Thursday, January 31, 2008

A few updates and a picture...

Where do I start? There have been a few developments since (well even before) my last post.

First of all, I learned last week that my previously OVERactive thyroid (HYPERthyroidism) that has been under control and without ANY meds for nearly 5 years is now UNDERactive (HYPOthyroidism). SO, last week I was started on Synthroid. I am just praying that when I deliver I either go back to normal (whatever that is for me!) or back to hyperthyroid. I do NOT want to be hypothyroid for the rest of my life. I'm just praying it's just a fluke with this pregnancy and all will be well when I deliver (which could very well happen).

I wanted to thank ALL of you for your incredible comments on my last post. I also probably need to reveal a few things that may not have gotten across with that post.

#1--both my mom and MIL/FIL live 2.5 hours away. So it's not like DS can just go over there whenever he wants. As far as one of the moms taking him over night while we are in the mom AND my sister will be staying at our house while we are in the hospital to take care of DS and our dog. That has already been established. :)

#2--FIL is house-bound. He is in very bad shape health-wise and can't leave the house. He smoked I don't know how many packs a day for a LOT of years and it finally caught up with him in October of 2004. He's morbidly obese (but has managed to lose 80# just with diet) but he still weighs somewhere near 350 or so. He can't get up out of his recliner very often and the most exercise he gets is walking to the kitchen to eat dinner (if he even does that) or to get up and go to the bathroom. He's on oxygen 24/7 (and he no longer smokes--thank god). So this is why MIL always gets DS at her house...and probably why she won't come stay with us even if we ask. MIL still smokes (not in the house) so we are really anal about her holding the baby (we were like this with DS too) when she's just smoked. DH is allergic to smoke too so that's why we are really cautious.

#3--DH is perfectly capable of taking care of DS when I am in the hospital but we know we will have help for that part of the's just when we get home. :) DH is very good about doing things around the house (except laundry) that need to be done so I am not worried there.

We are both united on this front...we both feel the exact same way and we both WANT DS there. I've already made a few decisions about how things will go in the hospital--NO ONE will hold the baby until DS does. It will be me, then DH, then DS. I don't care if we have to wait until DS gets there from home or school (40 minutes away), he will hold the baby before anyone else does. And when he gets there, everyone will leave the room for a few minutes so we can have those few moments to ourselves.

You know the one thing that would really help?? Even if no one comes to stay with us after the baby is born...the least they could do is leave us with a few gift cards to order in if we need/want to a few nights. But I doubt anyone suggests that. The thing that irks me to no end is when DH sister (SIL) had her 2nd--MIL went out of her way to help them (they live about 30 minutes away from each other). SIL got another shower with all new stuff b/c she got rid of everything after she had her 1st. MIL threw the shower for her and made sure she had the bare necessities. We have heard NOTHING from MIL about anything like that. No, I do NOT want another shower--we have EVERYTHING from DS. Yes, we have the basic necessities, but there are a few new things I want. But I doubt MIL even says anything to us. We are going to buy a new glider for the baby's room....MIL could offer to help out with that, but NADA. She's always talking about being fair to the grandkids when it comes to spending money on them for Christmas, birthdays, etc... But as of now, she's not being very fair to her kids. I know we still have a ways to go (11 weeks roughly) but I don't want to wait until the end to get everything in order. I won't complain (only to you guys :) but it's aggravating.

I know mom and MIL just want to help, but they can do it at my house! And I will stand firm on that one. MIL has always got special treatment b/c of the situation with FIL, but not this time with this situation. I feel bad, but I know this is what will be best for our family of FOUR!!! DS is so excited but I know this is going to be a HUGE adjustment for him and all of us but more for him (at least I think so). I know a lot of people think I'm crazy for kicking everyone out for the first week of baby's life, but we need that time to bond as a family. And especially with DH not working, it will be a GREAT time for all of us to be together. I really am looking forward to it.

If you think about it...I'm thinking we have maybe 11 weeks left before this one arrives. Now that's SCARY!!!! I think that once I have my next ultrasound (in my mind it's scheduled for April 4th and I will be almost 36 weeks) the doctor will want to induce come 38 weeks b/c the baby is big. :) I feel huge and I really feel like this week I have popped out even more. Baby FEELS huge too. I go back to the doctor next Thursday the 7th so we'll see what she says then.

Here is a picture of me and my friend at her baby shower this past Saturday (1/26). In this picture, I am 25 weeks and she is 33 weeks. She doesn't even LOOK pregnant! She was jealous of my belly--HA! That's a first :) But in my defense, I think that outfit makes me look a lot bigger than I really am. But maybe it doesn't? I have no idea!!!

I think that's it from me for now. We are going to be snowed in tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT!!! DS will be home, I have to work 3 hours and then we are going to just chill out all day long. I know there will be a nap in our plans tomorrow afternoon. :) We are supposed to get anywhere from 4-8 inches of snow with ice too. Yeah, we're staying in!

Have a great day! I'll check back in soon!!!


dizzydazey said...

{{Hugs!}} I hope your Mom/MIL stress is calmed down by now. My mom is stressing me out bad enough - I can't imagine having to deal with my MIL, too. Bless your heart. At least you can blame an sudden outburst on pregnacy hormones, right? (they've gotta be good for something!)

You look so cute in the pix! I'd be jealous, too, if I were that far and not showing. (Doesn't look like I'm going to have that problem, though!)

Love you bunches and take care, girlie!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

First look ADORABLE in that pic!

Second, I think everything you said is perfectly fine. I was like that when dd was born. People had to come to us and help out. Of course, my family lives 5 min away, so I think that is part of it, but I never would have allowed ds to go so far feeling was that I didn't want him to think the new baby was replacing him.

I may be a bitch, but if I feel something and dh agrees I lay it down and explain things. It works for me. I can't always try to make others happy and I can only worry about my kids and dh and me.

Anyway, sounds like you have a good plan and it will work for you.


Jynell said...

Hey girl! Glad to hear that DH is on the same page & that you are working it out together. Just remember that just because you are pregnant & extremely hormonal doesn't mean that you don't know what's best for YOUR family. Sounds like you've got it right (and lookin cute & sassy too!) :D I can't believe you only have 11 more weeks!! It's going sooo fast! :D

Have a great weekend! :D

No Where to Run ... said...

i can totally relate to your MIL complaints. i have a WONDERFUL MIL but we definately don't get treated the way her daughters get treated when they have babies. i could go on but won't. btw, you look totally adorable at your shower! and i had that shirt when Pg this past year. it was one of my faves! you look so cute in it!! congrats!