Monday, May 19, 2008

Myrtle Beach anyone?

I'm calling on all my readers (if I still have any, that is!!)

I need some info. The family and I are supposed to be heading to Myrtle Beach, SC here in a little over a week. Yes, we are crazy and we know that. BUT it's the only time we could get in at our time share during my leave. I realize taking a 5 week old on a 12 hour car trip might be suicide, but, alas, we have NO other option. Unless, we wait until the end of September or beginning of October and then I don't know if it will be warm enough to go to the beach then. you know anything about Myrtle Beach??? If so, PLEASE leave me a comment. Neither DH nor I have ever been there (which is a first for us--usually one of us has been to our destination). I am wondering about grocery stores (Walmart or Publix or what else?) and of course any recommendations on a place to eat would be FANTASTIC! We will go out at least one night and we love us some good seafood. So, please, enlighten me. Anything you can give me, I will take.

Any tips on traveling in a car with a 5 week old AND a 4 year old are GREATLY appreciated as well.

Oh lord, I hope this trip doesn't kill us all. ;0)

In other news, Zac goes to the doctor on Wednesday for his 1 month check-up (he'll be a month old on Saturday--WOW!) so I'll post an update then. The scale is NOT my friend anymore. It's showing me a gain for last week. But I digress....I must get/keep my milk supply up so I am not worried about the number on the scale too much. At least until I get the okay from my doctor. I NEED to eat better....but some days it's hard with a screaming baby and a 4 year old. Oh and add to that the fact that we have Fazoli's coming out of our ears leftover from a shower thrown for me by my friends at work. They sent me home with all the left overs...which is great...but fettucine alfredo twice a day is NOT good for you! Thankfully, it's about gone. Well, it's going to be gone anyway..... ;) I have managed to give up caffeine. I had caffeine on Thursday and that's the last I've had. Before that it had been a couple days too. I'm really trying to give up soda in general AND the carbonation caffeine. Yep, no more diet soda for me. Wow...I can't believe I just typed that.

Okay, I'm outta here. PLEASE leave a comment if you can help me out in anyway. Word of mouth is always the best recommendation! :)


MMalloy said...

A month old already?!? Wow!

I wish I had some more info on Myrtle Beach, never been there though. I look forward to your review when you get back.

Traveling with a 5 week old and a 4 year old, I will be praying for your sanity!!! I am sure it will all go just fine though, hopefully Zac will nap.

Miss July...not...yet said...

I've never been there. Sorry. Ummm, traveling. Well, the good news is your 5 week old should sleep most of the time.
I would get a portable dvd player for the 4 yr old. Those seem to be amazing.
oatmeal is good for milk production too...but make sure you get the whole oats.

Jynell said...

I am also useless for info on Myrtle Beach- maybe a good Google search could help you out? As far as the traveling goes, we did a 6 hour drive to Rhode Island when my daughter was 2 weeks old & my oldest was 17 months!! (Looking back, I'm not sure what I was thinking b/c it was only for a vacation, not a wedding or funeral or some other "required" event...) Anyway, Miss July is (hopefully) right. Zac should sleep through a lot of it. If you/your hubby can do it sleep wise, try leaving around 7 or 8 at night, that way both of the boys (and maybe even you) can sleep most of the way & maybe catch a nap the next morning. 12 hours in a car isn't fun for anyone!! I'd also second the DVD idea. I KNOW that is the only reason we survived the 16 hours trip to Kentucky (for a wedding) with 3 kids under 5 last year. We just used our laptop & the kids watched movies or slept most of the way. Other than that, pack up a goodie bag for Xander- coloring books/ Color wonders, car bingo, maybe some bubbles or sidewalk chalk for pit stops (while you feed the baby) & a few new little surprises for when you REALLY need him to be distracted/calmed. If all else fails, pack the nighttime cough syrup so they'll really sleep! (JUST KIDDING!!! LOL!!) Just don't stress about it, that never makes a vacation fun. Hope you have a great time!!

Ashley said...

I found your blog through Diet Coke and Zingers, and I'm going to Myrtle Beach the first weekend in June! I've been 3 times already, and my boyfriend has gone every year since who knows when. What kind of info do you want? If you want to stay in a hotel, I'd try Indigo Inn ( It's probably the last mom & pop place left, and it's a fantastic family-oriented place to stay. For shopping, there's an outlet mall, and Broadway at the Beach is a fun, all-inclusive sort of strip mall. The Pavillion is like a mini-amusement park, with a wooden roller coaster and lots of little county-fair type rides. Let me know what kind of stuff you're looking for and I'll try to help you out!

Steph said...

I don't know much about Myrtle Beach except it has great golf.......somehow I don't think that is very appealing to you though??

Glad that you and the boys are doing well and I can't wait to see pics of your vacation!

anna said...

it's hard juggling your diet with being a new mommy. trying to lose weight, gain milk, avoid certain foods (baby digestion)'s a lot to ask anyone. don't worry about the scale. try to make healthy choices and it will all happen in time. you're a good momma! have a great trip!