Monday, April 21, 2008

38 Weeks....and I'm still here!

Made it through the weekend. We had company all sister and her DH came for a visit. He had a bowling tournament on Saturday and Sunday, so my sis and I got to hang out. We went shopping on Sunday. I walked 2 malls...had a few contractions but I'm still here!! ;) We ended up at a shoe store yesterday. Just to give you an idea of how swollen my feet are....I usually can wear an 8.5. I tried on several pairs of 9.5 shoes and they were SO TIGHT. I want some new shoes, but I am going to have to wait until my feet go back to normal...whatever that is!!!

I don't have any pics to post b/c DH was being a butt last night b/c I waited until late to do it and he was already half asleep. I tried to take a few in the mirror in my bathroom but I'm too short so they didn't turn out very well. I'll try to get a few tonight and get them up ASAP.

I am soooo over this right now! Apparently, I have developed Carpal Tunnel and my hands keep me up at night. So, I've been wearing my braces for them, but it doesn't always help. They just HURT!!! My doctor told me the other day that I have 3 things working against me for CTS....#1--my job, #2--pregnancy, and #3--all the swelling I've got. So I am REALLY hoping and praying that this part goes away after delivery. I am so excited too, though!! I watched the birth of DS the other night and I can't wait to experience all of that again. I am just praying it all goes quickly and smoothly!!!

A few of you asked if we could do our family night on Tuesday night...yes we could,'s supposed to rain. We may do it anyway, just depends on how things go. We could at least go out to dinner and maybe see a movie or something, but we'd have to go early b/c of DS bedtime. I can't tell you all how excited this boy is....he can't wait to hold his baby. He can't wait to know what it is...he's just too cute.

We have all the plans arranged for Thursday morning so we are all set...just have to see what the doc says on Wednesday when I go. I pray I can hold off my admission until Thursday morning. Oh I pray....

I gotta hit the shower before DS gets up, so I'm outta here! :) I'll be sure to let you all know if anything happens! :)


Miss July...not...yet said...

Girl, we could have had the same pregnancies, apparently.
Want to warn you, the carpal tunnel got worse for about 4 weeks after the delivery before it started getting better.
I hear you on the pain of that one...And the swelling. My foot went from a size 8 to a 10 and has yet to go back.
Wait, I think I will stop now before I really start scaring you.

I can't wait to hear about that little pumpkin!

Steph said...

I can't believe that by this time next week you will have another baby??!! WOW - I can't wait to see your last preggo pics and pictures of baby Lexi!


MMalloy said...

I am counting down the days!! I am praying really hard for Thursday morning, Thursday morning!!!
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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