Saturday, December 27, 2008


Oh I am so darn thrilled! I have had the best Christmas, I am truly blessed. My mom finally took my hints (since the DH flat out refused to get it) and got me Wii Fit! YAY!!!

I got on my sister's last night and did my "Wii Age," yeah well that wasn't pretty (42!!!). It was right after a big dinner and also after Christmas Day where we ate like pigs at home! So I am hoping it will be better once I do it at my house. BFF Superjayman is in town so I hope to do it early this week. Although, her being here means eating out a lot. I NEED a day or 2 of eating well so I am making a plan for the days we will be eating out.

I didn't see 169 by Christmas but I saw 171.2 so that still makes me happy. I WILL see 169 by the end of January! After that my next goal is 166--pre-pregnancy weight! WOO HOO!!! I want to be 159 by Zac's first birthday--so I have less than 4 months at this point. YOWZA!!! I can do it though...I can.

I'm outta here for now. I'm not on my laptop so I can't post pictures but I will once I get home. I have 15# pictures to post!! :)


KimLookAlike said...

Congtats on getting the Wii Fit! I hope you like it as much as I do. Also - It looks like you had a great Christmas... I am sorry I didn't get over here to post before the day, but better late then never I guess!

Happy New Year (a few days early!


Candace MacPherson said...

We got one too. The 'youngest' I've been is 58, so don't feel badly. I can't hit that darn baseball to save my soul and get more out of bounds in tennis than in. Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your new toy! It should really be a fun way to get some moving in. Happy new year!!