Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Eating healthy...and a vent

I'm going to do the vent first so I can get it off my chest. If you don't want to read/hear about it, simply scroll on down.

Why is it that EVERY week I ask the husband (from here on out, just H, b/c tonight he is NOT dear...more like damn at this point--LOL!) for dinner ideas and EVERY week I get the same response? (Trust me you don't want to know what it is either.) Our home computer is broke and has been now since we got back from vacay. ALL my recipes are on that computer. My menu planning stuff is on that computer. I am pregnant and nothing sounds good to me to plan. I have the stuff for one meal...and I've had it since we got back from vacation. I just don't feel like cooking it. Once I decide on something, I'm fine, but I am having the HARDEST time trying to come up with something. EVERY. FREAKIN. NIGHT. This is why I do a menu. Much easier. So tomorrow I am planning a weekly shopping trip thus I need ideas for dinner. I ask him, get the usual response and in my hormone hyped up ways end up slamming some cabinet drawers and in tears. I HATE being the only menu planner. I hate making all the cooking decisions. Yes, I know I am lucky b/c no one cares what they are having...as long as it isn't dog sh!t, they (namely H) don't care. But I get so sick of it. I am craving Mexican like it's no body's business, so I could eat that every night but then I would get in trouble for going out too much. ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Add to this the fact that he got me NOTHING for my birthday...not even a freakin card, nor did he cook me dinner, nor has he taken me out (maybe in the next couple weeks) and I am just so DONE with him right now I could scream. (For those interested my dinner Sunday night was a bag of popcorn b/c I wasn't about to cook.) My boss didn't even wish me happy birthday and she wishes EVERYONE a happy birthday. Sometimes a day late (which I expected since it was on Sunday) but now it's Tuesday and still nothing...and she's off tomorrow (Wednesday). This birthday has royally sucked. I told H that he was horrible this year and he better make up for it next year (a surprise party maybe?!?!? and yes I love surprises) or take me somewhere or do SOMETHING. It's just been a rotten week and it's only Tuesday! It has to get better, right!?!?!?!?!!? As I wipe away the tears. I know this sounds stupid and petty to all of you, but to me right now, it's something. I just want an idea for dinner (which he just told me pancakes sound good) and to feel special ONE day a year. UGH.

Okay, rant over. On to better things.

Thank you to Steph for blogging about Cream of Wheat the other day. Ever since then I have craved that for breakfast and that's what I've had. Something healthy! Oh my gosh!!! I was having a bagel with cream cheese, so this is much better!!! So all of you out there in blog land, blog about eating healthy stuff and maybe the subliminal messages will seep in and I will eat better than I have been! :)

Oh and this weeks craving (besides Mexican...that's been going on for a while now) is SUBWAY! Oh what a good thing to crave. And I got the baked chips. I got apples one day last week from this particular Subway and they were gross so I won't be doing that again. But I got the baked lays instead of the regular ones (or the Funyons (sp??)) so go me! Not that I would ever get real chips b/c I am sooo used to the baked ones, but still. Oh and I can eat fruit again. Namely, pineapple. I have had a can the past 2 days. I can't wait to go to the store and get some grapes. I've been dying for some grapes the past 3 days. I craved fruit when I was pregnant with DS too. I'm just glad I can finally eat it again. Grapes, apples, pineapple, watermelon--all have been sufficient in calming that craving the past week. YAY!!!!! I am finally feeling better at night too so I am hoping it lasts and the sickness/indigestion is GONE!

My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. I can still wear a few of my shirts, but they are my bigger tops or my T-shirts. I had to wear one of DH Colts shirts yesterday b/c mine was too tight around the belly. I have on a long sleeved Colts shirt today and it's just fine. And yes we are avid Colts fans. Had to stay up late last night to watch the game. :)

What's happening out there in blogger world that I don't know about? You all have been QUIET the last week or so. I need something to entertain me during the day so I come check in and google reader says NADA. I hope all is well for everyone and you are all just busy!

Well, I am out of here tonight. Gonna hit the hay a little early. Hopefully, I can come up with a menu in my dreams. Any ideas for me out there? :)


dizzydazey said...

{{Hugs!}} I'm sorry the hub is being a jerk right now. He should know better than to mess with a pregnant lady!

I loved the pictures from the trip. It makes me want to go!! :o) I was watching a thing on TV this morning about FL and it made me soo homesick. I've lived here in AL for nearly 20 years and I still get homesick for FL!

I hope your tum gets straightened out. I know that's the worst feeling ever. You might consider some sugar free chocolate - I know it always makes me run for the potty! (TMI?)

I hope you're having a great day & Happy Late Birthday!! I'm sorry I missed it!!

Courtney said...


I'm so sorry you are having a bummer of a few days. Your H SUCKS for doing nothing for your birthday. He should seriously be ashamed. I hope you really let into him. I know what you mean about not cooking. I made dinner last night after taking the babe for a 2 mile walk. I was tired, somewhat dizzy, and just wanted to sit down and do nothing. However, I'm tired of eating out so much...plus, it's expensive! So, I muddle through dinners. I have a bunch of good recipes on my site that are healthy and relatively easy to make...there's always spaghetti...taco salads (will help with the craving?) burgers and cottage cheese are a quick go to meal for me...those with some tomatoes are an awesome meal....hang in there..and happy late birthday!!!

Courtney (formeforlife)

MMalloy said...

Arghhh...tell H he better shape up!!! I totally hate having to be responsible for menus all the time. It seems like the only time D will make a decision is when I already have something planned (go figure!)
I know you order from Schwans, have you tried any of their recipes?? They have a couple crock pot recipes that I have been making (LF version) and each is only about 4-6 pts. per serving. I can e-mail you some of the recipes or try searching on their website!
I am going to e-mail you a super easy, but yummy recipe for a mexican dish I love making.
I've noticed how quiet blog land is also, I will be back in full force soon!

Renee said...

Wow... I can SOOOO relate in the cooking department. One might think that feeding a non-picky hubby would be easy, right!? Unfortunately it's anything BUT. I just want some friggin' IDEAS ONCE IN A WHILE!! That's not too much to ask! So, I shop for food at the store (with 2 kids in the cart) pick some stuff that "kinda" looks like the fam will eat it (even though NOTHING looks good to me right now, either) and drag myself to the kitchen around 4:30/5pm and start dinner. Most nights I end up leaving food on my plate because I'm just not hungry for what I made. Isn't pregnancy GREAT? :o) Hang in there, at least the sickness is gone.

Steph said...

No apologizing - remember your Barbie oath!!

Next year will be a guarantee slam dunk because you will have 2 sweet babies to celebrate with!! I know that isn't much consulation right now but just remember the finish line - LOL!

hmmmm, healthy food - right now I am stuck on that Progresso WW Southwest Style Soup - 2 points for the whole can.....I usually throw in some spaghetti squash to make it more hearty and put in a bit of ff sour cream and some queso......mmmmmmmm - yummy!!

BTW - you look so cute already - I can't wait to see how things are progressing.

No Where to Run ... said...

hey, thanks for the comment on my skinny jeans...i just had baby #2 and am frusterated with the weight gain. you seem to be a really cute prego girl. and i can relate to the cream of wheat breakfast. i did it for at least a month straight. i did it at night when i was lying in bed thinking i should eat to "feed the fetus". ha ha! thus, the weight gain. 40 pounds this time. although, 30 came off within 9 days, i'm still hanging tightly onto the last 10 along with that post-partum tummy--it sucks. a

nyway, i love to cook too. and i don't know about you but i ALSO love to watch the food channel (part of my eating problem, i'm sure). so, next time you need to get inspired, you can check out rachel ray and see what she's serving. heh heh. although, pancakes are a great stand-by, too. your husband rocks.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Uh oh, time for hubby to get his act together eh? They're all a little off the game sometimes... Hope your week (AND YOUR HUSBAND) gets better!!!

WeightBGone said...

I'm sorry things are tough right now. Men can sometimes be so GRRRRRRR when it comes to being understanding and thoughtful.

Just remember we are always here if you need to vent and we do understand unlike the majority of the male population. LOL

BB said...

Sorry to hear about H--men can be so clueless sometimes. When we were first married (and happy) he was traveling a lot. The night before my birthday I thought he'd take me out to dinner. He suggested McDonalds! Seriously!!! Anyway, Happy Happy Belated Birthday To You! Hope things are better by now :)