Friday, March 7, 2008

Toast and a dream

Toast...This is my new "thing". EVERY morning I have to have a toasted English muffin with butter and jelly on it. Sometimes no jelly and just butter but it MUST have butter. Not sure why. DS is also on the same kick, although he gets whole wheat bread. Sometimes I have my muffin and then some toast just like DS. I have been FAMISHED in the mornings lately. Oh my, it's been bad. But my English muffin with a yogurt and a banana and a big ol glass of water...YUM, YUM! My pizza addiction has subsided as has my Mexican. We had Mexican last night so I'm good for a couple of weeks now, I think.

Speaking of yogurt....I think it's really helping with my, do I say this...yeast problem. I was diagnosed nearly 2 weeks ago as having a yeast infection when I was in triage. They gave me meds but as of last weekend it didn't seem all the way gone (I know this is WAAAAAAAAYYYYY TMI for some of you...SORRY!) with lots of itching still. So I got on a yogurt kick and the last few days all seems well. Whew! Thank goodness. I need to keep this up so I don't have the troubles with thrush (NOT in my mouth or DS... but on my nipples from nursing) this time. I WANT to be very successful at breastfeeding this child. With DS, I didn't have a problem making was the thrush. I had 2 very painful rounds of it and then during the 2nd round ended up with mastitis in both breasts. Can we say miserable? Yep, that was me...with an 8 week old. So, I'm REALLY hoping to avoid that stuff this time around.

A dream.....last night I finally had a dream about the sex of the baby. I haven't had one in FOREVER. And in my dream this baby is a GIRL! I have not had any boy dreams for a VERY long time (since the first trimester I think). So yes now I am wondering is this a girl? Oh I can't wait to find out. At this point, less than 7 weeks (maybe even sooner!)

Although, I am kinda worried. DS does NOT want it to be a girl. He wants it to be a boy. I know I'm not the only 2nd time mommy out there that has this fear, but it's a true worry. I know he's going to love it no matter what and I really hope he doesn't even care. But man, my heart just hurts when he says NO, I WANT IT TO BE A BOY!!!

I have a poem I want to post, but it's kinda long. No, I didn't write it, but I am going to put it in DS baby book. It's such a sweet poem and very fitting for us right now. I'll try to get that up this weekend. And pictures to come on Sunday!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Bonita said...

Looks like you are handling all this well. You are so close... I'm sure DS will be happy with a boy or a girl...he just doesn't know it yet!

Candace said...

I was told that, when pregnant, once you get yeast it doesn't go away. You just can't take anything strong enough to kill it and, with the fluids not moving and all.. Nilstat was prescribed after the baby was diagnosed and I was told to apply it to nipples as well. I honestly had no idea about any of that stuff and, apparently, neither did my mother or mil, so it was live-and-learn. Very frustrating.

AND, my oldest wanted a little brother, too. She got over it. They're best buds, even if they don't always act like it.