Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm taking your advice...and PLANKS?!?

I am taking the advice of more than one person here this coming week. Instead of waiting until I hit 159 to chop off my hair, I'm doing it NOW.


8 inches...going to be GONE!

What made me make this decision? Well, the fact that it was HOT the other day when I went on a walk at 10 A.M. with the boys and my hair stuck to my neck. Oh lord it was HOT. And I HATE my hair sticking to me. And I hate to wear a ponytail every day too. I hate the kinks it leaves in my hair. Oh and Zac LOVES to grab onto my hair and NOT let go. It hurts! So, I'm chopping it off on Friday. WOO HOO!!! But...DH doesn't know yet. ;)

The boys and I are leaving on Thursday to go to my moms for 10 (yes, that says TEN!) days. I'm gonna chop it on Friday and not tell DH. I'll let him see it when we get home a week from Saturday. He won't care, but I can't wait to see his face. :)

In other news....

I got my WW magazine in the mail the other day. There is an article in there called "Ab Fab" and gives you a 10 minute workout that combines Pilates moves and cardio. SEEMS easy enough, no? Well, there's a word in there I haven't done before....PLANK. SOUNDED easy I tried one. You're supposed to hold for 30 seconds. Ummmm, yeah....I held for about 5! Swizzlepop (and anyone else who can do this), I BOW to you. Holy mother of god that was hard. least I have something to work towards, right? Granted, I did just have a baby and I haven't worked out more than walking and stairs in a loooooong time. But I have 89 days until our vacation. I know I won't be "Ab Fab" but it would be NICE to at least be back to my pre-preg weight (166).

I got released from my OB/GYN the other day so I can resume all regular activities. So I'm TRYING to get back into some kind of activity. As long as it doesn't affect my milk supply, I'm good to go. So I'm trying....still holding my own in the weight area. I've stopped gaining and I'm just holding where I'm at (185) which is better than gaining. UGH. Oh well.... BFF Superjayman said if I really buckled down she thinks I could lose a good amount between now and our beach vacation. She may have a point....... It's so hard to get that motivation really is. But if I can just do ONE day, then maybe the next day wouldn't be so hard. I should take it the way I am taking day at at time. That's my new mantra I think.

Gotta go...gotta get some sleep before the little one gets up to eat again.


MtngirlinCali said...

Hey stranger! I can't believe I haven't been over here to read in so long...... I really don't know anything about kiddos or breast feeding, but I bet that once you get back to some more activity, your body will kick it into gear and start to shed the pounds. You'll get there when your body is ready!! And I'll visit more regularly and tell you what a great job you are doing, to make up for being a bad blogging buddy. :)

Swizzlepop said...

Planks are killer but I promise that after the first few days of just one or 2 your body gets used to them. At least mine did. Not that I do them regularly enough but when I do I can hold for 30 seconds much easier than in the beginning. They still give me headaches though which is so bizarre.

Hope we get a before and after of the hair chop! :) You can totally do this, just LOG every day, good and bad and get back into the disclipine and you can do this!

Colette said...

I bet your hair will look fab and you will feel like a million bucks. Can't wait to see it!! Hope your visit home goes well.

Ashley said...

Yay for getting back in the swing of things! It feels good to be back, and it feels better to have short hair! I just got mine cut, too.

And I haven't forgotten about you and your Myrtle Beach eatery questions! I just got back last weekend (we had a blast...) and so I was scoping out some places to eat while we were there. Unfortunately, I got really sunburned and had to stay in a day, so we didn't get to try a lot of the places we wanted to. Sea Trawlers was recommended to us, and I've heard good things about it, but haven't been there myself. We loved Margaritaville, but for the drinks (the food was good, too, but the drinks were to die for). :o) I picked up a handful of city guides, including one that's just for restaurants, if you'd like me to mail them to you. You can e-mail me at if you don't want to leave your address in a comment.

Miss July...not...yet said...

8 could donate that. Go to panteen hair donation. That is what I did!
The planks are hard and totally after having a kid you just can't do things perfect. Good goal.
Just drink TONS of water and if you earn exercise points eat them after you have 2 then your supply should be fine.

MMalloy said...

Can't wait to see the haircut, that will feel great!
Have a blast on your trip home, and keep up the walking and trying some ab work-outs (they do get easier)!