Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A report...and a pic!

So today was the big appointment. All is well. Everything is on track with my due date of May 4, 2008. I am 9 weeks and 3 days. AND...there is only ONE baby! The doc did an ultrasound (vaginally...and Steph your story went through my head!!) so we got to see the wee one. I posted a picture below, but it's a picture of a picture. I tried to scan it in but that didn't work very well. The picture isn't great but you can see the little bean--the head is down just in case you can't tell. :) I go back in a month when I will be 14 weeks, then after that appointment is the BIG ultrasound. :) You know, the one everyone finds out the sex. We will not be finding out the it stands right now. I really don't want to know b/c I don't care either way. Yes, I want a girl, but I would absolutely LOVE another boy too.

Before the appointment, we went and I got my hearing aid! I love it. I can tell such a difference in things. When we were driving home, I made DH turn the radio all the way down b/c I was hearing something and I didn't know what it was. I think it was the air outside--you know that sound on the freeway you hear...even though your windows are rolled up. At least that's what DH said it was. :) I will take a picture of the hearing aid and post a picture of it too, but not right now. Today has worn me out. I am so tired...and I still have to work some tonight. But that's okay, b/c tomorrow is my last day before VACATION!!! And tomorrow is only a 5.5 hour day. WOO HOO!!!!

That's all I know for now. Thanks for checking in on me. :)


Swizzlepop said...

Congrats!!! Those ultrasound pictures always trip me out. You can totally see that it's a baby in there. Glad to hear all is well!

Did I miss another post? What is this about a hearing aid?

Melanie said...

YEAH!!!! The pic of the little one is absolutely amazing!!

MMalloy said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you!

dizzydazey said...

Awww... Baby's first picture!

He or she is going to be gorgeous, just like his/her mommy! :o)

I can't believe you're not gonna find out the sex, though. It would drive me insane not knowing! But it's fun to have a suprise, too, huh?

I'm glad you got your hearing aid and you're hearing everything now. Lucky you - you can just turn that sucker off when you don't want to hear something. (like your hub snoring!) :o)

I'm super happy for you and your family & I know you're gonna have a great time on vacay.

Take Care, Little Momma!! :o)

Candace said...

Amazing! Such a total miracle, huh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I love us pictures! What a cute little peanut! You made me think of that duracell commercial about the little boy that hears the rain hitting the windowpane for the first time with his new hearing's amazing how much we take our senses forgranted! Congrats on all counts! (baby, hearing, vacay)

WeightBGone said...

Congrats, this is such an exciting time for you and a blessing. It's going to be fun walking this path with you through your blogs.

Keep posting because I look forward to each passing day and hearing how you, baby and family are doing. Have a wonderful week. :)

Bonita said...

Glad your appointment went well. Have a great time and hope you get in to see the Disney characters early. Be sure to let us know what your costume ends up being.

Kate from AZ said...

Congrats!! May 4th is my sisters birthday and my parents anniversary. The baby will be a Taurus! :)
Awesome, so happy for you!