Monday, February 4, 2008

So disappointed....

Imagine my disappointment last night when I realized I was 27 weeks...NOT the 28 I thought I was.

You mean to tell me I'm not as far along as I thought??? All week long I thought I was 27 weeks already and yesterday would be 28. But, alas, it's not. I was so disappointed. It took me coming to my blog to see my Lillpie ticker that said 27 weeks to finally realize it. UGH!!!!!!

SO now, I have 11 weeks. I'm shooting for April 20 which will put me at 38 weeks. DS was born at 38 weeks and he was 8#, 15 oz, 22 inches long. So I think I'll be fine with that point. AND my sister will be here that weekend. And I also think that weekend will be DS first soccer game so my mom, dad, and step mom (CC) will most likely be here too. Ahh...wouldn't that be great?!?!? I can pray, can't I? And you all might think I am crazy, but my dad is a very religious man. When I was in labor with DS, they were threatening a C-section b/c DS wouldn't drop down into the birth canal. I looked at my mom and said "Go tell Dad to PRAY!" (I get chills just typing this out!) My dad promptly went out to the parking lot of the hospital and paced that HUGE, long parking lot avidly praying the whole time...until CC came out and told him that I wouldn't need a C-section b/c DS had dropped. :) SO, I know my dad has some kind of special powers. So I'm going to tell him to pray for that weekend. You all can think I am nuts, go ahead, but I'm a daddy's girl and I know he can come through for me. :) At least I pray he can.... :)

Did you all see that game last night?!?!? WOO HOO!!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!

I am an avid Colts fan so if it couldn't be the Colts to take the Patriots down, I'm glad SOMEONE did!!! Best 18-1 team EVAH! Hahahahahaha!!! You should have heard DH and I last night yelling at the TV. Take that Tom Brady! Take that Bill BeliCHEAT! I'm so thrilled for the Manning family. I may have to order a shirt just b/c the Giants won! I'm so darn thrilled the Patriots were knocked off their throne! Take that Randy Moss....that's what greed will get ya--NOTHING!!! He signed on to the Patriots so he could get a ring....maybe he should have went to the Giants! HA!!!

Sorry to get off on a rant there, but I couldn't be happier about that outcome of that game! Sorry to all the NE fans out there. But hey...this is MY BLOG!!! hehehehe

Of course after the late night watching the game, we go to bed at 10:40...DS promptly comes in our room at 11 crying that his ear hurts. It was a looooonnnnng night! I got up this morning and called the doctor...he's got an ear infection. So we got some meds and now we are back home and he is going to snuggle in for a (hopefully long) afternoon nap, while I work. :)

I think that's it for now. I'll check back later! Have a good one!


Tina said...

Couldn't just wait a few days before gloating, could ya? Had to kick me while the wound was still fresh. That's okay, I'll take 18-1!!

I don't mind the Colts either mainly because of Dungy (sp?). He's a beautiful believer.

Anyway, sorry to hear about DS.. Hope he feels better soon. And we'll all pray that you deliver in perfect time!

MMalloy said...

That was a fantastic game. We were so happy for the Mannings as well!!
I hope DS starts feeling better. Ear infections are no fun!
I will be praying for April 20 as well!!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

ohhh, sorry about the ear infection...I think my baby has one too. We will be calling the dr. tomorrow.

Don't you hate it when things like the weeks or days are off? I do that all the time (mostly wishful thinking that it was Friday instead of any other day during the week).

Hope your dads prayers work.