Monday, October 15, 2007

Seeing life through a child's eyes

(Just to warn you the beginning of this is sappy, but I had to get these thoughts out so I would remember them).

While we were on vacation, I got to see several things from Xander's point of view. Some things for his first time, some not. It makes me cry to even write this. The excitement that little boy showed when we went to eat with Mickey Mouse was just incredible. When we walked into Magic Kingdom on Monday night, there was a show going on at the stage of Cinderella's castle. I've seen this show before and DS saw it last year too (although I am sure he didn't remember). But the look of pure enjoyment and excitement on his face when he saw Mickey and Minnie dancing around with Donald and Goofy made me cry. Thankfully I had my sunglasses on! :) He was so excited when we ate dinner after the show with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet. He loved them all and gave them the biggest hugs. Just watching his excitement gave me chills up and down my spine and made me all tingly inside. Just to know that I am making these memories for him. I am making it all possible (well of course along with DH help). Together, we are making memories for our child that will last his whole life.

We went to Cocoa Beach one day. We took DS there in 2005 but he was only 15 months old then. So this year we took him b/c we knew he would remember it. The look on his face when he saw the ocean for the first time was priceless. Oh and all the sand. It was like one big sand box to him. He loved every minute of it.

I am so honored to be that child's mother. I couldn't ask for a better son. I thank God every day for giving me that precious gift. I am so blessed and honored to be having another one and I know this one is going to be another precious gift from God.

Okay, I think I am done being sappy (as I wipe the tears away from my eyes).

DH says it could be a week before our home computer is fixed. I THINK I can upload my pictures to his laptop. He's going to have to show me one night this week. But the thing that sucks is ALL my recipes are on that computer, my menu planning calendar is on that computer, my home email--basically my life (besides my blog and my google reader) is on that computer. ARGH!!!! Oh least it can be fixed and everything isn't lost (crossing my fingers).

I am finally able to eat fruit again. I craved grapes all week but the store was out when we went and we never went back when we first got to Florida. Today I picked up cut up water melon and had that as a snack this afternoon and it was awesome!!! I have missed my fruit. Eggs still make me want to hurl, but I can live without eggs in my diet for a little while. :)

I still haven't told work yet and I am not going to be able to hide this for much longer. Maternity pants are NOT an option now, they are a MUST. Shirts are okay if they are T-shirts but my fitted shirts are not wearable anymore. If my boss doesn't schedule a meeting for November or the end of October, I am going to tell her when I go in for my next appointment (November 7th, I think). I would rather announce it to the rest of the team in a meeting, but as of now, we don't have another meeting until December. And by then there will be NO hiding! LOL!!! I just want my boss to know. Everyone else will figure it out eventually. HAHAHA!!

DH joined WW online today. So now he is counting points and back OP. He is a lifetime member but has gained about 20# back. He did this when I was pregnant with DS. He got down almost to his goal before DS was born. We were looking back at pictures of the day DS was born and I think that made him realize he needed to get back OP. I am making point friendly dinners so that's not a problem. Oh and he gets 35 points A DAY!!! WTH?!?!!?!!?!??? He doesn't know how he is going to lose with that many points, but I told him they wouldn't give him that many if they hadn't of done the research. But man, I am jealous--35 points a day! When I have the baby and I am nursing, I will probably get that many. YAY!!! I got 36 with DS. :)

That's all I know for now. I need to get to bed. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Bleh. :( Have a great night and a great Tuesday!!!


dizzydazey said...

I'm so glad that you got to experience all those wonderful things with your son. It gave me tingles just reading it. :o)

Yay for the hub doing WW again. It'll make it easier for you to keep making healthy choices while you've got a bun in the oven.

Have a Great Day!!

MMalloy said...

Thank you for sharing this experiance with us, how special for all of you. This vacation will be something he will always remember and cherish as something he has with his parents.
Good for DH starting back on WW, that is great you will be able to watch together!
I cannot wait to see the pics and hear more stories.

Anonymous said...

Being a mom is an awesome responsibilty even in all it's wonder! Thanks for sharing that with us!