Monday, March 17, 2008

Where has the time gone?!?

Okay, seriously (my how I miss Grey's!), this last week has FLOWN by. Actually, the last 3 weeks have flown by. I have no idea why time seems to be traveling faster now than it was, but man it feels like I just posted my 32 weeks pictures yesterday!

So this weekend, my mom came for a visit and I got ALL of my kitchen cabinets cleaned out--everything taken out, cabinet wiped down inside and out, and everything put back in. Even my FiestaWare that is up as part of the decor got washed in the dishwasher. It feels SO GOOD to get that done and checked off my list. I am going to make an appointment to get my van detailed next week at Ziebart so that will be checked off too. Oh I can't wait. DH says to me "You know the baby isn't going to care if we have clean kitchen cabinets or not. Nor will he or she care if the carpets in your van get shampooed (sp?)." I was like YES THEY WILL! These are things that I have wanted done for a very long time...nesting is just a good excuse to get it all done! :) I need to clean out DS bathroom vanity and the spare one (part of a Jack N Jill bathroom) and all will be done. Oh I can't wait.

Then...I get to start packing my bag for the hospital. That's one thing I am looking forward to doing. I just can't believe how close we are. YAY!!

I had a dream last night....this time in my dream the baby is a boy! ARGH!!!! I wish my brain could make a decision about what it is and just let me keep having the same gender dream over and over. DS has finally gotten it straightened out that brothers are boys and sisters are girls. For the longest time he has said brothers are girls and sisters are boys. Somehow my mom got him straightened out on that. Thanks mom! :)

I still haven't posted that darn poem. I can't get to the home computer right now and that's where it's at. Ack...maybe later this week. :)

Went to the doc on Friday. All looks well. Thankfully, my growth is slowing down. I was 32 weeks and 5 days at that point and I was measuring about 34, so that's good. AND...I only gained 1.2 pounds in 2 weeks. That's a good thing. But man...the next time I go to the doctor (3/29) on their scales I will be in the 200s. Oh that will hurt. But I can handle it. With DS, I hit that point but it wasn't until a little bit later on. Oh well. I don't like those doctor's scales either! I think I finally hit the 30# mark too. I forget what my home scale said last week.

Since my mom was in town this weekend, DH and I went out Saturday night. We went to a friend's house and just hung out. We did not get home until 3:30 in the morning!!! NOT a good idea when you have to work the next day AND you are growing a human. I needed to work 10 hours on Sunday...I got in 7. I was pretty darn happy with that. I worked 12 hours today and I'll work 12 tomorrow. After that I should be good to go for the week. I'm off Thursday and Friday and I can't wait! I hope to finish up in the baby's room on Thursday and then Friday we are heading out to visit family for the Easter holiday. This will be our last trip down there as a family of 3. WOO HOO!!!

I will be glad to turn this back into a weight loss blog and have loyal readers again...if I haven't lost them all yet. :) I am ready to see the scales go down and make goals and achieve them. And have my cheering section there the whole way. I am still cooking point friendly meals, it's just the other stuff in between. I am really hoping my sweet tooth stops after I deliver. I've NEVER had a sweet tooth like this before. Ice cream is a weekly thing for me right now. I guess that's least it's not a daily thing! I won't keep it in the house b/c I know I'd be into it every day if I did!!! Once I get nursing established, I will be back to counting points and exercising (I hope so anyway!).

DH and I are really considering trying to go all organic in our food. We are looking into purchasing half a cow to stock our freezer. And hopefully a pig too. We are starting to talk about our garden for this year and I think it's going to be even bigger this year than last. YAY!! And we might can veggies for the year with stuff from our garden. I recently found a website that will deliver organic produce to my door every week. If I had that, plus the cow and pig in the freezer, and the milk delivered as well, I would NEVER have to go to the store again! Wouldn't that be awesome?!?! I don't know about anyone else, but grocery shopping is my LEAST favorite chore out there. I'd rather dust and scrub toilets than go to the store! And I HATE to dust. And I don't do toilets either! We are really concerned about the hormones and stuff that's used in food these days. So we're researching and hoping to make the transition soon. At least I am...I think he's on board with it too, so I am happy with that.

I am headed to bed. After Saturday night, I slept in this morning but need to get to bed at a decent time tonight too. I hope everyone is doing well. :) Have a great week!


Melanie said...

WOW girl you are awesome!! I'm impressed. If you run out of things to clean and still feel the need to next - please come see me - I have plenty of cupboards that need to be cleaned out!!!

I grew up raising our own pigs. Homegrown meat is the best. My hubby hunts so most of the time we have a deer in the freezer - but I would love to put a side of beef and a pig in the freezer too!

And I LOVE the nike thing!!! Can't wait to run more!!

Colette said...

WOW...Where did the time go?? It's hard to beleive its almost time for you to deliver!!
I love the idea about NEVER having to go to the grocery, but I just got one question? What about Toilet paper? LOL......
awwwww....see you will HAVE to go...LOL Just kidding.
Well Happy Nesting girl....enjoy it because after this sweet baby comes your gonna be busy but I do agree with you...I LOVE a clean house and car!!!

Antemeridiem said...
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Steph said...

Sounds like someone is nesting......hey when you get done at home, can you come to my house and play??

I'm so glad that you are feeling up to getting all your stuff checked off. Just remember to rest some too.....that "baby girl" is gonna keep you plenty busy when she arrives - *wink wink*

Bonita said...

You are doing awesome! Isn't it great to have mom do lots of chores for you?!? My mom is coming to visit in May so I know my house will get a good cleaning then. :-)

Do you want Jon and Kate Plus 8 in TLC? They eat organic only and buy a cow too and freeze it.

I am the opposite...I'd rather go shopping than clean toilets! The bathroom is the LAST thing I will clean.

Tina said...

Just wanted to stop by and say are you cuckoo? You have not lost me as your reader.. I've been thinking about you from my plague filled bed, wondering if you had popped out your little one yet. I can't wait for the news that you had him/her/them (just kidding to the multiples reference). You're so beautiful and don't sweat the scale... it'll be off before you know it! Hugs!!

MMalloy said...

I've been MIA but you and the little one have been on my mind. We went to a few baby boutiques while in FL and I thought of all the babies in blog land!
Cleaning the cupboards out...WOW! That is a chore and it is awesome you were able to get your Moms help!
Take it easy this week and get your rest. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and trip to see the family!

Swizzlepop said...

Just wanted to say hi. I can't believe that you are almost done cooking that baby! Time does fly. Can I hire you to come nest in my house? I don't think I've ever done as much housework as you've done in such a short time.
Hope you had a great easter!