Sunday, November 18, 2007

The name game

Before I got pregnant with my son (and I mean wayyyyy before!), I thought I had my names for my kids picked out. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Then I got pregnant with DS and that all changed. There are so many things to take into consideration. My DH is the KING of figuring out what the child will get made fun of for in school with regards to their name. We are huge Colts fans and when I was pregnant with DS, I soooo wanted the name Peyton. I still to this day love that name. And I also wanted the middle name of Michael...both of our dads are named Michael so I thought it would be a great way to honor them. Then, 6 years ago my SIL had a boy and named him Blake Michael. So there went that idea. And Michael is way too over used on DH side of the family anyway. And for those of you that know my last name, I could NOT give a boy the initials of PMS. DH ruled that out first thing. That's when I realized how hard this name thing really is and that this is a huge thing in the child's life.

DS is Alexander Kyle and we call him Xander. Different but not TOO different, KWIM? Kyle is a family name from DH side of the family. So this child gets named after my side of the family. But DS is definitely a Xander. We had the names narrowed down to Nicholas or Alexander. DS is just not a Nicholas or a Nic. SO we made a good decision there. And Xander came from one of my soap opera's. :)

This child...oh my it's been somewhat hard (see prior post for more details). We have 3 girl names picked out--Emma Rae, Reese Michaela, and Izzie ****. No middle name for Izzie yet. Maybe Jacklyn, but not sure. Rae comes from my baby sis (Micah Rae), my dad AND DH dad have the same name (Michael Ray), DH mom is Debra Rae, and my brother is Matthew Isaac-Ray. Emma also comes from DH side of the family, but I didn't know that at the time I picked that out (ssshhh, don't tell MY side of the family that!). See why names are so hard?!?! You don't want to offend anyone, but you want names that are YOURS too. UGH. Of course DH says this would be a whole heck of a lot easier on this child IF WE KNEW THE SEX!! HA! Not gonna happen, my friend. Sorry. Michaela is a form of Micah AND Michael so it would fit both sides (not that I am aiming for that), and Jacklyn is my mom, although she spells it Jacqueline. She told me yesterday that no one wants to name their child after her...I told her she has 3 other kids to have kids (2 of them girls)!!

For a boy, DH FINALLY came up with a name and I somewhat like it--Isaac Jeremiah (we would call him Zac so it would probably get spelled with a Z, although I don't know for sure). I still like Ezekiel Matthew (call him Zeke), but DH says he would get called Easy Kill in school. And he says he can't pronounce it. MEN! I'm still holding out hope for that name though. But I have been told by several people that I'm having a girl, so this whole boy name thing may not be an issue! And no, we are still not going to find out the sex. :) I asked DS today if he wanted to know or if he wanted the surprise and he wants the surprise. That's my boy!

I know this is a totally random post, but I had to get these thoughts down and out of my head. :)

On to some funner stuff....

So I wake up about 3AM this morning from a dead sleep. I had been dreaming of the Colts game that was going to happen this afternoon. When I finally got up this morning, I told DH...we are going to win the game today by a field goal in the final seconds. That was my dream. We snapped our 2 game losing streak and won in the final seconds. And what happened in that game? Exactly what I dreamed...we won by a field goal with 4 seconds left on the clock. I ran downstairs at the end of the game and told DH "What did I tell you!?!?" So then he told me to go get a lottery ticket and pick the numbers myself...not let the machine pick them for me. I WISH I knew those numbers...maybe they will come to me tonight. :)

But what you all don't know is that I've had dreams like this night about 2 years ago, I had a dream my brother was in a car accident--nothing major, and I woke up to the phone ringing at 2AM and it was my brother had been in an accident on his way back to my house (he was living with us at the time and went home every weekend). He was fine, but his car wasn't. He fell asleep at the wheel--a mile from our exit on the interstate--and hit the guard rails on the side of the road, over corrected and went into the grassy median. Talk about freaky!!! I'm glad last night's dream was a good one team WON! Sometimes I wonder about my dreaming ability....but it never happens when I WANT to know something....although I have had a dream I'm having a girl.

So this week is Thanksgiving...we will be on the road and I am kinda excited. I hate getting down there (traffic the day before is HELL) but once we are there, it is a good time had by all. We are hoping to be out of here by noon on Wednesday, so hopefully that helps with the traveling. The schools here let out early so I want to beat those people to the roads. :) The rest of the week is going to be pretty busy before we leave so if you don't hear from me again this week don't be surprised. There is no internet down there (well there is, but it's dial up and I'm too impatient for that!) so I won't be posting until we get back if I don't post again this week.

I'm hoping I can get DH to take some belly shots tonight...if I can, I'll get those posted ASAP. I'm 16 weeks today! Oh and I do have some wonderful pregnancy news....I haven't had the gastrointestinal issues at all since about Tuesday (knocking on wood) and I have felt SO MUCH BETTER this week! I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom Thursday night. Then on Friday I did the same thing to my living room--moved all the furniture around and vacuumed under it AND put up my Christmas decor in that room. It felt so great to get that accomplished!! WOO HOO for feeling better!!! YAY!!!

That's it from me for now. Hopefully this post didn't bore you to death. I know it was all over the spectrum, but hey...I had to get it all down! :) Have a great one!


The Nanny said...

I came over to your blog from the HFC blog. I love those baby names! I love your son's name (esp. Xander) and you have great baby names picked out for #2. I can't wait to hear what you choose, I'll definitely come back!

MtngirlinCali said...

Yikes, can't help out with the boy names. I guess for biblical names, I like Seth and Eli......but I'm sure you've been through the lists and know what you want! (DH, on the other'll have to work on him)

So, California in the wintertime. Let's just say that yesterday when we left, it was 75 degrees, partly sunny, and we were wearing our shorts (ok, only hubby was) and a light long-sleeve shirt. Imagine that, all the time....except for maybe once a month, where it'll get down to about 55 and it might rain for 1/2 a day. It's a tough life. :) I'm actually getting use to not having winter....I do feel the change in the seasons, but it's not like DC or Colorado. When it's a gorgeous day, one of my coworkers says, "another miserable day in Paradise." How true!

Anyway, good luck with your T-giving drive and have a good one.

MMalloy said...

You have a lot of great names picked out already and I am sure more will come to you before the big day!
I am glad to hear you are feeling better, and finally got to some of that housework that was getting to you.
If I don't hear from you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe trip!!!

Steph said...

Wow you are the most active pregnant person I know.......most women use pregnancy as an excuse to blow off chores but not you!!

Okay I love Xander - that is soooo cute but Ezekiel.....ummmm not sure about that one?? I do like Zak though. Love Izzie too......of course maybe because I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy and I love her character on that show??? At any rate, you have great names picked out and I absolutely can't believe you are 16 weeks......geez before long she'll (I'm hoping for a girl since I'm living vicariously through your pregnancy) here! Yeah for babies!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Names ARE tough... my two cents? Choose a first name that you LOVE and use the middle name to honor someone you love... doesn't matter if the middle name is ugly because you never use it anyway... And hey, let me know when those numbers come to you!

Kate from AZ said...

Ok-this post about names is so funny. Where in the heck did your son come up with EZ Kill? That's hilarious! I think you have great choices for names, I do. Did you have your son's name picked out before he was born, or did you change the name to suit him after you first saw him?