Friday, October 19, 2007

This is for a contest

There is a blog that I read that chronicles the life of a couple who were blessed with quads back in February. They are The Murray Crew and their little boys are adorable. The cool thing is they live in the county that I live in only on the other side. SO....check out their blog and enter this little contest they are having. Jen is driving us all nuts about not revealing what she's talking about, but this is all in good fun. :) It's been fun to guess and ponder what she's been posting about all week, but I can't take the torture anymore! So if you head over there, please leave a comment. At least I can say I've done my part!

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Steph said...

Hope you're feeling better! How is mommy and baby??? I feel so out of touch lately - did you guys have fun in Disney??