Sunday, September 9, 2007

The wedding was PERFECT!

Just to warn you, this is LONG! :)

Ahhhh, I am so glad it's over, but it was the most beautiful and perfect day for my sister! We had a GREAT time, lots of laughter and fun and now they are on their way to their honeymoon. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Me and little man before the ceremony

Our little family

From left--baby sister Micah, Mom, Jodi, Matthew, me

Micah, Dad, Jodi, Matthew, Me

Bride and Groom at their first dance

My dad getting kisses from 2 of his girls

It was a great day and I am so utterly happy for my sister! They are on their way to Cabo San Lucas as I type and I know they are READY for this vacay!

OKAY....on to the Meez Barbie. I was playing on the computer the other night before we left. I had blogged all I could blog, was all caught up on my reading and I was bored. I wanted to see if they had anything for down the road when I hopefully might need it. I NEVER copied and pasted the new barbie to my blog so I didn't think it would show up here. I thought I could make it and it would save it and I could upload it when I needed it. Once I got up from the computer that night (Wednesday), I never sat back down to one when entire time we were gone. I talked to superjayman on the way home last night and she told me about it so I came home to check it out. Sorry about that!!!!!

It is true though. I am pregnant. :) I found out the day after my sister's bachelorette party. Superjayman was here when I found out. I was completely shocked b/c this was only our first month to "try" and things didn't happen too often if you know what I mean. Superjayman called me "fertile myrtle". We are completely thrilled and sooo excited! My due date is May 4, so I am only 6 weeks along. It has KILLED me to not put it on here and tell everyone, but I have some IRL friends who read this from down home and I didn't want word to get to my family before I did. Then all the work stuff happened, so it was kinda good timing b/c I didn't want to post my menu (b/c it sucks) or my weight b/c I am not really tracking either one right now.

I already have food aversions too. For a few weeks before I found out, I was having my English muffin breakfast sandwich for breakfast every day. Now the thought of eggs makes me want to hurl. The site and smell of them even worse. YUCK! And fruit...same aversion with the exception of red grapes. Funny thing is, when I was pregnant with Xander, I craved both fruit and eggs. I'm really trying to watch my caffeine and aspartame intake which is really hard b/c I LOVE diet coke....LOVE it! But I don't want to drink too much of it. It's hard that's for sure. I had a real mountain dew the other day and it about killed me to drink that!

Here is how DH and the rest of the family found out:

And then DH got this on top of that too:

So we told the family on Friday night at rehearsal with Jodi's blessing. I wasn't going to do anything until she gave the OK. Everyone is thrilled, of course. Xander says he is having TWO babies and at least one of them is a sister. My first appointment is October 3rd so I may request an ultrasound then just to see if it's twins or not! If it is, I'm going to ask him for the lottery numbers too!!! I think he knew before I did b/c he kept saying stuff about his baby sister. He wants a sister. I don't think he will care b/c he talks about both, but he talks about a sister more than anything.

This wasn't exactly the way I had planned to tell you all, but oh well. All I want is a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy...that's all I care about.

It's really hard to NOT say "F*$@ it" with the whole WW thing, it really is. I haven't been eating the greatest, but I haven't been overeating either. My weight has been the same for 2 weeks so I think that's pretty good. I know with DS, I had already gained at least 5# by this point. I'm having evening sickness right now...I'm so bloated and have so much gas (sorry TMI, but it happens when you are pregnant!) and I can't get any relief. With DS, I never had these issues until the very end. It doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat, I still have the gas and indigestion. Tums help and I have been eating them like candy the last week or so!

I have to get out of here. I need a shower and then we need groceries. DS is still asleep so I need to take advantage of this time and get my rear in gear! I am super behind on my blog reading I hope to get caught up tomorrow evening or so. Have a great OP day!!!


Candace said...

I knew about that Meez thing. It changes with the main one, but you can save 5 different ones and copy those.
However, congratulations! That's awesome.
As for eating, you have learned some great tools and it WILL help. It will also help with a healthy pregnancy/baby.
The pics are awesome. I was going to wait when I got prego 5 yrs ago to tell me dd, but we decided not to because, well, those first couple months are a bitch and I didn't want her to get freaked out that Mommy wasn't feeling good. Take care, and get lots of rest.

Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOO! Congrats!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!! How exciting for you! Just take care of yourself and don't stress about what you eat. You look AMAZING in the wedding pictures! YEAH!!!!


BB said...

Ah how exciting! I bet your son is right about twins. I've heard more than one story about kids knowing what or how many babies their Mom's are having! You shouldn't stay on WW when you're pregnant, should you? Just eat healthy and worry about the rest later :)

MMalloy said...

Wooohooo!!! CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you and DS, he will be a great big brother!! What a cute way to tell everyone!
I am alive but buried between work and school. I will try to update soon.
Take care of yourself and just do what you can on the WW front!
I LOVE the blue dresses, you look fantastic, the dress is very flattering.
Talk soon [hugs]

Colette said...

OMG Amanda that is terrific new honey!! I am so excited about your news too! Your son is so precious...just think now you will have 2( maybe 3 ) precious kids!!
I LOVE the wedding pics too. You are the spitting image of your mother and she is very beautiful! Blue looks awesome on you too btw and what a lovely family you have.

Your sister was absoulately BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so glad all went well with the wedding. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!!

Steph said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Congratulations - I am sooooo envious! You can stop the WW but you have to keep blogging - let me live vicariously through your pregnancy - LOL! Really congratulations.......I am sooo happy for you!

Swizzlepop said...

Congratulations, that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! You had me totally confused for a few days there because I went back and looked to see if I had missed something and I hadn't. I agree with Steph, you can't stop blogging. I wish WW had a PG program to help women gain the proper amount of weight. I'm sure you'll do fine and you've already learned so many healthy habits.
WOOHOO for Knocked Up Barbie!

MtngirlinCali said...

Wow--- congratulations!! Very exciting news. And you look gorgeous at your sisters' wedding.....the colors are stunning. Did you get to dance with your son??

Well, now that you can't stick to WW, you can at least report back your healthy but bizarre food concoctions here. ;) H&H 9 months!

Kate from AZ said...

Holy crap congrats!! Good for you! You look great in the blue dress BTW, I really like how you had your hair done.

Kendra said...

Congratulations!!!!! I never gained much during my pregnancies (of course, I was overweight to begin with). It's almost like my metabolism sped up while I was pregnant. Weird. I never did WW'ers while pregnant, but I always thought that just eating the way they teach you can't be wrong for a lil' bean. It has to still be better than the processed fatty stuff, kwim? I certainly wasn't the picture of perfect eating while I was pregnant. lol

I'm so thrilled that you will still be updating us!!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

YAY for a baby!

WeightBGone said...

Congrats on the baby that is such exciting news. I am so very happy for you!!

KimLookAlike said...

I am also behind onmy blog reading but big congrats to you and your family!! :-)