Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm so Excited!!!

And I just can't hide it!!!!!!!! WOO WEE!!!! off on a tangent there. :)

I have searched and searched tonight (instead of working for some OT...oops! I have my priorities!) and I THINK I have found out that we can get into Magic Kingdom the day of the Halloween Party at 5. Someone even posted on this one website that they got in at 4. WOO HOO!!!!!!!! I am going to pray we can get in early (I'd LOVE to get in at 4!!) and then we can ride our favorite rides and get our meal before the party starts at 7. I am just so stinkin happy right now.

I am trying to decide if DH and I should dress up or not. DS will be Superman. I was thinking about being a Colts fan (well, duh, I already am!) by wearing my jersey, painting my face, and spraying my hair blue for the night. That was last year's idea though (that I never got to use, grumble, grumble...that's a whole other issue). Any ideas on a costume?? I do not want to spend a ton of money. I don't want to be a Disney character. And I don't make my own least not with the time crunch of 10 days. What should I be??!?! Please leave me any ideas you've got! DH wants to be Peyton Manning. Seriously, during football season, he gets told ALL THE TIME that he looks just like Peyton Manning. We get stopped in grocery stores, Wal-Mart, all sorts of places! So this is a possibility for him. But what about me?!?! Ahhh...I may have to hit the party store tomorrow to see what they've got that's not too trampy.

Other than that, not too much new to report tonight. I now have 6 days until my doctor's appointment. I'm so excited about that. Hoping that appointment will make it "more real" for me. I told superjayman today that it feels like an out of body experience when I tell people I am pregnant. I hear myself say it, but it's like I am telling it from across the room or I'm watching myself tell people. It's really weird!!

Tonight I am just excited. :) Better than being a downer, huh?? :)

Oohh....Private Practice starts tonight and Grey's is back tomorrow!!!! Super duper woo hoo!!!!

One other thing...tomorrow...September 27th is Superjayman's birthday. :) Stop on over and give her a big b-day shout!! I won't state her age (not that she even looks NEAR her age!). Hopefully she'll post soon!

Have a great night all and a wonderful OP Thursday!


dizzydazey said...

Yay! For everything looking like it's going to work out at Disney World!!

I think you should go to the party dressed like Barbie! :o)

Have a great weekend & take care!!

Anonymous said...

The Colts fan with DH as Peyton would be cute! Have fun at Disney!

MMalloy said...

Dressing up would be fun. I am horrible at costumes but love when a good one comes my way. Last year I was a 70s angel. I have a pair of white GoGo (spelling?) boots and I had a white skirt (not trampy) a white turtle neck and then I just picked up the wings and halo from the costume store! Ummm...I will think of ideas today though.
Okay, promise you will not post about Greys or Private Practice, I cannot watch them until Friday becuase of school. I am so mad that I have class on Thursdays, seriously what was I thinking. I am an huge Adison fan (my friends call me Madison because I try to dress like her and my hair is the same color) anyways, YIPEE!!!!

MMalloy said...

You should go as an oven with a bun baking! and DH should go as the chef!!!

Melanie said...

That is so awesome you can get in early! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!