Monday, April 30, 2007

Today wasn’t as good as I had hoped…

Let me say 2 words….LIFE CEREAL. Roni posted about it the other night. So the next day, I bought a box. I opened the box, poured me out a serving, then took it up stairs to eat it while I worked as part of my afternoon snack. But that one serving wasn’t enough, so I went back downstairs and grabbed the box, as if I was on autopilot. Why?!?!? I wasn’t even hungry. Why do we eat when we aren’t hungry?? I had lunch today, but I am not sure I was that hungry for it, but I ate it anyway. I was so full from my run and my protein shake, but it’s like I was in the kitchen so I had to eat. I fixed my son’s lunch and had to eat. What’s with that!??!?! I do feel a little better today. I made a Skinny Turkey Pot Pie for dinner that I found somewhere on here (forgot where, sorry!) and it was AWESOME!!! I got in TONS of water today. It’s like the more I drink, the more I want it. And it got really hot here today so I think that contributed to it as well. I hope my run tomorrow morning is a lot better than today’s. If I have a loss this week, I will be surprised. I’ll be happy to maintain and NOT gain. I just hope so. So here’s my journal for today:

protein shake--5

BLTs of son’s lunch--1
leftover chicken quesidilla--5
Baked beans--4
Fiber 1 bar--2

Skinny Turkey Pot Pie (5), asparagus (0), corn (1)--6

Life cereal incident--5

4 mile walk/run (50 minutes)--+5

Total Points --23

SO it all evened out, but I wasn’t planning on eating those activity points. Tomorrow will be better since I have leftovers for lunch. I do so much better when I have leftovers for lunch.
Tomorrow will be better. I hope. It has to be! At least I am here posting and holding myself accountable. That’s what this is all about. Tomorrow WILL be better!!! Hold me to it. ;)

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