Monday, December 15, 2008

Note to self...


Okay, you didn't have a spectacular eating weekend, so what? Is that any reason for it to carry over into Monday? NO!

Did you really need that burrito at Taco Bell on Saturday night? NO! You went there b/c mom was had eaten dinner and you were still satisfied even though it had been 4+ hours (it was after midnight anyway). You don't eat that close to bedtime, EVER!

You started off today well, but it's ended up like crap! Did you need either one of those Schwan's Mini Mint Andes Loaves? NO!

Now...let's re-focus here. Let's think about it. You've lost 15# and 15 inches. That's AWESOME!!! Get out of this funk and get back on it! You wanted to see 169 by Christmas--you saw 171.4 this past week--you're SO close! Get back on it and move on! You know if you don't straighten up now, you'll throw away the rest of the month and you do NOT want to do that! So what if you are planning to do your holiday baking this next weekend. So what if you are planning to make Monkey Bread for the family Christmas morning. So what if you will be traveling after Christmas. AND...AND...SO WHAT if BFF Superjayman is coming for a visit after Christmas. NONE of that is an excuse to throw it all away and start again in January! NONE of it!!!

GET OUT OF THIS FUNK AND MOVE ON!!! Up your water, give up the carbs and bad stuff, and get in some exercise and you might actually be able to salvage a loss for this week. Maybe...just maybe!

169 here I come!

Okay...I feel better now. :)


MMalloy said...

You can totally see 169 by Christmas. Stay focused, let yourself have a treat, but save it for what you really want.
You need to post pics soon!

Courtney said...

You can do it! Man - I hear you though! I HEAR YOU!

Colette said...

Send me some of your
I need it! Your doing so good and 169 will be on your scale in no time!!
Merry Christmas!!

Michelle said...

Love this self pep talk! Hope it's going well for you. And please, share the Monkey Bread recipe, with a name like that it's gotta be tasty. Merry Holidays!!