Monday, June 9, 2008

Have you seen these? A product find/review

Rubbermaid has these new PRODUCE SAVER storage containers out. (I tried to put in a picture, but I'm not THAT computer savvy.)

Always having a hard time keeping strawberries before they go bad, I knew I had to have these when I saw the $1.00 coupon in the Sunday paper last week. So I went to Target last Monday and bought 2 of the 5 cup containers. Let me just say....

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday I bought zucchini and peppers at the store and cut them up when I got home, put them in the container and they are still good! I'm down to the last few bits and those will be gone today. I put grapes in the other container and they're still good too! I bought strawberries the other night and came home and promptly put them in one of the containers and still good--NO MOLD!!! And I ALWAYS have mold on my strawberries after 24 hours or so if I don't cut them up right away. I just tossed them into the container until I could get to them. Oh this is an answer to my prayers! I just had to tell ya! I'm currently surfing Amazon to see if I can get more of them (with free shipping of course) b/c I know they will get used in my house.

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