Sunday, February 10, 2008

28 weeks! And a picture

Woo hoo!!! I made it to 28 weeks! Roughly 10 weeks to go before a possible induction.

Went to the doctor on Thursday and all is well. I am still measuring big. Last month I was measuring almost 4 weeks ahead, this month only almost 3 weeks ahead. :) I scheduled all of my appointments until the end. I can't believe it's THAT close! Oh my gosh!!! My last scheduled appointment is April 23. If I don't have a baby by then, I am going to ask her to induce me on Thursday, April 24. I have to give up my April 20th date b/c my doctor is not on call that weekend and I've been with her this long...I'd like to see her until the end! :) So anytime after April 20, we can go. :)

I took DS with me to that appointment. He thought it was neat to hear the heartbeat. He said it was like the baby was talking to him. He was so cute...he had all the office gals talking to him--he did not know a stranger that day! He was talking to everyone. He told the doctor that it's a boy in there. He will probably go with me to the next few appointments b/c now I go every 2 weeks. :) He'll go with me until they start needing to check me...he does NOT need to see THAT! hahahaha!!!

Here are a few pictures DH took tonight. The first one is my typical picture. The 2nd one is a somewhat bare belly shot. So if you don't want to see a white stretch marked belly, skip the last one. :) I thought it was a neat pose, but my stretch marks really take it out. I was trying to edit the picture out to make it black and white but I couldn't quite figure that out yet. :)

I'll post more later! Have a good one!


Candace said...

You are just so cute. I cannot see any stretch marks from here and the belly looks awesome. The AP clerk is leaving in less than 3 weeks on mat. leave and I'm so nervous to lose her for a year. I love baby bellies, lol.

Colette said...

Amanda you look GREAT!! I know you can't wait to hold that baby in your arms!!
Yes, I was off for Mardi Gras and the kids were out for the whole week! Thank god they went back to school today!! YEAH!!
hang in there that baby will be here before you know it!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

OMG Amanda! You are so adorable!!! Love it!

Love that you took ds to the appt. with you. I think that is something that is going to help make it more real for him.

Tina said...

Aww, you look so good! Wow, I can't believe you're going soon! It seems like just yesterday you were announcing baby #2.

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

CUTE CUTE pic (my fav the bottom one!!!!)

Anonymous said...

You look terrific!! I'm getting so exicted for you! Keep us posted!