Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this cheating?

I decided to WI today since I won't be at home on Monday. I was PRAYING for a 1.3 loss--which would have put me at 179.9. DS2 got up extra early (of course he did, I went to bed extra late!) so I fed him and changed him and he went back to bed. I jump on the scale and it reads 180.0! I about died! You will laugh at what I did next. I went to the bathroom to try and pee out anything I had in there, blew my nose, got down to my skivvies and hopped back on the scale. 180.0 STILL! I took of my ring, got butt naked and got back on--180.0. I got on AGAIN--180.0. I was frustrated, but still THRILLED to see a loss and just since Monday!

So, then I go to take my measurements. I am down 5.75 inches overall. A quarter of an inch at least in every spot I measure. Some places as much as an inch or even more! Of course not the places I want to be (my belly) but I am losing inches! So before I put the scale away I jump on one more time--179.9!

WOO HOO!!!! I was jumping around my bedroom and bathroom!!! DS2 was up by this time (why oh why do they have to get up so early when we DON'T have to be anywhere?!?! they don't do this on school days!) and he was with me in the bathroom. So he starts jumping around with me! :)

So, is that cheating my WI? I got on and off that scale THREE different times and they all said 179.9. I don't care, I'm counting it! And it's only .1 so its not that big of a deal, but it is to me! So I'm down 1.3 for the week and in a new 10 pound range! YAHOO!!!!! This brings my weight loss total to 7.9# so far...and a LOT more to go!

We are heading out tomorrow for Myrtle Beach! I am excited but scared at the same time. I am terrified of this drive with 2 kids. Thankfully my mom is going with us so she will be in the back of the van to keep DS2 entertained. Say a prayer that we have a good trip and cooperative kids!

On a DS2 update--took him to the doctor yesterday. He has an ear infection! His first one, which also means his first round of antibiotics (Amoxicillin) which he hates. I think this one is going to be harder to get meds and food in. He is perfectly happy at the boob! :)

DH will have his laptop on vacation so I will hopefully get to check in at least once while I am there. I do plan on behaving myself while we are gone and sticking to my food plan. I have to show my journals to my trainer when I get back! AND I have to WI with him that Monday morning, so posting a loss after a vacation would be so awesome!!!

I've gotta go pack! Have a great OP day and weekend! :)


MMalloy said...

HOORAY!!! You are making awesome progress, I am taking your advice and getting more water and F&V in. Maybe it will work for me too!!
Thank you so much for the comment yesterday. I was in need of a friend and I totally thought of you for whatever reason, I just though "Amanda would know what to say".
I am doing much better and keeping up with my goals. I know I will be posting a picture of me in that dress soon!!
Have a fun getaway! Can't wait to hear the report back.

Michelle said...

Cheating shmeating, you did it!! Woo-hoo!! Have fun at the beach.

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

What will I do while you are gone? No one to talk to on my commute to work----Be good and have fun on vacay!!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Not cheating... not at all... I would have force fed the baby if it was me!! Glad it's all going well for you!