Friday, September 5, 2008

Just b/c I haven't blogged...

Doesn't mean I'm off the wagon! Actually, I'm more on than I've been in a LONG time!

I have had a helluva week! First DS2 has been sick, DS1 was throwing up last night, DH and I have some sinus issues going on and I am ready for Calgon to take me away! UGH!!!

I have so much in my head to post, but no time. I may be taking DS2 to the doctor this afternoon. So I'll try to hit some highlights:

* First of all, I saw a number on the scale this morning I haven't seen in a while (182.2) so that has me THRILLED about weighing in on Monday.

* I've been journaling every single bite I take now..this is my 2nd week doing that.

* Things with the trainer are going great! I lost this week (1.2) but it was what I gained while BFF Superjayman was visiting.

* Had a wonderful visit with SuperJ. Can't wait to see her again in December!

* Drinking tons of water (160 ounces at least every day!) and eating tons of fruits and veggies (4 servings of each every day).

I think that's the highlights. I have another post I've been working on for a week now but I've got writer's block at the moment. Or maybe it's lack of sleep? I don't know.

I hope to post a real post this weekend! :)


MMalloy said...

Take care of yourself and those boys of yours...everyone I know is dealing with colds and sinuses lately. Yuck!
Congrats on tracking and the loss. That is fantastic (even if it is what you gained the week before) atleast you are moving that dial in the right direction!!!
I am with you on the crazy week. The RNC crowds are finally out of St. Paul so things will hopefully go back to normal next week!

Miss July...not...yet said...


Sounds like you are doing great. Keep taking it easy tho, you have 2 little ones and when they are sick it makes it harder. I have been journaling everything too and that has really helped a lot!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Great job on the loss!! At least the family (the entire family---sorry) is sick this week and not next week. I'll chat atcha today after work!!!

carla said...

oooh. delurking to say it's nice to see that you are SO FIRMLY ON THE WAGON you couldnt find the computer to blog!



Michelle said...

Wow!! You're doing fabulous! Love the positive energy. Keep it up!!