Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exercise, WI, water, and craziness!

It's been a crazy week already. Thank heavens it is finally Wednesday!

I had my first real session with the trainer on Monday morning. This also means I had my WI day as well. I had maintained, which is good considering we went to the state fair on Sunday. My WI at home was 183.7. At the trainer it was 188.7. UGH. That is waaaayyyyyy too close to a number I said I would NEVER get back to--190. I know I'm close, but I'm not there so that's good. hopefully that number will be less come next Monday. I go to the trainer every Monday now so I'll WI there with him every week. He gave me my first "assignment" for this week--drink 96 ounces of ice cold water every day. Since I aim for 130 ounces a day, this has been no problem. I got in 160 ounces yesterday! I've also figured out that when my cup gets empty, I tend to eat b/c I don't want to walk downstairs and fill up my cup. So I fill up both of my 32 ounce cups when I first go down in the morning and then put the 2nd cup in the small fridge that's upstairs so when I'm done with the 1st, I can easily start on my 2nd. It's working marvelously!! And it keeps things cold! Did you know your body has to work to heat up the water when you drink it ice cold? I did not know that, so my water is COLD now! :)

I do have a NSV to report. While at the fair on Sunday we ate lunch there. I got a GRILLED pork tenderloin sandwich. That's it!! No bloomin' onion, no fried ANYTHING. I seriously wanted a funnel cake as we were heading out, but DH hates them and I knew I would eat the whole darn thing by myself and I didn't want to do that. So I said no thanks. We did stop at the dairy barn to get mik shakes and we all split 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. Again, not the BEST choice, but at least it was dairy! :) And it wasn't FRIED!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm quite proud of myself. I told DH I would get me a funnel cake when we are on vacation. My mom is going with us and she loves them, so I'll get a few bites and then "let" her eat the rest. LOL!!!

I have been doing better in my afternoon munchie time. I have the WORST trouble after lunch. About 2 in the afternoon until about 4--it SUCKS!!! I just want to eat. Yesterday wan't bad, I did have a snack, but I didn't eat everything in sight either.

DS1 started pre-K on Monday. School started here today. This time next year, my baby will be going to KINDERGARTEN!!!! I can't believe that. I'll have to be restrained that day I am sure. I won't want to let him go. The shool bus terrifies me. I know what *I* learned on the bus and it wasn't good. Breathe...deep breaths.... I'll think about it next year!!! He also started the fall session of soccer on Monday. So life will be CRAZY for the next few weeks. But that's okay...crazy is good, right?

I better get back to work. I have been neglecting my blog lately b/c we've been so busy. I need DH to get me a laptop! It's on my list.... :)


Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Just think how crazy it will be when I come into town---1 week!!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome job with the water. I need to be drinking more than I have been!

Michelle said...

Whoa, you are a great water drinker! Good job on avoiding the worst of the fair food. That's not easy!

Michelle said...

I just left a comment...I think? Nope, I think not. comment was/is...Great job on avoiding the worst of the fair food, that's not easy! Oh, and you are the world's best water drinker. You rock!

Colette said...

Thanks Amanda for all of the encouragement today!!
As for the kids starting school. I sat in the parking lot and bawled like a baby when Joshua started school in Kindergraden!!
It's like losing your baby!! But this too shall pass. You both will survive me!!
How's core coming?

MMalloy said...

Wow, I hope I can do as good as you next week at the fair. I don't usually eat too much but I have a soft spot for fried pickles!
Keep up the water drinking and keep us updated on the trainer!