Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Barbie post

You all know what the Barbie oath is so I am not going to repeat it. But it says I can be bitchy anytime I want. And I am pregnant and had a rough day so that right there is enough to warrant this post.

My house is an utter and complete wreck. I mean mail piled up, magazines & papers everywhere, toys strung all over, laundry that NEVER ends (and it usually does here) and a wife/mom who is just too damn tired to do it ALL. Right now, I hate living where I do b/c we have ZERO family close. (I don't really hate it, I actually love it, but tonight I am hating it.) I feel like we NEVER get a break from our son or from anything for that matter. Just to have grandma come take him for a weekend so I can get something accomplished around here without having it destroyed 2 minutes later would be the ultimate gift right now. I feel guilty when I spend the entire day working on the house when he is home, but I don't have time to do it otherwise. Every evening, I am just too darn tired to do anything. Thankfully, DH cleans up the dishes and runs the dishwasher every night, otherwise someone may have been shot at this point. Then I think of what it's going to be like with 2 kids, and I just get insanely nervous and scared. Can I do this? Hell, at this point, I can't even keep my house clean for one full day. Want to know the last time my house was in tip top shape? When we went on vacation...OVER A MONTH AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have thought about asking my mom to come for the weekend to help me out, but that would just make more messes for me b/c she would have DS here and they would play. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just need to scream! We have a water cooler in DH office. Ice Mountain delivers 5 gallon jugs of water to our door every month. This morning, DH put a new jug on the cooler and left to go to work. Normally not a problem. BUT leaked ALL DAY LONG. Did I mention we have hardwood floors in his office? Yeah and as of right now, they looked warped. Probably $1,000 worth of damage. The bottle that was on the cooler had a hole in it and it leaked 3 gallons of water out very slowly all day. Oh and it leaked down to the basement. LOVELY!! Ice Mountain is going to pay for this b/c this is not the first time one of their bottles has leaked on us. The last 2 times it happened was at our old house and it leaked on to the ceramic tile floor so it wasn't a problem. Luckily, we have boards left from when they put the hardwood in, but still. It's the principal. It happened and it has ruined our beautiful, only a year and a half old hardwood floors! We have a fan on it right now, but it's not helping matters. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, enough whining and bitching...

Did I tell you all we witnessed a theft the other night and didn't even know it? In our sub-division there is a new house going up across the street. There are only 3 finished houses here as it is, so this will be #4. We were coming home Saturday night and as we pulled into our sub division this truck with a trailer on it pulled in in front of us. We didn't think anything of it b/c people do odd things at all hours of the day/night around here. The truck pulled off to the side in front of the new house and we went on our merry way and pulled into our garage. I came into investigate things and told DH "They are loading that bob cat up into that trailer". We both thought it was odd, but didn't think a thing of it. So...Monday morning rolls around and a county sheriff knocks on my door. Wants to know if we saw anything. I said yes and he said they were stealing that bob cat!!!! OMG!!!! It was then that I was kicking myself for NOT getting a plate number as we drove right by the truck. I just couldn't believe the guys (there were 2 men) had the balls to do that even after we saw them and pulled up past them to get to our house. DH thinks they had done it before b/c they weren't nervous or anything (they didn't appear to be anyway). It was just really, really odd. When we were building, our house got broken into. Nothing was stolen, just the front door kicked in (they had just hung dry wall and there were no appliances in yet) but that was it. We were the first house out here so we were very lucky b/c we are kind of in the country of a suburb. Anyway...hingsight being 20/20, we would have gotten a plate number on the truck, but we didn't. I just hope the owner had insurance b/c that is one expensive piece of equipment!

I am off of here now. I am still suffering severe gastrointestinal issues so I am going to go to lie down and hope things right themselves. Calgon....take me away!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and one more thing....NO, we don't want to find out what the baby is. The Chinese lunar calendar says boy, but it said girl for DS, so I don't hold that in high regard. Although I do think it's a boy, we will have to wait until May to find out. Sorry all! :) Oh and believe me, my grandma and my mom and everyone else wants to know, but I told them they have to wait. So you all aren't the only ones giving me flack about it. ;)

Okay one more thing....several of you left comments about me only gaining 7# in the first trimester.... I am NOT by any means on track. I am eating more fruit now, but in the beginning I think I had pizza every day. And I have this love with Cherry Coke right now. Breakfast is hard (this week anyway) b/c nothing sounds good. I don't eat very much when I do eat, so maybe that helps, but what I have been eating is sooo not on track. But I love you all anyway for saying that. You are too darn sweet!!! ;)

Now I am really out of here!


swizzlepop said...

You need a big ol ((((HUG)))).
BREATHE! I hope you feel better soon, both physically and emotionally.
Barbie Bitch away whenever you need to!

MMalloy said...

{{HUGS}} Sounds like we could both use a break! Ice Mountain better take care of the damage, or else!
If I lived closer to you I would come and clean for you. When my sis was pregnant I bought her 5 months of cleaning service for Christmas. Maybe you could include that on your christmas wish list!!!
It is so crazy how much equipment is stolen off of construction sites. We have been lucky on this project, only one theft.
We are here for you whenever you need an ear!!

Jynell said...

Hey there!!! Sorry you had such a rough day! (((((HUGS)))))

Just wanted to stop by & say hi. After a TON of nagging my hubby finally got my new laptop hooked up right so I could get all my old info & get back into blogland. I've definitely missed you guys! I'll be back to chat- & post- more soon. Hope you have a great day!!

PS- I think you're having a girl!! You look like you're carrying like I did with both of mine (I always hated when people said that.. but it's true!) :D Don't worry about being able to handle 2 kids & the house. You'll be fine!! They grow up fast & you never get that time back. You can clean perfectly when they're older. :D

Weigh to go..lets see said...

Wow Great blog enjoyed reading through it...we some some things in common for sure

kat said...

i hear ya...and i only have a 5 month old puppy that needs lots of attention!!!

meanwhile...i get excited when people DON'T find out what they're having. having not been preggers, it's easy for me to SAY that i'm not going to find out if i'm ever pregnant. but i hope i can hold out. it's too easy these days and there are very few surprises left these long as the baby is healthy, then that is all that matters. I hope things get better for you - i hear 2nd trimester is when you're supposed to feel the best!

Renee said...

Wow... sounds like we have the same messy house problem. As soon as I pick up one mess there's another one in another room. It's like trying to shovel the driveway during a blizzard... why bother!!?? Plus, now I'm starting to need to do the big cleaning stuff like showers and toilets and I honestly gag at the thought. I just can't scrub a toilet or a shower when I'm nauseous. I'm starting to get anxious because we're having a ton of company for Thanksgiving. God help me. I think I need to hire a cleaning service to do the "dirty work". ...perhaps that's an option for you too?
My hubby works 10-12 hour days and I spend ALL day alone with the kiddos, and I know what you mean about needing a break. Some days I get really anxious thinking "I think it's bad NOW... just wait til #3 gets here!!" That's so counterproductive, though. One day at a time... You'll find that 2 kids, while challenging, actually aren't that bad. You just have to develop your own routines and rituals and things have a way of falling into place.
That's crazy about the Bobcat being stolen. My hubby owns his own construction company and theft is always a huge concern of ours. Those Bobcats cost about 20K! I guess that's what insurance is for.
Sorry to hear you're still having GI probs... hopefully you'll get past that soon. Hang in there!

Melanie said...

Vent when ever you like...that is why we are all here! Good luck with the water people that totally sucks!! And good for you not finding out what you are having...I think that is cool One of my dear friends back home didn't know but her husband did - only he refused not to tell anyone...that was soooooo annoying.

Hang in there! {{HUGS}}

WeightBGone said...

{{{Amanda}}} Sounds like you need a big hug and someone to help you out.

I wish you lived here because I'd be more then happy to take the little one for a day or help clean.

Being away from family is never fun especially when you are pregnant and need a break.

I hope things get better soon. Take care of YOU ok??

Courtney said...

You do need a big hug!!! Here's my unsolicited advice: HIRE A HOUSE CLEANER! After DS was born and I went back to work, I said there was NO WAY I was going to be able to keep up with all that's involved with keeping the house in order. We somehow find the money to pay $60 every two weeks and I'm here to tell you it has changed my life...and trust me...DH is in grad school, I'm a teacher...we don't have extra cash lying around. It'll will help you so much in the long run! I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed...but can more than relate. I'm asleep pretty much every night by 8. I feel like this pregnancy has been much worse in the tired department!!! Hang in there!!!

Courtney (formeforlife)