Sunday, December 7, 2008

You won't believe this--I don't!

I am still in shock. Total, utter, complete shock.

About what?

Saturday morning I get up and decide I need to take my measurements. I hadn't done it since before we left for vacation back in September. My weight has dropped a total of 14.6# since I started in July. But here's the kicker--I've lost....are you ready for this??? Ready???

9.25 inches overall since SEPTEMBER!!!!

How is that even possible??? HOW???? I know I'm working out with the trainer but it just doesn't seem possible! WOW!!!!! I did the calculations three times b/c I didn't believe it. I don't measure that many places (at least I don't think). Waist (sucked in and not sucked in--got that from Dr. Oz), bust, right and left thighs, hips, right and left upper arms. I don't think that's too many measurements, do you??

To say that I am thrilled is an understatement. I have been floating on air since Saturday morning. The era (is that even the correct spelling?!) around me has been so different. I feel so much better, so thin, so in control! It's an AMAZING feeling!

In other news, I was sick as a dog this past week. I spent all day Tuesday in bed. Wednesday was better but still not 100%. My trainer told me not to gain after Thanksgiving and I didn't! I actually lost 4# but I also hadn't eaten much for 2 days. Although I have become an every day weigher and I was already on my way down from the holiday. I'm hovering right around 173 on my scales. I would LOVE to see 169 by Christmas.

DS2 has been sick again too with another ear infection. I took him to the ENT on Monday and he is getting tubes in his ears this Thursday the 11th. I would appreciate any and all good thoughts/prayers you could offer up for me and DS2 this Thursday.

Once I hit the official 15# mark, I will post some pictures. I have actually dropped shirt sizes and pants too. It's unreal to me right now but I LOVE it!!!

That's all from me for tonight. Have a great OP week! :)


Miss July...not...yet said...

I think you were looking for aura...I think...

GREAT JOB! You are rocking it! I so wish I could have that motivation again. My only goal at the moment is not to gain until I get past this funk. At least I am still exercising...sigh...

You are amazing!

Courtney said...

What great news!!!!! I'm so glad you are feeling so good about yourself! That is so key!

On the tubes front - my son, Abel, got them (actually 1 day before our daughter was born in May!). He pretty much had an ear infection from Nov. of 07 until he got those tubes. He was having seizures from the fevers that came with them. It was horrible. Since then, he hasn't had an ear infection and the tubes are looking great. It's a scary idea, and I really wasn't pleased about our decision to put them in, but they certainly are working for him so far! Good luck with that!