Monday, February 25, 2008

First false alarm trip...

Well, thank god it was a false alarm! At 30 weeks, you sure don't want to be having a baby!

So last night (Sunday), we went out to dinner at Culver's. About an hour after dinner, we were at home, and I got this sharp stabbing pain across the lower part of my abdomen. I mean pain that almost dropped me to my knees. It HURT! Dh looked at me and asked if I was okay and I said I didn't know. He got me some water and I decided to do upstairs and get ready for bed and lie down to see if that would help the pains...all while sipping my water. I was still having the pains, but not the as bad as they first were. But the thing that scared me more than anything was that when these pains did come my whole stomach would get really tight and hard. I got up and tried to go to the bathroom, but nada. So I ended up calling the doctor (luckily, MY doctor was on call) and she wanted me to go in and get checked out just to be safe. So, at 10:00 Sunday night, here we are donning clothes and getting DS out of bed (he was still awake but in bed) to take him over to the neighbors. DH was very nervous (as was I) b/c he didn't talk the whole way up to the hospital. Which BTW, is a normally 40 minute drive--we made it in 20! He was drving a tad fast, but there was ZERO traffic...I mean it was 10 on a Sunday night!

*****WARNING: TMI--bodily functions will be discussed!!!!******

Once we get to the hosptial, I had to get to the bathroom ASAP. I get in there and my bowels decide to empty themselves. I had done this Saturday night AND I had a normal bowel movement on Sunday afternoon, so this scared me even more b/c I've heard numerous women say that their bowels did the same thing in preparation for delivery. So, at this point, I am VERY nervous, but still having these pains. DH gets me all registered and up we go to Triage. They hook me up to the monitors and all is fine with the baby. I was having very slight uterine irritability but nothing for them to be concerned about. Baby's heart rate was between 130 & 150 the whole time and VERY active. They checked my cervix and all was tight and closed. They ran a few tests (all were negative) and let me go home. I did find out I have a yeast infection (which I knew) but I got some prescription cream for it instead of the OTC Monistat I was going to use. So let's hope that clears everything up! We left the hospital a little after 1230, picked up DS and were home and in bed by 1:15. It was a looooonnnnng night to say the least. But, I'm glad all was okay.

I got asked quite a few times while we were there if this was my first my 2nd was my reply each time. I KNOW you are supposed to have those false runs on your first baby, not your 2nd, but darn it those pains HURT and I knew they weren't supposed to feel that way. And besides, this pregnancy has a whole new set of aches and pains I didn't have with DS.

They did also look at the swelling I've been having (it has been the worst so far this past weekend) and all was fine there too. My blood pressure was fine too. I started swelling about this time with DS, but not in my feet until later on. I've had to quit wearing my wedding ring too as of Sunday. Sigh.... Oh well. It will ALL be worth it in the end. I told DH tonight I feel like these next 8 weeks or so are going to go by SO SLOW. He said they will if you keep going to the hospital in the middle of the night. :)

Oh and you know what DS told me this morning? "Mommy, the next time you go to the hospital, do it when the sunshine is out!"

On that note....that's all from me tonight. :)


Kendra said...

Oh man! I'm so glad it was just a false alarm. Scary!

I LOVE the girl name you have picked out. Too cute!

Miss July...not...yet said...

I'm so glad all is well...I lucked out and had no middle of the night issues. Still, even w/the 2nd kid it is all kinds of scary and differnt.

These last 8 weeks are going to fly, you will see. No wishing them away!

Jynell said...

Glad to hear all was ok. With my first, I didn't have a single contraction until the morning I went into labor. With my 2nd & 3rd, I had BH contractions most of my 3rd trimester. I'm not talking just a few here I there.... some were so bad that I had to stop what I was doing & start up with the breathing techniques! LOL! The other thing was that they were consistently 5 minutes apart. For a long time I timed them & got nervous & rearranged plans "just in case". I had contractions 4-5 minutes apart for 8 HOURS one day- and then they STOPPED!! I finally gave up & ignored them until they went to 3 minutes apart before I decided to go in. Anyway, my point is, everyone & every pregnancy is different. Don't feel silly for going in to be sure everything was ok. The other thing is to remember, although BH contractions are frustrating/annoying they DO do work- work that you won't have to do later when you ARE in real labor. :D Anyway... enough of my rambling! Take care!!!

Melanie said...

So glad that you are home. How scary though! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! :)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

So glad you're doing okay! Every baby is different... the aches, pain, and even the delivery were different for me all 4 times!

MMalloy said...

I am so glad it was a false alarm and that both you and baby are doing fine.
Keep us updated, as always you're in my thoughts and prayers!

Steph said...

Evidently I am WAY behind!! Good heavens to think that I just found this out. That's it missy - rest and relaxation for you, from now on! Yeah right...I know it ain't gonna happen but at least try to take it easy!

BTW - love, love, love the name Lexi - that is too cute and judging from your personality - it would so fit your daughter!

Okay - keep that baby cooking and remember TAKE IT EASY!!!


Courtney said...

I'm glad everything is ok! I read you post last week but didn't get a chance to respond. You shouldn't feel bad about questioning things just because it's your second kid. This pregnancy has been CRAZY different for me! I love the name Lexi....and I'm a teacher....all the Lexi's I've had have been GREAT!

Courtney (formeforlife)