Saturday, April 5, 2008

36 weeks and a lot going on! And pictures!

Okay, the first BIG thing to tell you....

WE had an ultrasound on Friday. And as of FRIDAY (when I was 35 weeks, 5 days) this baby in my belly weighs...

Are you ready???

7 POUNDS, 10 OUNCES!!!!!!

Pardon my French, but Holy $hit! DS weighed 8# 15oz when he was born. And he was 11 days early (born at 38 weeks, 3 days). HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS!!!!

What does that mean for this baby? And for me now??? Well, I go to the doctor on Tuesday and she will have the results of the ultrasound and I *HOPE* and *PRAY* she will let us set an induction date. But here's the catch:

Having a "big baby" is not a MEDICAL reason for an induction so the hospital may not let me schedule it (no "elective" inductions before 39 weeks). ARGH!!!! Can I just say I am SO READY to have a baby?!?!? I am HUGE, swollen, sore, and just plain old over being pregnant at this point. Obviously, I want to make it to 37 weeks (considered full term at that point, the last 3 weeks are just fat building time) so I WANT this baby to stay in one more week. After that? He/she can come whenever they want! There is a full moon on the 20th...that would be fine with me!

But can you believe it?? 7.10 ALREADY?!?!?! But I also know that those ultrasounds aren't always 100% it could be a pound in either direction (lord, I hope it's not already over 8#!) but I also know they've gotten better with that technology too. We could tell that this baby looks just like DS did when he was born. My mom says it's the face of a girl. :) I don't care either way, but at this point I am DYING to know! We do know that this baby has hair so I've not been suffering with all this reflux and heartburn for nothing.

One other reason I am ready to get this over with....I am SO SICK of listening to people say "oh you're ready to pop any time now aren't you?" And then their facial expressions when I tell them that I still have a month to go. UGH!!! And I'm SICK of listening to my family complain about me having another baby in April, and why can't I have this baby on a Friday, and why can't I do this, or that, or whatever! ARGH!!!!! I'm tired of my mom (love her dearly) complaining at the way *I* want things to go when it comes to DS after this baby is born. She balked at my "rule" that no one can hold the baby until DS does. Well, what if he's not here and it takes him an hour to get here? Well, then you will wait! I am ready to just stay in the house b/c of the way people look at me when I'm out in public. I know I'm huge, but I am still a mom and a wife and I have to get groceries and run errands and live a life! I know I'm all out in front and that doesn't help matters either.

Today, we picked up the glider and ottoman for the baby's room so the room is DONE. Meals are in the freezer. Going to make 2 lasagnas on Friday and put both of those in the freezer and I think that will be it. We have 2 meatloaves in there and another casserole...add the 2 lasagnas to that and I think we are in pretty darn good shape!

I told DH last week that he may have to take over going to the store for me for the next couple weeks. It's SO HARD on me. By the time I am done with a typical week of grocery shopping I can hardly handle pushing and turning the cart in the store. It's bad! And to load and unload...ugh it wipes me out. But we'll see if DH will actually do it. ;)

We had DS birthday party on Saturday so now that's over with (although he thinks he's 4 now, but he won't be until April 28th). He had his special day and got his cake and ice cream so he's set now too. I take him on Thursday for his 4 year well check (where he gets 4 shots--ouch!) so after that, he is 100% ready. I'm just praying he doesn't get this illness that I've had that I am finally getting over and DH had as well. It's warm and beautiful here today so I've got windows open airing out the house. I want the germs to go away! ;)

So here are a few pictures.

This is me on Easter at 34 weeks (taken at my grandma's). I had been told at my appt the week before that my growth had slowed down a little bit and I was only measuring about a week ahead.

This is me Sunday night at 36 weeks. WOWZERS!!! I have a full term baby in there (well, weight wise anyway). Don't mind the string from my capris hanging down. :)

And this is the precious baby that is in my belly! He/she looks just like DS did. Isn't it amazing that we know what this little gift from god is going to look like??

So that's it from me right now. I've been typing this post since Saturday night and it's now Monday! ACK!!! I will update once I know anything from my Doctor after my appointment on Tuesday. I'm getting really excited!!!


Renee said...

I can totally feel your pain! (My son was born at 37 weeks and he was 8lbs 9oz!) Right now I'm 29 weeks preg with baby #3 and although I'm measuring right on schedule I'm already tired of hearing the comments from others in the grocery store, etc. Picture it: me waddling around the store with a 4-yr-old, an almost 2-yr-old and a full shopping cart. I'm SO SICK of hearing "boy, you sure have your hands full!" YA THINK??!! Thanks for pointing it out! (me, hormonal much?)
We're planning a home birth (with 2 midwives and a doula) and for some reason my MIL thinks she's going to be there, despite what we've said about keeping things private with just my hubby and my oldest. I mean, a woman only gives birth a couple of times in her life, people should honor her wishes and respect her decisions!
I know you feel ready... and very preg, but you look beautiful :o) Just think, once you get to 37 weeks you can try some of the fun and natural induction techniques. Some of them really do work!
Best of luck!

MMalloy said...

WOW! The Ultrasound picture is sooo cool! 7#10oz though!!!!! I am praying that your doctor lets you set the date, I can't imagine how uncomfortable you must be. You look beautiful though, and I know that if you had to you could totally go a few more weeks!
I am so excited to see pictures of baby!

Swizzlepop said...

WOW, I still can't believe how time has flown. I still remember discovering your new meez and being confused. Those 3D pics are amazing. I hope he/she makes her entrance soon so that mommy can feel better and everyone can enjoy the little bundle that much sooner. And selfishly, I'd like to know what it is and see some pictures :). Keep us updated.

Melanie said...

I have to agree with swizz...seems like it wasn't too long ago that we found out you were preggos! I hope and pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly!! Hubby and I are starting to try next month and at this point I can't wait to be in your shoes!! {{HUGS}}

oh yeah...the massage after my 4:30 workout and working all day was HEAVENLY!!!

Tina said...

You are ready to po..... I kid, I kid...

Honey, even those this belly has only been stretched by my ongoing love affair with donut holes, I feel your pain. Now is the time to act like a queen and say "wait on me, darnit, or lest you feel my wrath".. That baby picture is so incredibly awesome... look at his little nose... yes, I said HIS.. do I win a prize if I'm right?

And by the way, your preggo pictures are way wonderful and beautiful. I know you're over it... but soon, you'll be sharing stories of 4 am feelings and how it's not fair that DH can sleep thru anything. Have I made you feel better?

And I echo Swizzle.. wasn't it just yesterday that you made the announcement.. I can't believe how time has flown.

Prayers for you.. I mean that... that you have a safe and soon delivery! Hugs.

Miss July...not...yet said...

Oh girl! My son was 9 lbs 11 oz at 40 weeks and 2 days. My dd was 9 lbs 1 oz at 38 weeks 3 days... (c/s for both).

I hope your dr. lets you go for the induction, but remember, you can totally handle it. And, you are right, they do say that the u/s can be off 1 lb either way.

Love the pics. The u/s is awesome too!

Jynell said...

Get WALKING!!! Don't avoid that heavy shopping cart- do laps around the store with it!! If you want that baby to come early (safely of course) you had better not sit back & take it easy! The more you do, the more contractions- even the BH's- they do work ahead of time for you- get moving!!! :D

dizzydazey said...

Bless your heart! I'm getting "those looks" too, and I'm not nearly as *ahem* pregnant as you are!

I know it's making life harder on you, but I can't help but say, "Yay for fat babies!" :o) I hope for your sake that he/she comes soon, though. 7.10 is fat enough, huh?

Take care of yourself. And as right as I know that Jynell is, I say make the hub go grocery shopping for you. Walking around the store is so much worse than walking around outside.

Bonita said...

Wow, big difference between the two weeks! You look amazing. Hope you do beat the family record! I bet you are trying to cherish every moment of just the three of you...but it will be so wonderful to have you little family of four. How exciting!