Friday, November 2, 2007

Pictures and Halloween

My little guy had a BLAST trick-or-treating. This was the first year that he really knew what to do and what was going on, and he just loved it. It was so cute and fun to watch him and his little friends go door to door. It was just so much fun!! The husband went and we took the dog for the evening and had a great time. I can't wait until next year. Here is a picture of him before we left. I took a picture of DS and the dog (yes, the dog--Sophie--has a costume--she was a pumpkin) but it didn't turn out very well and Sophie wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get another one.

DH took this picture of me tonight. This picture makes me look bigger than I really feel. So I guess that is a good thing? I really don't feel like I am showing THAT much, but maybe I am. My 2nd trimester starts on Sunday and I will be so glad. I have not felt very good this week at all. I've caught somewhat of a cold and then being tired and pregnant on top of's just not been the best week. Thursday night, I called my baby sister in tears b/c I just want someone to come take care of ME. I wasn't feeling the best last night anyway, so I guess I was having a pity party of 1. I told her I wanted someone to come clean my house, do my laundry, and just generally take care of ME. I take care of everyone else. And my DH is not the most sensitive man in the world so he just tells me to lay down. Yeah, I can lay down, but that means no laundry will get done, nothing cleaned or straightened up. So, it was a rough night. Things are better tonight though. :) Tomorrow night (Saturday) DH is taking me out for dinner for my birthday. My neighbor is going to watch DS for us. It will be nice to go out without him.

DS just had to be in a picture with me and I couldn't help but post it. He was leaning it to kiss my cheek when DH snapped the picture. Isn't he sweet?!?!

That's it from me tonight. I'm going to try and post on Sunday...just depends on how things go. The game is on and I won't miss any of that! :) GO COLTS!!!


Renee said...

You look adorable :o) (Don't you just LOVE those kinds of comments when you're pg?) Seriously, you have "the pg glow" and the baby belly to boot! I'm looking forward to looking as pregnant as I feel! Have fun with DH at dinner tomorrow... you have DEFINITLEY waited long enough!

dizzydazey said...

You're too cute! I love it!

And your son is precious in his costume!!

I hope that you start feeling more energetic when you hit your 2nd tri! You're doing great girlie! Just keep taking care of yourself and that little one!!

Steph said...

You look so cute!!! Oh my goodness - you could possibly be the most adorable "knocked up Barbie" ever!! Superman is pretty darn cute too!!

You and "Ken" have a nice dinner and spend some quality time together - you guys deserve!!


Courtney said...

You really do look super cute and happy. That's the most important...I'm sorry that you are needing ME time and not feeling like you are getting it. Your DH needs to jump on the laundry wagon!!! Hope dinner was great!


MMalloy said...

I love these! DS looks like he is having so much fun and you look so great!

I am glad to hear you are getting a night out with DH, enjoy it!!!

BB said...

Tagged ya!

You look great! Love your hair longer.

Colette said...

OMG your son is too cute! Amanda you are definately radiant too! Hope dinner with the hubby was deserved it hun!!

swizzlepop said...

Superman looks like he was caught doing something LOL. I love that his mouth and hands are full of what I'm guessing is candy.

You totally have that PG glow!