Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tonight I went to Old Navy to see what they had on clearance in the maternity section. Since we are going on vacation in 17 days, and my current capris are too tight, I thought I would see what I would find. Now tell me...why is it when I try to shop there when I am not pregnant, I hate the way they size things. But tonight...I LOVED them! They had these super cute blue jean capris for more than 50% off. And they had a TON of them! I normally wear a large, so that's what I grabbed. Tried them on and I was swimming in them. So I tried on a medium. They fit and actually look good!!! So what did I do?? I bought both! :) One for now (the medium) and the others (large) for next spring. Last time, I gained in my butt and my hips so I got the large just in case. And for the price, I couldn't pass up buying both pairs! WOO HOO!!! And they don't even look like maternity and they are oh so comfortable.

I think this might be an NSV too. My undies are falling off of me in the butt area. What is up with that?? I never had that with DS (I think my butt got bigger with him!) But yesterday something felt funny so I went to check it out and it was my undies hanging off my butt! Now does that mean my ass is getting smaller?? WOO HOO!!!!!! :)

WARNING--TMI--boobies will be discussed!!!

Before I got pg, one of my boobs was slightly larger than the other, which I am told is normal.'s a visible difference. I mean HUGE!!!! This may sound odd, but I held them in my hands and the one side hung off my hands, while the other one had sufficient hand showing. Does that make sense?? LOL!!! When I nursed DS, one side always produced better than the other and he preferred the better producing side maybe I'm getting ready to be a milk machine again! :) If you stayed with me this far, I told you were warned!!!

A few of you have asked about belly shots. Are you freaking crazy!??!?!?! Now, I just look plain ol fat. But I THINK I have figured out a way to take a belly shot without showing all the nasty fat that comes along with it. I will be 8 weeks on Sunday, so I think I will have DH take a picture then and then do it again at 12 weeks, 16, and 20 for sure. Heck, maybe I'll do it every week since this very well could be my last pregnancy.

I am outta here. I got DS's costume tonight for Halloween and he is in the shower. Once he gets out, he has to try it on. He's going to be Superman. He'll be so cute!!! :) Have a great night and a great Thursday!!


MMalloy said...

Awesome NSV, I love old navy clearance racks...they are always full!!!
I don't know what to say about the shrinking butt or uneven boobies! Yep, can't think of anything, other then you have a whole heck of a lot going on inside that body of yours and maybe things will even out as the pregnancy goes on!
Superman? How cute!!! Oh, he is going to be a very good superman. Do post a picture!!

dizzydazey said...

One of my boobs are bigger than the other, too. I tell myself this is normal! :o)

You don't have to take naked preggers pictures if you don't want to, (actually I'd prefer not to know if you do...) I just wanna be able to see you as your tum grows, you know? :o)

The DS is gonna be so cute as Superman! I wanna see pix of that too! (hmmm... I'm a little demanding today. Well, I AM De Mandy. yuk yuk.) :o)

Happy Thursday!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I've got the same boobie issue and mine is ALWAYS visibly larger! It started when is started nursing and has just gotten worse! I'm thinking I may need a boob job just to fix the poor girls up!

Anonymous said...

Mine stayed the same, but my BFF has this issue and hers is actually two cup sizes bigger than the other!!! It is totally normal though to have a boob bigger than the other; lots of women do (even when not preggers!)


MMalloy said...

Hey, I need an update! How was the party on Saturday? Hope everything is good!