Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm resting.....

I PROMISE!!! As much as I can, I am resting.

I have NOT cooked dinner at all this week. :) Tonight DH even said he was sick of PB&J and "whatever." So I told him to get to the store. I need to make a list so maybe we can all go. I'm really into this "as a family" thing right now b/c I know that 2 weeks from now, it won't be just the 3 of us anymore.

I ended up at the doctor's office today b/c of these spells I've been having. I am fine as is baby. We can't figure out what's causing them either. Last night, my friend came over here at 1015 to check my blood sugar b/c I was having another spell (I had 2 yesterday evening). And my blood sugar was perfect as was my pulse (this friend is a post partum nurse). I had one tonight and then had an attack and had to get to the restroom ASAP...if ya know what I mean. Been fine ever since. Doctor told me to come back the early part of next week if I keep having these so we'll see. My next scheduled appt is on the 17th. AT that point, I am going to tell her I want to be done working effective the 20th. So I have to make it through one more week and I am DONE for 12. I can't wait.

I'm cutting my work days down too. I usually work 10.5 hours on Monday and Tuesday, but this week I am going to work on Sunday 4-6 hours (haven't decided yet) so that Monday and Tuesday can be 8-8.5 hour days. That may seem normal to most people, but those long days are KILLING me. I get so tired in the afternoon then I just lay on the couch when it comes time for dinner. SO I am hoping working on Sunday will help me out. Plus we don't have any plans for Sunday, so I can work in the morning and then take a nice long nap in the afternoon. It's nice b/c baby's room is done, my bag is packed....I can sit back and relax. I LOVE it!

Come Sunday I will be 37 weeks and then this baby can come whenever it wants to. If he/she comes before that it has the potential to spend some time in the NICU b/c of the gestational age and we don't want that. I was doing the math on the way to the doctor earlier today. As of last Friday, baby weighed 7.10. And at this point in the game, they gain roughly a half a pound a week. So this Friday, baby weighs week 8.10...and the week of delivery we're looking at 9.2. Holy cow! But hey, if I'm going to have a 9# baby, I want it to be 9.2. My sister weighed 9-1.5, so if I'm going to have a 9# baby I want to at least beat the family record! :) LOL!!!

I think that's it for me tonight. I'm heading to bed ASAP. I'll check in this weekend. I'll try to check in as often as I can now so no one freaks out if they don't hear from me for a few days. :)


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Wow, sorry about the blood sugar issues.
Rest up girl!

Mandy said...

I'm glad to hear you're resting!

Those "episodes" really suck - I'm sorry you're having to deal with them. :o(

I cannot wait to find out if your DS has a baby brother or sister. Do you have names picked out yet? (Or have you blogged them and I've already missed them?)

Take Care!!

Tina said...

You're way too freakin' cute and funny. I saw a little of myself in you when you said "if I'm gonna have a 9 lb baby, I want it to be 9.2"... to beat the family record. That is SO something I would think of. You just got that much closer to my heart. :))