Monday, April 14, 2008

37 weeks = FULL TERM!

TEN DAYS from now, I will be holding my precious baby in my arms. To say I'm excited is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

DS and I have the countdown going. He's so cute about it too. He can't wait to be a big brother. To say I am uncomfortable might be another understatement, but I am dealing. I am so restless. I can't sit still (which puts a damper on my productivity at work) and getting to sleep at night is proving to be very interesting. My legs just don't want to stop at night, or any time for that matter. It's very odd.

The other night I had a very strange dream. I was at Diet Coke and Zingers house and she had a pool and her and I were just chatting it up while her 4 kids and mine splashed around in the pool. I have no idea why I had a dream about her. I think her blog was the last one I read that night before bed so that may explain it. But man it was weird. I know it was her b/c I could clearly see her face and we were talking about her new haircut and how much I loved it and how skinny she is.

I've been having some small minor contractions here and there and over the weekend. Nothing too major, so that's good. DH went grocery shopping with me on Saturday. It was a family affair. We haven't done that in FOREVER. I love grocery shopping as a family, but DH hates to go. Before we had DS, we went together every week. Usually he stays home with DS if I go on a weekend. But it was so nice to have someone to put the groceries in the cart once they got them bagged and then load them into the car. He has no idea how much I appreciated him going. It was awesome!

I've had none of my "spells" since Thursday night. So then I have to wonder if it's work related?!?!? My mom thinks it's anxiety. I have no idea, but I haven't had any since Thursday and I am thankful for that.

DH just took DS to soccer practice. It's cold here today so I decided to sit this one out. I'll go Friday night for their first game. I need to clean up the supper dishes and then I'm going to take a nice shower and work one last hour for the day. nice to have some alone time at home. I love it!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday. I'll be sure to post an update then, if not before. :)


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Okay so if you ever come to Utah we can totally sit by a pool and talk about "how skinny" I am! Anytime you want!!!

Tina said...

I love dc's comment.. I'm can totally swing by my place too (although I don't have a pool and you'd probably have to help me weed the backyard).. but hey, activity points!!

And thanks for the compliment.. I'm turning the big 3-0 in five months! I'm gonna plan my own party and am thinking maybe a theme type thing.. Don't worry.. I will be posting for ideas when it's closer!

You're almost there! I'm so excited to see and hear about the little one!

Roni said...

LOL I had to reread the post. I was like, wait... she knows diet coke and Zingers?!?


Sending you good delivery vibes!

Tina said...

Sept. 27th... when is yours? Wanna come to my party?? :))

ps. I think you're lying.. you don't look 29!

MMalloy said...

That dream is too funny!! I am glad to hear you haven't had anymore spells, anxiety could be it.
Continue to take is easy and keep us updated!!!
Lots of Hugs!

Miss July...not...yet said...

That is so awesome! I still think you should take more time off work! Did you buy ds a big brother shirt? My ds LOVED his!

Steph said...

Tick Tock - the minutes are counting down and I am sooooooo excited for you guys! I can't believe that it's been 37 weeks already - I'm sure you can though LOL!

Take care of yourself and make sure you REST!!! Barbie's orders!


MMalloy said...

Good luck at the doctors today! Give us an update soon!!!!!

Candace said...

8 more days - eeeeeeeeeeee (that's me squealing). Can't wait to check back tomorrow for your update.

KimLookAlike said...

I have been reading, just not commenting - you sould like you are doing well, and I can't believe that you are due so soon!! How fast the time flies!! Can't wait to see pcitures!!