Monday, September 8, 2008

Shouting from the rooftops!

I lost 4# this week!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!! Some movement on the scale!!! And boy am I glad it has moved. My morning scale reading was 181.2. I am really hoping to see 179 this coming week!

I'll tell you what though...eating 4 servings of fruits AND veggies every day leaves me no room for anything else! Seriously...I don't have time or room in my belly for any "junk." I may eat a 100 cal pack or bar once a day (but no more than that--and that's a great improvement from before) but that's it! I'm really trying to cut out my night time snacking and so far so good. That wasn't a problem with me before but since DS2 has been born, I've picked it up. Not out of boredom or stress but b/c I was finding that when I didn't eat a snack before bedtime I was almost passing out by morning b/c I'd been through 3 nursing sessions without anything to eat or drink. So I had to fix that problem! But now DS2 is sleeping from 7-7 so I don't need to eat that extra snack or 2. :)

I think I am going to take my measurements on Friday morning. We are leaving for vacation on Saturday and I need to see how things are going other than on the scales. I've had 5 workouts with the trainer. He told me it would take about 6 weeks to see results. I plan to take a few walks while we are on vacation. We aren't right on the beach so I could take a walk to the beach every day. Or DH and I could take a walk every night after the kids go to bed (my mom is going with us so we have a babysitter).

When Superjayman was here, we ate out a LOT!! I don't think I ate at home the whole time she was here! I did once I think.... That's bad! We always go out to eat a lot when she visits. But we had such a good time. I gained that week she was here but "only" 1.2, which I think is pretty darn good considering how much we ate out!

Let's see what else... DS2 rolled over for the first time on Saturday! He's still sick but he's obviously feeling good enough to try new things. :)

I've started journaling everything! And it's really helped me to see what all I'm eating and drinking. I'm getting in 160 ounces of water every day too. That's a LOT!! If I don't get in @ least 100 ounces of water each day, I can really tell a difference in my body.

I got yet another new hair cut and style. I will post pictures ASAP. I don't want to go down stairs right now b/c I'm too darn sore from my workout this morning! LOL!!!!

I have to get back to work! I'll post those pictures this week. Maybe not today b/c we have soccer tonight and I'll probably have to work tonight. Have a great OP day!


Miss July...not...yet said...


WTG on the loss. Don't you just love that?

Can't wait to see the hair pics.

MMalloy said...

WOW!! Awesome loss! Sounds like you have a good plan going for you.

A new style and cut! Can't wait to see!!!

Courtney said...

Hey's been a super long time since I posted on your site...but I've been keeping up in my spare minutes. I had my baby on May 28, we moved June 27, I started a new's been insanely busy and I barely have time to breathe let alone keep up a blog! But I do check on the "originals" as I like to call them! It's so fun to see pictures of your little ones and I'm glad your weightloss is going well. I too have started again...16 pounds since July 1. Sooooooo many more to go, but I too hired a trainer and being how busy I am, hardly eat during the day! Anyway, thanks for finding time to post in your busy days too!

Courtney (formeforlife)

Candace MacPherson said...

So glad you're sleeping through the night now. It helps a lot with weight maintenance. Is your oldest in school yet? Something tells me he's home for another year. Take care and way to go on the loss this week.