Monday, September 10, 2007

Can I do WW while pregnant?

This is a huge question that gets asked by a lot of newly pregnant moms. The technical answer is no. WW will not allow you to attend a meeting or weigh in if you are pregnant. Notice I said the technical answer....WELL, if you have done WW then you have been taught several guidelines and one of them (or should I say 8?) is the 8 good health guidelines. So yeah, I can follow the GHG and still try to keep my gain to a minimum. A lot of women will ask their doctor about still counting points and a lot of the time the doc says to follow the nursing moms program (which allows you to add 10 points to your daily intake). Some doctors say stick to 30 points. Some say don't do it at all. I have no idea what mine says b/c I haven't asked her yet. ;) I'm not being perfect by any means, but I still plan to fix healthy dinners and try to meet the requirements. But I'll tell you one thing, it's harder than hell!!

When you have been dieting or WW'ing for so long, you get to a point where you don't want to diet or count points. We've all been there. I am trying, I really am, but for once in my life (okay, well this is the 2nd time), I don't have to count points and I don't have to watch what I eat! YAHOO!!!!!!! :) But the downfall is some of the good stuff sounds horribly disgusting right now. Ice cream--yuck. Now Taco Bell and I may become close friends. Carbs, carbs, carbs--that's all that sounds good and tastes good. I've had such bad gas and indigestion that I hate to eat the last 2 days. HATE it b/c I know I will pay later on. SUCKS! Hey, you all want me to keep blogging, you're going to hear ALL about it. :)

I would never leave you all anyway. I felt lost without being able to get online while we were gone! You are all so great and I really do appreciate the sweet comments and all the congrats.

Even though I am pregnant, it still does not feel real. Obviously, I'm not showing. I haven't gained anything, I've not got my head in the toilet violently puking, I'm not sleeping 18 hours a day. I tell people, but it just doesn't feel real yet. I know once I go to that first appointment it will all become more real. October 3rd won't get here fast enough!

I will tell you my one "craving" (if you can call it that) is PIZZA! We had pizza on Friday 8/31, I had some leftovers the next morning for breakfast, then finished off the leftovers at lunch that day AND fixed another one for me and DS to split. THEN, last Tuesday, I had pizza for lunch AND fixed it for dinner that night. DS AND DH both said "pizza?? AGAIN!?!?" Sorry guys. It's quick easy and tastes oh so good!! Then we had it Thursday night when we watched the Colts game with my sister and her now husband. Hey, at least I am getting some calcium in!

Oh yeah, football season has started...I'm in heaven. I LOVE Football. I LOVE the Colts!!! :)

This is long enough. I'll get out of here! All of you out there have a great OP day!!! :)


MMalloy said...

I am laughing over here. Why? Becuase this is so awesome and you sound EXACTLY like my sister did her first Tri! Carbs, gas and just plain happy (seriously, I can feel your happiness right through the screen).
I love babies and I can't tell you how excited I am that I will be here to read right along the pregnancy. I want my sis to have another one so badly, and since she isn't ready you will be my substitute.
I have never been pregnant, but I read all the books and went to all the appointments for Rosie, so I can releate just a little!
Awww...I am excited. Anyways. I think you have the right train of thought. Following the guidlines and not counting points, atleast for right now. If you feel like you are putting on a lot more then you would like try following points every other day or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I had horrible digestive issues from just about day one with DD - I feel the carb vibe for sure. Also, for some bizarre reason, I couldn't get enough pineapple. Just go with the guidlines as much as you can (since we should all do that) and enjoy your cravings --- they'll be gone in a flash one your little one arrives anyway! Congrats again!

dizzydazey said...

I'm sooo super excited for you!!

When I read your email I just KNEW that you were preggers!!

Congratulations!! Yay!!

I'll gush more when I get back home!!

{{hugs!!}} Yay!!! :o)

MMalloy said...

Just thinking of you and wanted to stop by and say "hi"!!!

theenginethatcould said...

Congrats!! how exciting.....hope you keep feeling pretty good!!