and I get started on something else, my intention of going to the gym goes away. Now see if I had an elliptical in the basement I could work out even if he is gone. I just feel like I always give and don’t get anything in return. Okay, vent over. Sorry this got so long. I just needed to get it off my chest. I couldn’t say anything to hubby last night b/c I was just so irked. Not sure why it happened yesterday, but it all came to head and upset me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Not 100% sure what will happen today, but I do know my son and I are going to visit a friend who had a baby on Monday. And of course tonight we will go out. Have a good day!!!

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Randi said...

Boy do I hear you. I know you aren't asking for advice so perhaps you don't want this. But I'm a nosy busybody who thinks I know everything. I would focus on one or the other right now, not as overwhelming. And you could look for a used one or a cheaper model. I know I got a brand new bike for only $120 a few years ago and used it for biking to school (could you bike to work or get groceries?). And we got a cheapy elliptical at Walmart for $200 (I don't really recommend that as it creaks and seems cheap, but I guess it does that job right?) I know what you mean about being too irked to talk and crying all night! It's always better than you think though so chin up - it's more flattering ;)