Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Anyone watch The Biggest Loser?

I am so addicted to this show. I just love it!!! And I was really loving it last night when Amy got kicked off! I've wanted her gone for at least the past 4 weeks so I was THRILLED to see her gone. I didn't want to see the red team go into extinction this early! :)

My baby sister (age 19) also watches it so we text message back and forth through the whole thing. I love it! It's our bonding time I guess you could say. Even though I am pregnant, I still love it and still cry for the contestants accomplishments. Last night Kae weighed in at 159--oh how I so want to see that on the scale. I told my sis that too and she said after you give birth--damn straight! I WILL see 159 again. I hope sooner rather than later though. :)

I was talking to BFF Superjayman yesterday and told her what I had for lunch. She said "you are being so bad!" Well honey, it was, but you know what? I'm not eating that much and after that, all I had the rest of the day was a couple pieces of corn bread. That's it. By evening, I just don't want to eat. Kinda makes it hard to make dinner, but oh well. I eat a small breakfast and a larger lunch and then very little for dinner. Sometimes I don't even eat dinner. Sunday I felt so bad on our way home from visiting the family. I thought it was from being in the car but once we got home, I didn't get any better. I went to bed early (maybe that's why my Colts lost b/c *I* wasn't watching!) and still felt like crud the next day. So there was no dinner Sunday night and very little breakfast Monday morning. I think I may have changed my mind on what this baby is...all along I've said boy...I'm thinking now it's a girl. Boys don't cause this much trouble! :) We have our ultrasound on December 7th, and NO we don't want to find out. Well, DH does, but I get to make this decision. I just need to hold out on that day and I'll be fine.

I don't have too much else to report. I have never heard back from JCPenney's and that really ticks me off. I need to call up there tomorrow and raise some heck. The flooring place came in and looked at our hardwood. It's a 4x8 area and may only cost us $100 to get fixed. WOO HOO!!!! I'm thrilled with that as was DH. He's still going to call Ice Mountain, but he's not going to rant and rave over $100.

That's all I know for now. Oh! One other thing....I'm taking ideas for boy names if you want to throw them my way. Every single one I have came up with DH hates--Ezekiel Matthew (call him Zeke), Malachi David, and Elijah Matthew. I want a biblical name and the middle name gets to be from my side of the family (Matthew is after my brother, David my uncle, Ray my dad's middle name). Any ideas out there?!?! If you want to share that is....I'm not rummaging through my book of 94,000 baby names anymore. Let DH think of one! :)


Jynell said...

I LOVE The Biggest Loser!! I watch every week while I sort, fold & put away my laundry & was SOOOO happy to Amy go too! I LOVE Kae & hope she can hold out till the end. I'm actually considering becoming a personal trainer when my babies are all in school b/c of watching that show- Drill even said he would pay for my classes!

Also- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Ezekiel!! (That's why I named MY son that!!) We call him Zeke- or Z too! :D But... I think you're having a GIRL!!! :D

Candace said...

Joshua - I love Joshua (my nephew)
Mark - I love Mark (my husband)
Jacob - I just love the story - and the name

MMalloy said...

Glad to hear about the floors, man that could have been a mess!!

I love biblical names, I always said I would name my children from the bible. I love the ones you listed, here are a few of my other favorites: Levi "joined", Nathaniel "gift of God", Seth "appointed" and Eli "ascend".

Does this mean you already have a girls name picked out???

WeightBGone said...

I always liked the names Jacob and Issac but there are so many good names its hard to choose. I named my son the biblical name of Paul which suits him.

Hope your weekend is wonderful. :)

Kendra said...

I like watching the Biggest Loser too! My stinking DVR didn't record it this past week. Darn it! I like seeing the ones that go home, their progress after they leave. Anyway, we named our ds Paul Jacob. Our first son is Jonathan Robert (Robert after dh) and had Kayla been a boy, dh was wanting to name him Luke. I have to admit, after two boys, I was WAY more than ready for my girl. lol

Bonita said...

I love The Biggest Loser! I was glad to see her go too but I was totally surprised with what she lost at home. She looked amazing! Anxious to see it tomorrow. Prevention Magazine has a preview online of tomorrow's show.